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The Sea Marrow exploded in Su Ming’s body, turning into a wave of heat that felt like magma wrecking within him. It abruptly burst apart and turned into a great force that surged straight into the five Berserker Bones. Once it was rapidly sucked away by them, what was left swelled outwards!

The swelling of that heat was like that of an endless body of water in a long river abruptly turning into several thousands of streams. They filled every single corner of Su Ming’s body in an instant, causing him to feel as if there was an unending stream of power at his disposal.

The might of the Sea Marrow caused Su Ming’s eyes to sparkle. As he took a step forward, he executed his fastest speed, and when he traveled at that speed, there was no need for him to cast any sort of divine abilities. His Divine General Armor, Han Mountain Bell, his body, and the small virescent sword before him were his best weapons!

He was like the tip of an arrow. He only needed to deliver a strong impact with his speed, and then he could… destroy everything in his path!

Rumbling sounds reverberated through the air as he ran, and all the Bone Fiends that tried to block his path were forced back by Su Ming’s furious and brute impact. Their bodies shattered, and before they even had time to gather together once again, Su Ming had already passed through them. Even the fog beasts turned into masses of decayed flesh and splattered all over the place as they let out shrill screams of pain.

The crying white figures still lunged on Su Ming with their piercing wails. They vanished into smoke amidst the rumbling sounds, and with his extreme speed, Su Ming had already crossed a distance of several thousands of feet in that tunnel within the span of a breath.

He had crossed through those thousands of feet with just one breath, and that one breath was all the power contained within the Sea Marrow in his body. Once he had rushed over that distance, his face turned pale and blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. Han Mountain Bell had shrunk considerably around him, and his Divine General Armor had shattered numerous times. Clearly, the impact was quite a large burden on him.

His Nascent Soul’s eyes were sparkling as he remained above his head and controlled the small virescent sword to slash through the area.

The tunnel in front of Su Ming in the Candle Dragon’s body was still filled with dense ferocious beasts packed so close to each other it was impossible to count them. They were being born continuously, manifesting without stop, looking as if there would be no end to them.

This sort of feeling was enough to crush a person’s mind, and they would begin to feel as if they would never be able to break through no matter how hard they tried. After gasping for a few breaths, Su Ming immediately brought out the small bottle containing the Sea Marrow and drank another drop without any hesitation.

Once that drop entered his mouth, that feeling as if his body was about to explode rose once again. Veins popped out on his face, and there was a feeling in him as if his body was swelling endlessly, but he looked normal on the outside. It was as if that feeling of swelling was just a figment of his imagination.

With a low growl, red appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he charged forward swiftly. In the span of a breath, he charged through another few thousands of feet. The ferocious beasts that had tried to block his path were all destroyed.

However, once that drop of Sea Marrow disappeared from Su Ming’s body, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Han Mountain Bell shrank back into his body, and Divine General Armor was greatly damaged. Su Ming’s face was pale, but his gaze remained steadfast.

"The more you use these beasts born out of your carcass to try and stop me, the more telling it is that you are afraid. You, who are already dead and only have a shred of your will left, are afraid of my pursuit!

"If that is the case, then it means that you are currently very weak, so weak that… your will might disappear once someone touches it…" As Su Ming gasped for breath, he spoke with a grin. He knew that the Candle Dragon’s remaining will had heard his words.

The ancient voice did not answer him. The only things that appeared were those ferocious beasts, who continuously pounced on Su Ming with increasingly maddening movements.

Killing intent shone in Su Ming’s eyes. As he moved forward, he brought out the Sea Marrow once again. This was the third time he drank this liquid in this place. When that feeling as if his body was about to explode rose once more, Su Ming let out a low growl and forced his body to cross another several thousands of feet.

As he continued charging forward, banging sounds rang in his body. Those sounds came from above the five Berserker Bones. When they sounded, suddenly, Su Ming’s seventh Berserker Bone started shining with a golden light as well.

However, the golden light from the seventh Berserker Bone was rather faint and could not compare to the other five, still, it was indeed shining. The appearance of that light made Su Ming’s level of cultivation seem to break through the wall that was those five Berserker Bones, and his power increased by quite a large margin within an instant.

A sharp glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Before he drank that Sea Marrow and called forth all his strength, he could already feel that he could bring out more power. At that time, he had to deal with the endless amount of ferocious beasts and did not have time to ponder about it in his head. As he drank the three drops of Sea Marrow, the feeling as if he could bring out more power only increased.

Right then, the continuous accumulation of that feeling that he still had strength remaining in his body caused his seventh Berserker Bone to shine with golden light, and the appearance of that golden light meant that Su Ming’s seventh Berserker Bone was on the verge of awakening.

It was like a sudden explosion of vast power that had accumulated over time. After collecting a large amount of power through a long period of time, Su Ming’s level of cultivation had received an explosive burst in the battle with the aid of the pressure in this place and the stimulation provided by the drops of Sea Marrow!

While it still could not compare to his other five Berserker Bones, as the golden light from the seventh Berserker Bone gradually turned brighter, it looked as if it only needed another push before its full strength would explode forth.

