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"He mustn’t die!" the middle-aged man said suddenly. "Make arrangements. Have four of your people bring him to me, " the pale-faced middle-aged man with no facial hair stated. After his words, four of the nine masked Hunters from the Berserker Tribe around him instantly stood up.

Just as the four people were about to head to where Su Ming was, the middle-aged man suddenly lifted his hand. The four of them paused in their footsteps and turned to look at him with an aloof gaze. They were the Hunters of the Berserker Tribe.

Even if they were asked to protect this middle-aged man and even if the middle-aged man had extraordinary power, the nine of them belonged to the battlefield. They should be in the battlefield now, killing their enemies to refine their minds. That was why even if they were asked to protect this middle-aged man, the nine of them still remained aloof.

"Wait. Don’t bring him back just yet. One of you go and tell him that as the commander of the southern warzone, I, Zhou De, order him to bring his team… to that place. No matter what method he uses, he has to place this thing on the ground there!"

As the middle-aged man spoke, he lifted his right hand and pointed into the distance. Soon after, a black cone-shaped object appeared in his palm, and he handed it to an aloof Hunter who walked up to him from behind his back.

The Hunter took the item and did not wrap his fist in his palm in a greeting or show any form of respect. He simply turned around and walked towards the crowd in the battlefield.

The middle-aged man was completely unbothered by the Hunter’s actions. He knew that these people were the strongest warriors within the Berserker Tribe. Indeed, they should not be here but on the battlefield.

‘But you don’t understand. The most important part of the battle is for the commanders chosen by Sky Mist City for the four great warzones to grow up quickly… Once we have a commander who is qualified enough, there will be much less Berserkers dying…’ The middle-aged man shook his head and looked towards the spot where Su Ming was in the southern warzone.

In his eyes, at that moment, only the spot where Su Ming was in the southern warzone was worthy of his attention. He wanted to find more advantages and disadvantages to the way that team operated.

Su Ming moved in front and the team of four hundred or so people moved behind him. The crowd swept the area clean, and everywhere they went, there would be blood and carnage. Su Ming’s robes were dyed in blood again and again. His eyes were bloodshot. That bloodshot look was not due to madness but from exhaustion.

Right now, the sky was beginning to darken, but the battle continued. Su Ming had no idea how long it would last. Perhaps it would last till night, perhaps it would go on until the next day.

Occasionally, there would be a large batch of Berserkers surging in from Sky Mist City. As for the Shamans, occasionally, a new tribe would gather together and enter from the back of the battlefield. It looked as if their numbers would never end...

Su Ming took a huge step forward. Black light shone by his side and a hole immediately appeared in the center of a male Shaman’s brows before him. The moment he fell dead to the ground, that black light returned to Su Ming’s side and laid down on his shoulders. It was naturally that strange rod snake.

That snake lay on his shoulder and watched the area cautiously. Due to the murderous aura from its body, no Shaman Beasts dared come close to Su Ming’s team.

There were some who were curious about it, but no one knew the reason for it. Only Su Ming knew that all of this was because of that strange rod insect. He had a lot of guesses to what this creature was, but he still did not have an answer to it.

However, he knew that this creature was definitely not an ordinary one.

Just as Su Ming wanted to take another step forward, a glint suddenly appeared in his eyes. He turned his head swiftly towards Sky Mist City, and amidst the crowd fighting against each other in that direction, he saw a Hunter with a black mask from the Berserker Tribe walking towards them from among the people. As he walked towards them, he would brutally attack all the Shamans in his way and end their lives.

Even if he chose not to wear a mask, he would still be an incredibly distinct existence in the battlefield should anyone see him, because he had willpower, and that willpower had turned into his presence. That presence was not the same as Su Ming’s indomitable will in moving forward, but it was instead a brutal will.

When Su Ming turned to look at this person, the Hunter from the Berserker Tribe also saw him. There were several thousands feet between the two people, but that Hunter, he could cross that distance in an instant.

As the Hunter of the Berserker Tribe got closer, one by one, the people in the team also turned around to respectfully look him walking over towards Su Ming.

"You have the right to become one of the Hunters of the Berserker Tribe!" This was the first sentence the man spoke to Su Ming once he walked over. "Commander Zhou of the southern warzone has issued you a command. He ordered you to bring your team and head to that place!"

As the man spoke, he pointed towards a place in the distance. That spot was located at the very end of the battlefield - the border. When Su Ming looked over, he saw about a dozen ferocious beasts that were 1,000 feet in size over there, and around these beasts were several hundreds of Shamans.

In fact, there was a gigantic beast that reached 10,000 feet over there. It was floating in midair and staring at the battlefield on the ground. There was an incredibly peaceful spot over there. Not a single Berserker could be seen several tens of thousands of feet around that area.

That was as far as Su Ming could see. He could not see who else was within that crowd of Shamans, but he could tell that those Shamans were not fighting. They were just watching the battle unfold before them from a distance, as if they were protecting something within.

