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The Spirit of Nine Yin cast Su Ming a glance and looked as if he wanted to say something but was hesitating. In the end, he did not say anything and only nodded his head.

"You saved my life and you are also my employer. Once I send them back safely to Shaman City, I will rush back here. If you still haven’t walked out by then, I will wait for you here for ten years." The spirit wrapped his fist in his palm towards Su Ming, then walked towards Lan Lan and Ahu.

The boy and girl turned their heads back to look at Su Ming. They had complicated expressions on their faces but did not say anything. Instead, they turned around and walked quickly towards the fog with the man.

When they saw that Su Ming did not move, the creatures in the fog spread out and opened up a path for them to leave before they sealed off the place once again.

A freezing glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Just when he was about to send out his thoughts, that ancient voice appeared in his ears once again. This time, that voice sounded as if it was right beside him, and it echoed incessantly, seemingly without end.

"You… will be the fourth of my kind that I will devour. Come… let me eat you. This is the fate of our race. You will disappear, and I will… wake up once again… The Candle Dragon’s essence, the brilliance of the sky, and the light of the earth will give us the long life that belongs to us Candle Dragons!"

When the ancient voice uttered those words, a strong desire could be heard in them. This was the first time any hint of emotion was revealed in that voice.

The instant that voice spoke, the strange snake let out its loudest cry in Su Ming’s Han Mountain Bell. Its body trembled, and blood capillaries appeared all over its scales, making it seem as if it was about to shatter to pieces. It rose, and the instant it crashed into Han Mountain Bell, its body turned into an illusion, and it left Han Mountain Bell to appear before Su Ming.

Su Ming had never seen this sort of ability from it before, but he did not have time to think about it. The snake that was about the size of his finger let out a strong screech towards the sky in the air.

As it cried out, the wails of the white figures around him also reached a piercing volume. The roars of the fog beasts shook the skies. The Bone Fiends also started howling louder.

Even the fog around the giant eyeball had started tumbling about viciously. It was as if all sounds were pandering to the strange snake’s screeches.

Struggle appeared in the snake’s eyes. It turned its head back and cast a glance at Su Ming in midair. There was an unwillingness to part in its eyes, along with sadness, and attachment.

When Su Ming saw the small snake’s eyes, his heart trembled. As the snake cried out, the beasts in the fog that were blocking Su Ming’s way spread out and opened up a path for Su Ming.

If he continued down this path, then he could leave the burial grounds of this Candle Dragon without any danger!

This was clearly the path left behind by the snake for Su Ming!

There were still blood capillaries spreading out from the snake’s body. It turned away, and with a grief stricken cry, the struggle on its face growing even stronger, it charged straight towards the Candle Dragon’s carcass. Its body was no longer under its control and it crawled in the body, whose exact length was unknown, then rushed straight towards its head.

Su Ming’s eyes gradually turned red. He could leave right now, but he would not!

This snake had stayed with him for many years, and when he had returned to that cave abode after disappearing, he had sensed the snake’s joy.

Right now, he absolutely could not just watch the snake disappear into the Candle Dragon’s body and wait for its own kind to devour it so that the dragon could turn it into its life and resurrect itself.

Su Ming lifted his left hand swiftly and waved it at the air.

"Ze Long Shen!"

With one wave of his arm, the mark of the Spirit of Nine Yin on his left hand immediately started flashing with a brilliant light. Then, with a sigh, the old Spirit of Nine Yin slowly manifested before Su Ming.

"Please enter the Candle Dragon’s body and stop it from devouring my snake!" Su Ming looked towards the old man.

The old spirit looked at the Candle Dragon’s carcass and said in a low voice, "I can’t help you… We worshiped this Sacred Nine Yin when it was alive. Its will is still remaining as of now, and there is a sort of madness in that will…

"I can’t fight against it…" The old man averted his gaze and looked towards Su Ming apologetically.

Su Ming’s heart fluttered with anxiety as he said immediately, "I’ll give you more Spirit Plunders!"

"It doesn’t matter how many Spirit Plunders you give me. With this will around, it is difficult for anyone to enter its body. But since that snake belonged to you before, then perhaps you can go in, but I can’t…"

As the old man spoke, he took a step forward and appeared before a damaged part on the Candle Dragon’s carcass. The moment he was about to enter, a huge rebounding force suddenly surged out from the Candle Dragon’s body. When that impact crashed into his body, the old spirit was forced several steps back, and he turned to look at Su Ming with a bitter smile.

Su Ming stared at the Candle Dragon’s carcass. A glint appeared in his eyes, and he made his decision. Sometimes, there was no such thing as what you should do and what you shouldn’t do when it came to how you should act in certain matters. In those occasions, you only need to feel what you must do it, and that was what you should do!

Su Ming took a step forward, then lifted his right hand to point at the crimson dragon in the sky. The dragon instantly turned into a red light and charged towards him. Once it turned into the mark of a dragon on Su Ming’s arm, he rushed straight towards the Candle Dragon’s carcass.

