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"I remember that there is an ancient Art in Hidden Dragon Sect called Hidden Execution of Justice. Do you know that Art?"

As thunderous rumbles shook the sky and earth, the old man coughed out a mouthful of blood. He staggered a few steps back, and Su Ming’s calm voice appeared by his ears.

Right before his eyes where the dragon and tiger fighting against each other. He saw the dragon shattering and the tiger letting out a piercing howl before they disappeared. Su Ming walked out slowly from within.

His expression was as calm as ever. Not a hint of change could be seen on him. He stood there and looked at the old man coldly.

"You still have one chance. As long as you cast that style and let me see Hidden Dragon Sect’s ancient Art, I won’t kill you."

"Do you really mean it?!"

The old man’s face was pale. He could tell that this Destiny knew that he was stalling for time and was completely not bothered by it, and it made him slightly terrified to realize it. The two clashes of divine abilities between them had also made the old man realize in shock that the power of this Destiny surpassed his imagination.

He could not understand how this person could have such power and the crack in the Berserkers’ heavens only locked down on him while not causing even a hint of trouble or interference for this person.

He was deeply regretful at the moment. In the face of this Su Ming, who did absolutely nothing to counter his attacks, he felt deep fear. When he heard Su Ming’s words, he fell silent for a moment before he gritted his teeth and asked.

Su Ming frowned and answered languidly, "You just need to believe it."

A variety of expressions flitted through the old man’s face. He had spread out his divine sense around the area previously and knew that everything around him had been sealed away. The power of that seal alone made it difficult for him to flee. He had no other choice. It did not matter whether what Su Ming said was real, he could only believe that there was that one chance. After a moment, he gritted his teeth.

"With your power, surely you will not degrade yourself to deceive me, senior. Since you want to see it, I will cast that Art, but it is difficult for me to completely cast the Hidden Execution of Justice. I can only cast it somewhat…"

As the old man spoke, he lifted his hands and tapped at his chest a few times in succession. Immediately, a red flush appeared on his face. He made some seals with his right hand and pointed before him.

"Hidden Dragon Sixth Dao, Fire in Sleeves!" The old man swung his arm, and the seals in his right hand changed before he tapped his right eye. Immediately, a yellow light appeared in his right eye. In fact, the moment the fire appeared, some of the fire that appeared on the old man’s sleeve was sucked in straight into his right eye.

"Hidden Dragon Third Dao, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!"

The old man changed the seals on his right hand once again. A large amount of after images formed by hand seals appeared before him. Fog surrounded the area, and a dragon seemed to swim inside. Veins popped up on his face and the tiger’s stripes appeared once again. The yellow light in his right eye flashed, and the old man’s veins started swimming about on his face as if they were sucked into his right eye.

The moment they disappeared, a large amount of blood capillaries appeared in the old man’s right eye. The instant the red in his eyes formed tiger stripes, the fog around them also rushed to him rapidly. Once it was absorbed into his right eye, a roaring and moving dragon appeared in the old man’s right pupil!

"Hidden Dragon Ninth Dao, Autumn Harvest Winter Storage!" The old man shuddered, and as he gritted his teeth, blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth. His left hand worked to form the hand seals, and he pointed before him once again.

"Hidden Dragon Eighth Dao, Hidden in Secret!"

"Hidden Dragon Seventh Dao, Covering Tracks in Shadows!"

"Hidden Dragon Second Dao, Concealment... in the Void!" The old man had cast a large variety of divine abilities in one go. Right at the moment these divine abilities appeared, they were immediately absorbed into his right eye.

After casting those six divine abilities, the old man’s right eye appeared opaque. However, if anyone took a closer look, they would find that his eye seemed to be split into Yin and Yang, and the picture of the Eight Trigrams appeared vaguely in his eyes.

It was also at that moment that the mighty pressure from the giant crack in the sky became stronger. With a boom, an object slowly descended from within the crack!

It was a bronze-colored halberd! There was an arc at the tip of the halberd, and when it let out a chilling presence, the entire sky darkened as it descended. The clouds disappeared, and cracks indicating that space was shattering appeared, as if the world could not withstand this item descending upon it and was about to crumble.

A powerful divine sense spread from the halberd. In an instant, that divine sense enveloped the entire area. The halberd turned about slowly, as if it was searching for something.

Almost the instant that halberd appeared, all the clouds in the sky of the entire Land of South Morning started tumbling about, no matter where in South Morning they were. A strange howl resounded and echoed through the sky.

That old man in the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky in the land of the Berserkers opened his eyes at that moment. A hint of reticence appeared in his eyes as he stared fixedly at the sky.

There was a handsome middle-aged man within the sixth gate in Freezing Sky Clan’s Heaven Gate. He was smiling and talking to the eight disciples of Heaven Gate before him. Occasionally, laughter could be heard ringing in the air. Those disciples would also laugh along with him respectfully. They looked to be in incredible harmony, but suddenly, the instant the strange howl reverberated in the air and the clouds tumbled about in the sky, the middle-aged man’s expression changed and his smile disappeared. He lifted his head, and his pupils shrank. He stared at the sky, and there was a hint of anxiety in his pupils.