"No matter what method you use, plant this thing over there. You cannot go alone either. Commander Zhou has stressed that you must bring your team with you!" The Hunter from the Berserker Tribe flung out an item he held in his hands, then wrapped his fist in his palm towards Su Ming. then turned around and left.

He might have remained aloof throughout the entire encounter, but as a Hunter, he had incredible willpower, and only those who were absolutely powerful or were his companions could receive a greeting in the form of a wrapped fist from him.

Only Hunters could receive the respect of other Hunters!

Su Ming looked at the item the Hunter from the Berserker Tribe had thrown towards him. It was a black, cone-shaped thing. There was an eerie chill within it. Besides this particular trait, Su Ming could find no other clues from this item.

In silence, he stared at the place where the group of Shamans were in the distance and frowned.

"Sir, how… should we get there?"

Wide-eyed, Yan Bo looked towards their destination in the distance. His pupils shrank. The hundreds of Shamans over there were not any ordinary people to begin with, and there was also the matter about the dozen something 1,000 feet ferocious beasts over there, along with the one 10,000 feet ferocious beast floating above.

"There must someone incredibly important to the Shamans being protected over there… It’s impossible that there are no Hunters from the Shaman Tribe following such a person. If we go there, we’ll definitely run into the Hunters from the Shaman Tribe!" Zi Che said in a low voice.

"But this is Commander Zhou’s order…"

"Who is Commander Zhou?" Su Ming suddenly asked.

Yan Bo was taken aback. Similarly, the former leaders of their own teams who had joined the four hundred man team standing around were also stunned. All of them gave Su Ming odd looks.

"Uncle master, this is the southern warzone. We’re all in the southern warzone, and Zhou De was appointed as the commander of the southern warzone by Sky Mist City. All of those in the southern warzone must obey his commands.

"But right till now, he doesn’t seem to have issued any orders… Perhaps I’ve remembered incorrectly." Zi Che quickly ended his explanation.

"I’ve never heard him issue any orders either…"

"I never heard it…"

The people around them began speaking one after another, but soon, their expressions began changing, because as they started speaking, this crowd of people suddenly realized that Commander Zhou of the southern warzone might very possibly truly not have issued any orders before.

Right then, this might be the very first time he sent his word, and the ones who received the order was Su Ming and all of them.

"Do we fight?" Yan Bo hesitated for a moment and looked towards Su Ming. It was difficult for him to make such an important and difficult decision. He had to listen to Su Ming’s thoughts on this.

He was not the only one. All of Su Ming’s followers around him simultaneously looked towards him and waited for his decision. If Su Ming chose to fight, then they would not retreat. If Su Ming chose not to fight, then perhaps some of them would leave, but there would still be quite a large number of them who would stay.

After all, they would be defying an order!

‘Just what is the goal of this Commander Zhou..?’

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. He did not immediately make a decision, but instead turned around and fixed his gaze in the direction of Sky Mist City. After a moment, he turned around and looked towards his target destination once more.

He looked at the formidable defences over there, and at the powerful beasts at that place…

"It’s impossible for us to conquer that place with our number. If we want to succeed, we need more people with us," Su Ming stated unhurriedly.

Yan Bo nodded. The others around him also agreed to Su Ming’s point of view.

"Then this Commander Zhou must not have given us an impossible task. There must be a reason to this battle. Perhaps his goal is for us to become stronger and conquer that place…" Su Ming frowned.

"Could it be that this is a performance!" The person who spoke was a young man who looked rather short and frail standing around them. The young man’s face was covered in blood, but he had a valiant look on his face. His eyes were sparkling as he suddenly spoke.

Su Ming looked towards that person swiftly, and that young man instinctively scratched his head, feeling slightly nervous. In this short period of time, Su Ming had left behind an incredibly grand image in his heart.

When Su Ming looked at him, he could not help but be slightly nervous.

"That’s right, this is a performance, and our audience is this Commander Zhou. Perhaps… there are other people… because that spot is empty. It’s the perfect place for spectators to watch the entire performance!" Su Ming said. The young man’s words had chased the fog in his mind.

"We…" Yan Mo mumbled uncertainly.

"We will fight! Why shouldn’t we? Since this is a performance, then we will give them a good performance! What’s the problem with that?!" A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He could not run from this battle, and since that was the case, he might as well fight!

The moment he shouted his words, the Berserkers who followed him immediately bellowed.


At that moment, Zhou De was looking at the spot where Su Ming was in the southern warzone, and as he looked, deep anticipation appeared in his eyes.

When he saw Su Ming’s team begin moving towards the spot where he requested them to go, he immediately lifted his hand. There were four wooden slips in his hands. The four wooden slips were instantly engulfed in flames and turned into four long arcs that charged in four directions.

One of them went to the northern warzone, another went to the western warzone, yet another flew to the eastern warzone, and the last to the capital of Sky Mist!


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