Right behind him were his clone and the Poison Corpse.

However, right when Su Ming got closer to the Candle Dragon’s carcass and was about to crawl in through that damaged area, a strong rebounding force surged out from the skeleton and swept through Su Ming’s body in an instant.

When that power swept through him, Su Ming trembled and a strong repelling force along with a nearly crazed will spread through his entire body. The strength of that will was so great that it caused Su Ming to feel as if he was plunged into a raging sea. It was as if he was a boat trapped in a roaring sea, and he was incapable of resistance.

"Go away!" There was a roar contained within that will. That roar surged straight into Su Ming’s mind, causing his body to tremble, and the mark of the dragon was forced out of his body.

Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood. His face turned pale, and once he was pushed back hundreds of feet, he coughed out blood once again. He lifted his head and stared at the Candle Dragon’s carcass with an incredibly dark face.

The old Spirit of Nine Yin sighed and shook his head beside him. He was just about to say something when he saw a glint flashing past Su Ming’s eyes.

He lifted his right hand and pointed at the crimson dragon. Immediately, the crimson dragon that was forced out of his body turned into a mark on his arm once again. At the same time, Su Ming cast a glance at the old Spirit of Nine Yin and sent his thoughts to him.

The old man sighed. His body gradually dissipated to eventually turn into the faint mark on the back of Su Ming’s left hand.

Once he finished doing all these, Su Ming put away the Poison Corpse and his clone, wiped away the blood at the corners of his lips, then took a deep breath and had his divine sense surge into the black stone fragment hanging on his neck. The dark light on the stone fragment instantly shone brilliantly, and the moment it covered Su Ming’s entire body, the snake’s presence appeared around him.

The presence felt incredibly real, almost as if he was the snake itself!

The instant that presence took form, Su Ming executed his absolute speed, and he shot through so quickly that he closed in on the Candle Dragon’s carcass within an instant. At the same time, the rebounding force disappeared right when it touched Su Ming, and he heard a faint gasp of surprise from the will that descended on him.

Su Ming knew that he could only deceive it for a moment. Very soon, the dragon’s remaining will would figure it out, and then, no matter what, it would be difficult for him to try and enter the Candle Dragon’s carcass again. Without a hint of hesitation, he charged forward, straight into the Candle Dragon’s body.

Yet at the very instant he was about to enter the Candle Dragon’s carcass, the mark of the crimson dragon on his arm was separated from his body once again, along with the marks on his left and right hand. The Poison Corpse and the clone in his storage bag were also pushed out from his body as if they had been screened. They were all blocked out of the Candle Dragon’s body.

Only Su Ming himself and his Nascent Soul could enter the Candle Dragon’s body!

Apart from them, everything else was blocked out!

Su Ming’s face was as dark as night. He took off his mask. At that moment, he was on a dried up path of flesh and blood. Everything around him was dark, and a rotten stench filled the air. This was the Candle Dragon’s tail.

Stepping on this road felt like stepping on mud; it was a revolting feeling. Su Ming looked around him. His Nascent Soul returned to his body, and with a brilliant shine in his eyes, he spread his divine sense around, but it was immediately absorbed by the flesh walls around him. He could only spread his divine sense to an area of one hundred feet.

Not only did this place block his divine sense, it also cut off his connection with his puppets, the crimson dragon, and the Spirits of Nine Yin. Fortunately though, since he and the snake were in the Candle Dragon’s body, his connection with it still remained. He charged forward without a word, rushing onward with the connection as his guide.

Su Ming’s Poison Corpse sat near the tail of the gigantic Candle Dragon’s carcass with a blank expression on his face, where Su Ming had crawled into and disappeared. He sat there cross-legged, still and unmoving.

Ji Yun Hai’s corpse fell to the side. The black beetles that filled his entire body also remained motionless. The crimson dragon was letting out low roars, and it paced around the area as it growled. There was anxiety on its face because it could no longer sense Su Ming’s presence. After a long while, it chose to shrink its body and turn into a small dragon, landing right on the spot Su Ming had disappeared to wait for him.

The old Spirit of Nine Yin was frowning and sighing repeatedly at the moment. It was not that he did not want to help, but he truly could not enter the Candle Dragon’s body. He was a little curious as to how Su Ming managed to do it though. Perhaps he truly had some of the Candle Dragon’s presence remaining on him, which was why he could enter.

The change of presence in Su Ming’s body just now had surprised the old spirit greatly.

‘This child has great fortune. That small snake is clearly a descendant of the Candle Dragon. It is incredibly difficult to meet such a ferocious beast now… Oh well, I’ll wait here for some time. If he manages to come out, then I can continue fulfilling my end of the deal with him, but if he doesn’t… then I’ll just have to treat it as a loss.’

The old man sighed and sat down by the side.

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