Su Ming brought out the small bottle and drank another drop of Sea Marrow. His eyes were already covered with red and his hair was dancing without wind. Loud rumbling sounds came from within his body, and golden light shot out from his spine with a piercing glare.

The Sea Marrow seemed to be boiling in Su Ming’s body. This time, once all of it surged into his Berserker Bones, it did not spread outwards but was instantly absorbed entirely by the seventh Berserker Bone. As it absorbed the Sea Marrow, a large amount of golden light surged forth, causing the seventh Berserker Bone to look no different from the other five within an instant!

With six Berserker Bones, Su Ming’s power of cultivation instantly increased by a large margin. Veins popped up on his body, and when he let out a low growl, he took a large step forward and hurled his right fist straight in front of him.

The six Berserker Bones started operating fully, causing all of Su Ming’s power to seem as if it had been focused on his arm. As he hurled his punch forward, a ripple appeared in thin air and spread out rapidly before him. The creatures before him were all thrown back, and many of them exploded.

Su Ming panted for breath, then turned into a long arc to charge forward. However, once he crossed several thousands of feet, a large amount of hideous faces belonging to ferocious beasts protruded out of the wall of flesh before him. Fog beasts swiftly appeared, and at the same time, rows upon rows of bone spikes shot through the floor, turning into a large amount of Bone Fiends. Their numbers were endless...

It seemed as if there would never be an end to these creatures, and Su Ming stared at the deeper parts of the tunnel in the Candle Dragon’s body. As he looked there, determination appeared on his face. There was one Berserker Bone protruding off his back under his robes. That Berserker Bone was usually hidden under his robes and other people could not see it. Only Su Ming could sense it.

That bone was located right where his sixth Berserker Bone should be. At that moment, as Su Ming looked over with his inner vision, he could clearly see that the sixth Berserker Bone, which was located after the five golden Berserker Bones, was dark and dull. The seventh bone was flashing with golden light, but since the sixth Berserker Bone was dull, the seventh bone could not connect with the others to become one.

Occasionally, a numbness would come from that spot as if there was lightning crawling about in that bone. That Berserker Bone was naturally the remaining half of the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance that Su Ming had shoved into his bone after cutting through his flesh in the freezing air in the glacier!

That day, he had only managed to absorb the Wind Crystal of Inheritance. As for the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance, he had never found a suitable time to refine it. After all, just the Wind Berserker’s legacy alone had already taken up much of his energy.

As of then, the Wind Crystal of Inheritance had melted and fused with Su Ming’s fifth Berserker Bone to become one. Su Ming had originally decided to clear his mind and slowly refine the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance, but the crisis of an endless amount of ferocious beasts in the Candle Dragon’s body loomed right above his head right at that moment.

Su Ming gritted his teeth. The instant the ferocious beasts that just appeared lunged at him, he lifted his right hand and slammed it right on the protruding sixth Berserker Bone.

Intense pain shot through his entire body. At the same time, the remaining half of the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance hidden under his flesh and in his sixth Berserker Bone instantly stabbed into his spine.

A strong surge of lightning exploded abruptly in Su Ming’s spine. That lightning charged downwards and connected with his feet. Rumbling sounds echoed in the air, and a large amount of lightning sparks appeared out of thin air around Su Ming.

Soon after, his Origin Berserker Vessel which he had created when he Awakened woke up and caused the lightning in the world to instantly go into a frenzy. They charged straight towards Su Ming’s sixth Berserker Bone and fused with it in the blink of an eye.

Sharp pain spread through Su Ming’s entire body, causing his pain to twist from it. With that extreme method, the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance forcefully fused with his Berserker Bone when he let out a roar.

As lightning sparkled and thunder rumbled, as the sixth Berserker Bone gradually started shining with a golden light, the seventh Berserker Bone connected with the other Berserker Bones on Su Ming’s spine, causing him to swiftly lift his head and abruptly charge forward.

Outside the World of Nine Yin, in the outer region of the land of the Shamans, was a vast expanse of black sea. Far into the distance of that sea was a gigantic continent whose end could not be seen, and it was traveling forth at an extreme speed towards the Land of South Morning. The waves that were formed due to the movement of the continent surged wildly, and they moved so quickly that they were letting out continuous loud bangs that spread in all directions.

On that continent was a mountain, and there were always nine bolts of lightning raining down from the sky all year round, causing the mountain to always be surrounded by endless bolts of lightning.

There was an old crimson-haired man sitting cross-legged on that mountain. He had a hawkish nose and his expression was dark. Almost the instant Su Ming forcefully fused with that Lightning Crystal of Inheritance, the old man opened his eyes, and his gaze was sinister. There was a monstrous murderous intent and anger burning in his eyes, along with a hint of wariness.

He was naturally Chi Lei Tian from the Eastern Wastelands, the true scion of the Lightning Berserker! However, there was only half of the Lightning Crystal of Inheritance remaining in his body. The other half was the source of his anger and madness.

Translator’s Notes:

Chi Lei Tian, the guy who swore to kill Su Ming after having half his Crystal of Inheritance ripped off his body by the Deity Statue of Bone Sacrifice.

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