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Su Ming continued dashing forward through that dark path of flesh and blood. The rotten stench in the air was nauseating, and if he breathed in that stench for an extended period of time, he would begin to feel lightheaded.

Su Ming bit the tip of his tongue so that he could remain awake. At the same time, he increased his speed. After all, this Candle Dragon was dead, and it was now a far cry from when it was still alive, which meant that it was far less dangerous than before. However, Su Ming still remained vigilant. If he had not watched his snake being devoured, he would definitely not step foot in a dangerous place like this.

As he charged forward, Su Ming could even see rotten corpses around him that had stayed in the dragon for an unknown amount of years. These corpses were the same as this Candle Dragon, they had not completely decayed, and their horrifying state made all those who saw them to be unable to help themselves but be afraid.

From how these corpses were strewn about in the place, it seemed like they had never moved. When Su Ming remembered just how difficult it was to enter this Candle Dragon, a sharp glint appeared in his eyes.

‘Could it be that once this Candle Dragon died, no one has been able to get into it..?’

It was quiet all around. Besides Su Ming’s footsteps, there were no other sounds, not even wind. No matter how quickly he went, it was still difficult for him to stir up even the faintest wind.

This strange condition made Su Ming even more cautious, and because this place was sweltering, he gradually began to sweat. In truth, there was quite a large amount of cold stored in his body because he had stayed in the glacier for a long period of time.

Because of this cold, it had been quite a while since Su Ming last sweat. However, in this place, that cold in his body was continuously dispersing, and sweat was also trickling out of his skin.

As Su Ming continued onward, besides these rotting corpses, he also saw quite the number of skeletons. Most of these skeletons had already melted away, and what remained in their places were masses of black goo. Judging by their skeletal frames, these skeletons did not belong to people but to ferocious beasts.

In fact, Su Ming had even seen some items that looked like Enchanted Vessels scattered everywhere in the dragon’s body. However, since he was in a hurry, he did not have time to inspect them. Nonetheless, he did grab all the Enchanted Vessels he encountered on the way.

‘Just how long has it been since this Candle Dragon died..?’ As Su Ming continued charging forward, he kept his mind open to sense his snake’s location while beginning to form guesses in his head.

As he traveled forth, a sudden sense of danger abruptly rose in his heart. He forced his body to immediately move back a few steps, and almost the instant he began moving back, a bone abruptly shot out from the wall of flesh before him.

That bone was entirely gray in color, and once it appeared, it let out a bang that caused the floor made of flesh to surge before that bone turned into a small gray humanoid that was the height of up to Su Ming’s knees. The small humanoid was naturally the creature Su Ming had seen outside - the Bone Fiend that was formed from the Candle Dragon’s bones!

The Bone Fiend opened its mouth towards Su Ming and let out a low growl. Dark light shone in its eyes and it charged at him. At the same time, faces started protruding from the wall of flesh around Su Ming. Those faces all looked incredibly hideous, and once they appeared, they let out piercing screeches, as if they wanted to rush towards Su Ming and devour him.

These faces did not belong to humans but to strange looking ferocious beasts. They were all formed by the Candle Dragon’s flesh and blood, and they were the beasts in the fog Su Ming had seen outside previously.

Similarly, sharp spikes started shooting out from the wall of flesh before Su Ming, and they all turned into Bone Fiends. From further down ahead, wailing sounds started traveling towards him swiftly, and the white vengeful spirits appeared out of thin air!

Immediately after, a low murmuring sound faintly came from behind Su Ming, and thousands of feet behind him the giant eyeball gained physical form. The edges of that eyeball were white, and right at the center was a vertical, dark-yellow pupil.

There seemed to be a crack in the pupil, and that crack was slowly opening up.

A strange suction force appeared behind Su Ming, and the mumbling voice seemed to be summoning him. Su Ming’s heart lurched, and a false desire of wanting to turn his head back rose in his heart.

However, right at that moment, he bit his tongue. His mind immediately snapped awake and he told himself to absolutely not look back. In truth, even if he did not look back, he could still guess that the thing that appeared there was the Candle Dragon’s second eye.

As of then, there was no one else in the Candle Dragon’s body, so Su Ming did not have to bother about exposing his identity as a Berserker. When those gray humanoids charged towards him, a chilling glare appeared in his eyes.

The four Berserker Bones in his body, along with the fifth Berserker Bone that was transformed due to the Wind Berserker’s legacy, let out a mighty power at the same time. That power instantly filled every single spot of Su Ming’s body, and the incredible strength in his physical body was something he had been dreaming of for a long time.

Ever since he came to the land of the Shamans, besides the time when he was at the glacier, he had never executed the full power of the Berserkers. Right then, as it burst forth, banging sounds immediately spread through Su Ming’s mind.

At the same time, his Berserker Mark, Dark Mountain, appeared on his face. Under his clothes, Dark Mountain Tribe emerged on his chest. The full execution of the power of the Berserkers caused his Berserker Mark to also fully manifest on his body.

"Get lost!" Su Ming roared and clenched his right hand into a fist, then hurled a punch straight at the gray humanoids pouncing on him.

The five Berserker Bones on Su Ming’s spine shone with a piercing golden light. It spread through his entire body, and if anyone looked at Su Ming’s back right then, they would be able to see golden light seeping through his spine.