Within Western Sea Clan was a sea floating in the sky, an illusion formed by the powerful warriors in the clan. There were many islands on the surface of the sea, but that sea was in the sky, looking like a mirage, creating a huge clash to the eyes.

At that moment, there was an old man whose body looked like that of an ape on one of the islands above that sea. He wore a straw hat and had a fish bone sticking out of the corner of his mouth. He held a fishing rod in his hands and leaned against a big rock. He was fishing without a shred of worry at a sea underneath a cliff. Occasionally, he would hum a tune, and he looked incredibly relaxed.

Yet very soon, he swallowed that fish bone and looked towards the sky with one swift movement. A variety of expressions flashed through his face, and after a long while, he stood up as if he was deep in thought. After a moment, he let out a long sigh and shook his head with a wry smile before crouching down once again and resuming his fishing. However, from the complicated look in his eyes, it could be seen that he no longer had any desire to fish.

The three people in the underground palace in Sky Mist City, including Sky Mist’s ancestor, looked up at the same time. A cold smirk formed on Sky Mist’s ancestor’s lips. As for the other two, looks of shock appeared on their faces.

"This is what happens to Immortals who reveal their power. Now, my fellow Daoists, do you understand?" Sky Mist’s ancestor asked slowly.

The same sight appeared in several locations in the land of the Shamans when the phenomenon appeared in the sky. The Immortals were not the only ones who sensed this in the Land of South Morning. Some of the powerful warriors in the older generation of the Shamans and Berserkers also noticed this strange change, and all of them harbored different thoughts in their minds…

The long-haired woman’s face turned pale underneath the halberd. As she looked at the halberd beyond the barrier, panic appeared in her eyes. Once she saw it form beyond the invisible barrier, she immediately shone with a red light, and that flash of red allowed them to hide themselves away from the halberd’s divine sense. The halberd might be turning around and sweeping through the land and sky with its divine sense, but it did not seem to be able to see the Immortals beneath it.

The old man was feeling very nervous. In his fear, he formed those hand seals with his right hand, and once he tapped his right eye, he looked towards Su Ming.

"Senior, I can only fuse in six divine abilities and only cast a shred of Hidden Execution of Justice’s power. I won’t be able to maintain the Art for a long time either…"

As the old man spoke, he saw Su Ming walking towards him. Conflict appeared in his heart. The moment Su Ming arrived less than five hundred feet away from him, killing intent rose in the old man’s heart. He was still used to having control in his heart.

"Hidden Execution of Justice!" With that growl, blood poured out of the old man’s lips. Light shone from his right eye and illuminated an area of 100,000 feet. It shone brightly, like a sun, and within the Eight Trigrams in his right pupil, Su Ming’s reflection appeared.

Yet the moment the old man let out that low growl, he suddenly let out a shrill cry of pain. Right before his eyes, he saw Su Ming taking a step forward and disappearing, and when he reappeared, he was already beside him.

Without any expression on his face, Su Ming lifted his right hand, and before the old man could dodge him, he seized the old man’s right eye, and with one pull, he dragged out that right eye.

There was even some threads of blood and flesh connected to that eyeball. Once Su Ming pulled it out, those blood threads shattered. The old man’s cries of pain shot out right after and he quickly retreated.

Su Ming did not bother himself with the retreating old man. Instead, he simply dipped his head down to look at the bloody eyeball in his right hand, and a pleased smile appeared on his lips.

"Not bad. With this inferior Hidden Execution of Justice, my chances of returning to the Realm of the Immortals has increased." Su Ming did not lift his head as he mumbled, he just raised his left hand and tore at the sky.

That casual rip caused the blood-red barrier covering the Berserkers’ heavens to shudder and let out banging sounds. At the same time, it started shattering inch by inch, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into an innumerable amount of fragments that disappeared into nothingness. At the instant the barrier disappeared, the divine sense of the halberd in the sky swept towards them abruptly and locked onto the old man.

"You said you wouldn’t kill me!"

The old man was already scared out of his wits and was madly suppressing his power, trying to hide his presence as an Immortal. At the same time, he let out a roar and his body turned into a bloody shadow, charging towards the distance at a shocking speed. He was so fast that he seemed to have turned invisible, as if he was piercing through space itself.

The halberd in the sky was completely not bothered by the old man’s escape. It slowly turned its body and pointed itself in the direction where the old man left, then with a buzz, the halberd disappeared into the sky.

When it reappeared, it was already in the air ten thousand lis away. It tapped at the area underneath gently, and there was an immediate shrill scream. The old man’s body was revealed in the air, and when he coughed out blood, madness appeared in his eyes. He no longer tried dodging, but in a fit of insanity, he chose to self-destruct. He knew that he was going to die, but the grudge he held before his death made him choose to self-destruct without care of the consequences!

With a bang, the old man’s body exploded, but the halberd seemed completely not bothered by it. It tapped down once again, and the old man’s exploding body was bizarrely frozen in midair. It was as if his time was frozen and he could not continue with his own destruction. Instead, once he was touched by that halberd, his entire body melted and turned into a pool of blood that scattered to the ground...

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