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The thought had just appeared in Su Ming’s head when his body was swept ten thousand feet away due to the shocking force pushing the water forward. When he saw that he was about to be shoved even farther, golden light shone brilliantly on his body and rumbling sounds came from within him. He then forced his body to remain still for an instant under the force propelling him forward.

Right when his body stopped moving, his Nascent Divinity appeared behind him, and with a warp, he disappeared with Su Ming from the mad flow of the Dead Sea.

When Su Ming reappeared, he was already inside the Rune. At that moment, it was flashing intensely. Fine marks emerged on the surface of the screen, and it looked like it could no longer last for a very long time.

"The Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands… is starting…"

While having his Nascent Divinity fortify the Rune, Su Ming stood by the side and looked at the strong flow of water sweeping by the area outside as he mumbled under his breath.

He could hear muffled booms coming from the area outside. The seabed was experiencing a violent collapse. The waters rolled about, and numerous lives in the sea were dragged away by the flow.

Su Ming paled slightly. That strong propelling force just now had given him a feeling that he could not hope to fight against it even with his current power, which was already outstanding enough on its own. The strength in his physical body had also reached an unimaginable level, and even among the Berserkers and Shamans, he could already be considered a powerful warrior!

Yet… even in his current condition, he had still felt fear when he came face to face with the force pushing the waters forward in the sea!

In silence, Su Ming lifted his right hand and pressed his palm flat against the screen of light that had fused with his Nascent Divinity. His divine sense swiftly spread out through the surface of the screen of light, and Su Ming executed the full power of his divine sense. Before long, it shot out to the surface of the sea and he saw the world outside!

Clouds tumbled about in the sky and thunder roared in the air. Bolts of lightning sliced through the clouds, and some even fell into the sea. The rainstorm raged against the world with a mad fury, and high wind howled in the air. The strength of that wind stirred up waves that surged into the sky. In this violent gust of wind, Su Ming’s divine sense had even begun showing signs of not being able to remain stable!

Su Ming could not detect areas that were too far with his divine sense. The edges of the territory belonging to the Shamans in the Land of South Morning could no longer be seen. Only endless seawater could be detected splashing there, as well as the boundless continent of the Eastern Wastelands floating on the surface of the sea!

The first part that came into contact with the Land of South Morning was the edge of the Eastern Wastelands. That contact lasted for just a moment, and it brought a tremor so large to all of South Morning that it felt as if the world was about to be turned upside down. Even Su Ming could feel it, and it caused his heart to pound in fear.

As the entire Land of South Morning trembled, numerous mountains collapsed. The walls of Sky Mist City also started shuddering violently. Seawater had taken over the land of the Shamans and was now under the city walls, continuously crashing into Sky Mist City as if it wanted to destroy the walls and rush into the land of the Berserkers!

When the Eastern Wastelands crashed into the continent, a muffled boom that shook the sky and earth and traveled through the entire South Morning rose into the air. The instant this sound appeared, the Land of South Morning and the Eastern Wastelands crashed into each other violently again. This time, the edges of Eastern Wastelands rammed completely into South Morning. As deafening, booming sounds tore through the air, the tremors wracking through the Land of South Morning grew much more intense.

If anyone looked from an incredibly high spot above South Morning, they would be able to see clearly that a large crack was ripping through the continent at an extreme speed, with rumbling sounds and shocking booms right at the spot where the Eastern Wastelands came in contact with South Morning. That crack was stretching right to the deeper parts of South Morning, and in the blink of an eye, it had already reached a distance of nearly one million lis!

This was not the only crack. There were a whole lot more of them similar to that one. The entire South Morning looked as if it had been torn into pieces. One of those cracks had even closed in on Sky Mist City. The instant it touched the mountain ranges there, booming sounds tore through the air, and the mountain range collapsed, opening up a gap that allowed the crack to continue spreading into the land of the Berserkers!

It had penetrated through the mountain ranges of Sky Mist and became the first crack that entered into the land of the Berserkers!

Once the gap appeared, a large amount of seawater surged in through it. Under the vicious assault and the never-ending high wind in the sky, Sky Mist Barrier fell to pieces!

The barrier that had protected the Berserkers for ages was destroyed at that moment!

Rumbling sounds continued shaking the sky in South Morning, and they did not stop for even a single moment. An immeasurable amount of land at the edge of South Morning when it crashed into the Eastern Wastelands collapsed, shattered to pieces. The destruction seemed to be spreading to other parts of the land slowly, but was actually stretching towards them at an incredibly quick speed.

As the cracks spread out, some of them intersected with each other, and many areas broke off from the Land of South Morning. While tremors wracked these separated parts and the Dead Sea crashed into them, they turned… into dust that sank into the sea!

This was just the beginning!

The two continents were still crashing into each other. Compared to the damage suffered by South Morning, the Eastern Wastelands, which was a lot larger, was in a much better condition. However, a large amount of cracks and damage also appeared on it, and these parts were also submerged as the sea roared and charged towards them.

This was a disaster to the people in the Eastern Wastelands, but to the people of South Morning, this was a calamity!

The violent clash between the two continents had stirred up a great change in the world and a limitless amount of power. This was definitely not something that a person could stand up against, and only those with incredibly high levels of cultivation could even hope to change this!

However, it was clear that no one among the Shamans and the Berserkers had this sort of power. That was why they could only struggle strenuously under this calamity!

