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There was no seawater.

When Su Ming disappeared into the screen of light located at the depths of the sea and stepped into the mountain range once again after fifteen years, though it actually felt like an eternity to Su Ming, he looked at his surroundings and found that the area still looked somewhat familiar to the scene in his memories. A sentimental look appeared on his face.

Due to the screen of light, the seawater outside still had not surged in, but by the looks of it, this screen would not be able to last for long before it shattered. This place then would be submerged, and it would truly become part of the sea.

The frozen gate at the foot of the mountain range was still around and was letting out waves of frozen air. Su Ming’s gaze landed on it, and a glint appeared in his eyes. The spot he had thought to use to avoid the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands while heading here was the place this frozen gate lead to - the frozen world.

Based on Su Ming’s deductions, the terrifying turtle from the past should no longer be waiting there. That was why that frozen world would be the best hiding place for him.

‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Shamans or Berserkers, when the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands arrives, all of them will definitely do everything they can to search for shelter… I wonder how is Master doing now…?’

Su Ming fell silent. He had not wanted to think about his Master, eldest senior brother, second senior brother, Hu Zi, and Zi Che, as well as the ninth summit, which had been like home to him.

Because every single time he thought back on it, mixed feelings would rise in his heart. He had left the ninth summit to fight in the battle between the Shamans and Berserkers in the past, and he absolutely did not expect that they would be apart from each other for nearly twenty years.

‘With Master’s power, even if the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands arrives, he shouldn’t be in much trouble… Eldest senior brother might have already come out of isolation. Second senior brother… Is he still in the ninth summit? And Hu Zi as well…’

Su Ming closed his eyes. Ever since he came back from the World of Nine Yin and learned of many things that shocked him, then saw the world outside that belonged to the Immortals, a great wave of longing grew within him towards the ninth summit. He missed it, truly missed it…

The memories of the past gradually rose in his head. The grass and plants in the ninth summit, his eldest senior brother’s silent concern, and his second senior brother lifting his head to let sunlight shine on the side of his face as he wore a smile on his face while saying "This is no good…". Those words echoed softly in Su Ming’s ears.

Hu Zi’s snores and his terrible fondness for peeking at others, as well as his Master’s love for wearing all sorts of clothing… All of these things from the past had now… turned into mere memories.

"I’ll hide from the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands here, and once the disaster is over, I’ll go back to the ninth summit!" Su Ming declared and opened his eyes.

The Fire Ape did not come to him. Su Ming had noticed this when he stepped into the screen of light and spread his divine sense to cover the entire area just now.

The Fire Ape was no longer around.

Perhaps before the seawater flooded this place, the Fire Ape had gone off, and when it wanted to return, everything had been flooded in water.

Su Ming let out a light sigh, then charged towards the cave abode. Once he stepped into the stone chamber with the medicinal cauldron, his footsteps came to an abrupt halt. He could smell a faint medicinal fragrance in the air. His eyes sparkled, and his gaze immediately landed on the medicinal cauldron. Once he observed it carefully, he fell into a moment of pensive silence before waving his arm and putting it away.

He then went around his cave abode. Once he put away all the things he’d left behind before, he stood at the wall deep within the cave and fell into deep thought.

This wall was the spot connecting the whole mountain range together. Once it was opened, then the full power of the Execution of Three Evils in this place would erupt forth like a dragon’s head rising from its slumber.

When Su Ming had finished structuring this place in the past, he had not opened up this place completely, because he had been worried about the dense power of the world surging in and attracting outside attention.

Yet he found it rather difficult to accept leaving just like this and simply allowing the seawater to flood and destroy this place. He did not want to waste his past efforts in laying out the structure of this place.

‘Once I open up this place, the vast power of the world that will gather here will not just be good for my cultivation, which will further refine my Berserker Bones once I absorb it, it will… also speed up the development of the medicinal pill in the medicinal cauldron to the highest degree!’

Su Ming began pondering over the problem. When he had been in the process of putting away the medicinal cauldron, a faint medicinal fragrance had wafted in his nose. He had also made some simple observations and discovered that the medicinal pill inside was in the final stages of its development and was about to fully form.

A freezing glare shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He lifted his right hand and waved it in the air. Immediately, the medicinal cauldron he had previously put away appeared once more. This time, he placed it right before the wall, and this spot was right at the center of where the power of the world would gather once he broke the wall!

It was also the spot where the densest amount of power of the world would gather, which would raise the possibility of the pill to fully form to the highest degree!

Once Su Ming placed the medicinal cauldron down, his body instantly turned indistinct and he disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared, he was already standing in the air outside the cave. He looked at the dull screen of light, and after a moment of deep thought, he abruptly spread his divine sense outward. At the same time, his Nascent Divinity also manifested behind him and swiftly scattered outwards to gradually fuse with the dull screen of light.

Hong Luo had left that screen of light behind in the past, and once he died, it lost its connection to him, which was why it gradually started to dwindle in power. Even with Su Ming’s power in the Immortals’ Soul Formation stage, it was still difficult for him to stabilize this Rune. The only thing he could do was to have his Nascent Divinity fuse with it. With this method, he could slow down the Rune’s destruction and also stabilize it a little bit.