When the power of Berserker Bones was fully brought out, that power surged through Su Ming’s fist and traveled outwards.

A loud boom reverberated in the air, and banging sounds rang once again in Su Ming’s body. The gray humanoids shuddered and were forced back a few steps before exploding, turning into bones that fell backwards. However, the bones shone with a gray light in midair and turned into the gray humanoids once again to continue lunging forward.

Su Ming had suppressed his power of a Berserker for a very long time. At that moment, as he let all of it explode from his body and transferred it into his punch, he suddenly had the feeling that this was not all. It was as if he still had energy to spare, and he could bring it all out without a problem.

A glint appeared in his eyes. The mumbling sounds behind him were getting closer. He did not have time to think. He took a huge step and rushed forward swiftly.

The numerous gray humanoids charged towards him, howling. The large number of white figures closed in, crying out in piercing screeches, and the endless amount of fog beasts that had crawled out of the wall of flesh rushed towards Su Ming from all directions.

With a low growl, Su Ming’s Divine General Armor manifested in the form of an illusion. It had been a long time since he brought this armor out. At that moment, the mist from the armor arranged itself into various Runes, causing the illusionary armor to obtain a certain level of hardness.

At the same time, as Su Ming continued charging forward, his Nascent Soul opened his eyes in his body and flew straight out of the top of his skull to float above his head. Rivers of light flowed out of the Nascent Soul’s body. When he appeared, he opened his mouth and let out a thunderous cry. The small virescent sword manifested itself and swept horizontally across the area.

When Su Ming’s Nascent Soul began forming seals with his hands, he breathed out a breath of Nascent Soul and pushed it forward swiftly. That breath turned into a fist that rushed outwards.

"When two adversaries meet at a narrow path and cannot back out from a fight, the courageous one will win!"

Su Ming did not take a single step back. He could not move back. In fact, he had a feeling as if he had returned to the battlefield between the Shamans and Berserkers once again.

While moving forward, he lifted his right hand and drew a line swiftly at the incoming beasts transformed from the Candle Dragon’s carcass. With that one line, the area seemed to have turned silent, and Berserker Obliteration appeared once again!

That one line swept through the area, and rumbling sounds reverberated in the air. The fog beasts in front of Su Ming immediately let out shrill cries of pain before they turned into a large mass of decaying flesh that spilled over the floor.

The fog beasts were not powerful. Each of them was just about the level of a Medial Shaman, but their numbers were endless, and they were continuously springing out of the wall of flesh around Su Ming.

The Bone Fiends were not very strong either. However, they were Undying, and even if they crumbled under Berserker Obliteration’s attack, they would soon gather together and reappear.

The truly strong ones were the white figures, the crying Spirit Tears. Each of the Spirit Tears had the power equivalent to that of a Medial Shaman who had arrived at the peak! However, compared to the Candle Dragon’s eye behind Su Ming, they were still nothing.

After all, the Candle Dragon was already dead, and only some of its will remained.

However, as Su Ming started attacked these creatures, he made a shocking discovery: He found that the creatures were slightly stronger when in the Candle Dragon’s body than in the fog…

The white figures had more substance and their cries were shriller. The Bone Fiends all had a small tail behind them. In fact, there were several of these Bone Fiends who had longer tails, and they were much stronger than the others.

The fog beast claws were much sharper, and their bodies were larger than those Su Ming had met in the fog.

"The seals are broken...

"The Candle Dragon’s carcass will start giving birth to these ferocious creatures…

"You Shamans had once broken the seal, then you came to our tribe so that you could work together with us to seal up this place again… but the seals are very fragile…"

The Spirit of Nine Yin’s words echoed in Su Ming’s head. Suddenly, he understood why the creatures transformed from the Candle Dragon’s Carcass were not that powerful.

‘These creatures were just born, that’s why they aren’t incredibly strong, but as time passes, they will become stronger, and it will happen over a short period of time. When that time comes, they will truly be ferocious beasts born from the Candle Dragon’s carcass!’

As one of the Bone Fiends collapsed and gathered together once again, its originally short tail grew much longer, and the Bone Fiend now had to drag the tail on the ground. It lifted its head and let out a roar. The presence exuded from its body was equivalent to those of the white figures!

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. The suction force behind him was becoming more distinct. Clearly, that eyeball was rapidly getting closer, and perhaps the eyeball… was also rapidly growing as well!

Without a hint of hesitation, Su Ming immediately brought out a small bottle from his storage bag. The Sea Marrow that allowed him to instantly recover his power was contained within it. Once Su Ming drank one drop, the Sea Marrow turned into a large wave of heat as if it had exploded.

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled brilliantly. He swiftly rushed forward, executing that extreme speed that allowed him to travel like light itself, the speed from the Art he created himself after Berserker Obliteration.

There was no wind in this place, but Su Ming had the Provenance of Wind in his body, and it was circulating rapidly at the moment, causing his speed to reach the level as when he was outside.

He charged forward, and Han Mountain Bell also formed around him. With the sturdiness of the bell and the firmness of Divine General Armor, Su Ming forced his way through and charged ahead as quickly as he could!

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