The sea roared and the land was torn apart. Numerous tribes were drowned, and an endless amount of people had their lives halted for eternity as they screamed in terror… including the Berserkers. The moment Sky Mist Barrier collapsed, their fates were also sealed. The mark of death was branded on them also!

As violent gusts of wind sliced through the air in the sky above the land of the Shamans, flying ferocious beasts that belonged to the Shamans that were escaping in a mad dash would either have the wind tear apart their bodies or have the birds in the wind swarm against them. And when the wind or the birds left them, not a single drop of blood would be left of these flying beasts.

There was a gigantic beast near the region close to the land of the Berserkers. It looked like a mackerel pike, and it should have been swimming about elegantly in the sky, but at that moment, it was charging through the sky in a mad dash. However, there were numerous birds covering its body, and there were also violent gusts of wind tearing at its body nonstop.

It managed to reach the land of the Berserkers in the end, and once it did so, the mackerel pike let out the final cry of its life before its body was swiftly torn apart by the violent gusts of wind. Its body was turned into endless pieces of flesh and blood that scattered everywhere, but before that flesh and blood fell into the sea, it was devoured by the innumerable birds that charged towards it…

At that moment in Han Mountain City, the first city that Su Ming had visited when he first arrived in South Morning, there were few people. Only some elderly folk remained sitting within the city or in the mountains of their tribes. They stared at the change in the world in silence.

They did not want to leave. They were already old, and did not have the courage to leave their homes behind. The only thing they had was the steadfast resolution to die with their tribe, their mountain, and their homes!

What awaited them was a vast expanse of seawater and the mountains that started collapsing as the ground shuddered. After a moment, the entire Han Mountain City turned into rubble and was drowned by the roaring Dead Sea, becoming a relic of the past…

The land trembled, and the entire South Morning was pushed to the west. The ground swayed, and the mountains would either collapse or drown, the sky would either be visited by violent gusts of wind or rainstorms. Bolts of lightning covered every single part of the land, causing the entire South Morning to turn into a forbidden area for all forms of life!

However, there were still people who struggled, who fought back, who descended into madness, unwilling to resign themselves to their fate, but in the end… besides death, besides giving up, they had no other choice.

When a lot of cracks appeared, the land that belonged to the Shamans located at the edge of South Morning shattered completely. Numerous small pieces of land floated on the sea, and the cracks that filled the entire South Morning had extended so deep into the ground that they reached straight down to the bottom of the continent. Usually, when these cracks intersected with each other, the land would break up!

This was the true calamity. No one knew how long it would last. Neither did anyone know just how this change would develop. Yet clearly, all of this was just the start of the calamity!

Su Ming could not see the changes in the entire continent. He could only see the things happening in a circular area of thousands of lis around where he was. He saw the land shattering, saw the mountains collapsing, saw the earth breaking apart and separating from each other, and saw a gigantic crack rushing towards his cave abode from thousands of lis away.

His heart trembled, and he instantly retrieved his divine sense. From a violent gust of wind, a large part of his divine sense had also scattered away. When Su Ming retrieved it, his face turned pale. He quickly retreated, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared at the spot where his medicinal cauldron rested. At that moment, the medicinal pill in the cauldron had still not fully formed, but there was only a bit left until it was!

It was also right at that moment that the screen of light that had fused with Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity collapsed, unable to bear with the tremors and shoves anymore. As it shattered and the Nascent Divinity tumbled back towards Su Ming, a large amount of seawater gushed into the area madly. The powerful force propelling the water forward also came charging in swiftly.

Almost the same instant, the entire cave abode and the mountain range were submerged beneath the Dead Sea. When the place was flooded, golden light shone around Su Ming’s entire body, and it covered the medicinal cauldron as well.

With Su Ming resisting the power of the Dead Sea, he had the medicinal cauldron last several more breaths, and when a medicinal fragrance spread to a large area in the air, the medicinal pill was fully formed!

Su Ming’s face was sickly pale and blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. Without a single bit of hesitation, he immediately put away the medicinal cauldron. He did not even have time to check the medicinal pill inside as he warped to the world outside the cave. When he reappeared, he was right beside the frozen Gate that was submerged by the water.

Almost the instant he arrived, a crack that was several thousands of feet wide came charging swiftly from a thousand feet away with booming sounds reverberating in the air. It shot straight past the land under Su Ming’s feet, causing his feet to step on nothing, and the frozen Gate to fall into the depths of the crack!

It was dark in there. This was the bottom of the Land of South Morning. Perhaps it could even be considered to truly be the deepest part of the Dead Sea!

Without any hesitation, Su Ming warped several times, and once he coughed out a mouthful of blood, he caught up to the sinking frozen gate. He pushed his palm against the gate, and the instant the ice shattered, he rushed inside. A flash of dark light flickered in the darkness, and Su Ming disappeared.

The Frozen Gate continued sinking downward until it disappeared into the darkness, sinking into some unknown part of the sea.

The Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands was unfolding viciously. All those still alive were resisting and struggling against it… Numerous tribes had been submerged and sunk to the bottom of the Dead Sea. Among these innumerable tribes were large amounts of broken houses, and within these houses were people who had not managed to leave in time or had not wanted to leave. Their eyes were wide open, and they turned into corpses that would stay forever in the depths of the Dead Sea.

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