Once he was done, he sucked in a deep breath and turned around to look at the dragon head like mountain range. He lifted his right hand and pressed down on the air in the direction of the mountain. Rumbling sounds instantly rose from the entire mountain range. The marks that Su Ming had hidden in the past to fulfill the requirements for the Execution of the Three Evils all came to light once more at that moment.

As those rumbles reverberated in the air, Su Ming appeared beside the medicinal cauldron in the cave abode, which was located by the wall. Without the slightest hesitation, he touched the wall with his right hand, and cracking sounds immediately echoed in the air. Fine cracks instantly appeared on the wall and grew in number with each passing moment. After just a few moments, those cracks had already covered the whole wall.


A loud, muffled boom spread out, and the stone wall broke down completely, crumbling to pieces. As it collapsed, Su Ming opened up a gap in the deep parts of the cave, and it was as if the intersection point of the mountain range opened up, moving aside so that its walls would form a vertical gap that would make the sky seem as if it was just a straight line when light shone through and anyone looked out from within the cave.

Almost the instant the walls of the mountain collapsed, a howl that sounded as if it came from a dragon sliced through the air and echoed within the mountain range. Soon after, the whole place started trembling violently and wisps of power from the world were sucked into this place from all directions, causing it to turn into a giant vortex.

At the depths of the vortex was the medicinal cauldron. Su Ming sat right on top of it and meditated with his eyes closed. As the power of the world surged in from all around and was absorbed by him and the medicinal cauldron, the vortex became larger. After a moment, it covered the entire cave abode.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, three days had passed. During them, not only did the vortex cover the entire cave abode, it also enveloped the entire mountain. That vortex looked like a dragon’s head that was devouring the area madly.

As it grew bigger, the power of the world surged towards the submerged part of the land with loud rumbling sounds, and gradually, a strange change also appeared in this portion of the Dead Sea.

This sort of change caught a lot of attention from the numerous life forms in the Dead Sea, but the screen of light surrounded this area. After Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity fused with it, the Rune hid away the mountain range and cave abode inside it, causing the area to look empty from the outside.

This was also a peculiar time when the Eastern Wastelands was coming to South Morning and the Dead Sea was spreading to the continent. Since the force within the Dead Sea was increasing and pushing the water forward, even if the power of the world was gathering in this area strongly, most of the life forms would ignore it after noticing it. However, there were still some who came to this place by the signs they found in the water.

Time passed once more, and soon, seven days had gone by!

During these seven days, Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity, which had fused with the screen of light, could clearly feel that the force pushing the water in the Dead Sea forward had become much stronger than a few days ago. In fact, the Rune had also begun flickering violently under this force pushing against it.

At the same time, Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity also saw eight huge Dead Sea Giants outside the Rune. In fact, an Aquatic Dragon that was several thousands of feet was also loitering nearby. There was quite a large number of other life forms from the Dead Sea swimming about in the area as well.

All of them had been attracted by the dense power of the world gathering in this place, but the strength of Hong Luo’s Rune made them unable to see through temporarily, and they could only linger around in the area.

However, as the force pushing the water forward in the Dead Sea became stronger, it became increasingly harder for the life forms in the area to stay around much longer, and a large amount of them disappeared.

Yet the increasingly stronger force pushing the waters of the Dead Sea forward also affected Su Ming’s Nascent Divinity in the Rune. As it flickered violently, it gradually started showing signs that it could no longer keep the mountain range out of view.

Eventually, when three more days went by, the Rune slowly revealed itself, and the instant its light shone in the area, several powerful presences locked onto it from all around the place. Roars reverberated in the Dead Sea, and the three Dead Sea Giants that remained in the place took huge strides towards it.

The other life forms in the Dead Sea lingering around the area also charged forward and closed in on the Rune, which had now revealed itself in the Dead Sea!

At that moment, Su Ming and the medicinal cauldron had yet to completely absorb the power of the world in the area. Su Ming was still fine, but the medicinal cauldron was caught in a critical period. The pill was just halfway through to being fully formed.

When Su Ming sensed the life forms from the Dead Sea closing in from all around the area, his eyes flew open where he sat on the medicinal cauldron. Killing intent shone in his gaze, and with one single move, he charged forth from the vast vortex around him. When he reappeared, he was already in the Dead Sea, right outside the screen of light.

The instant he appeared, a Dead Sea Giant closed in on him rapidly and lifted his fist. Just as he hurled it forward, wanting to rip apart the Rune, a cold sneer curled up on Su Ming’s lips and he lifted his right hand, then pointed at the incoming Dead Sea Giant. Immediately, lightning sparks shot into the water with huge rumbling sounds, and in the span of a breath, surrounded the giant creature.

Immediately after, a freezing glare shone in Su Ming’s eyes as he stood in the Dead Sea. He furled his right hand into a fist, then hurled it straight into another Dead Sea Giant that was moving towards the screen of light. However, before his fist landed, the force pushing the water in the Dead Sea suddenly increased so exponentially that it could not be described with words. As the waters roared, it seemed as if that power could even tear the sea. Under this force, all the Dead Sea Giants in the area were swept away.

In fact, during that instant, the land started trembling at an unimaginable rate. Cracks tore through the land with cracking sounds, and several places shattered straight away!

Su Ming too, could not control his own body from being swept away. That force was simply not something a human could stand up to. His expression drastically changed, and a shocking thought appeared in his head.

‘It crashed…’

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