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The spot where Su Ming fought against the masked male Shaman was just an insignificant part of the giant battlefield. Besides the people around them paying attention to them, no one who was located slightly further away was bothered about it.

Yet even so, the instant Su Ming took the mask from the male Shaman’s head, he caught the attention of all the people within that tiny area.

Zi Che saw it, Yan Bo saw it, all the members who were still alive in Su Ming’s team also saw it. All the Berserkers in the area saw it as well.

Similarly, when the head of the Hunter from the Shaman Tribe was lifted up into the air by Su Ming, all the Shamans in the area also saw it.

"Hunt the Shamans!" Su Ming stood there with the male Shaman’s head lifted in the air and let out a low shout towards the Berserkers near him.

The instant his voice traveled out, all the Berserkers in the area immediately started shouting with him. Excited fervor appeared on their faces, and their gazes as they looked towards Su Ming were filled with respect.

There were not many Berserkers in that tiny area, only about several hundred. However, those several hundreds were repeating Su Ming’s words in their cries.

"Hunt the Shamans!"

The sounds of battle between several hundreds of people might not catch too much attention in this battlefield. After all, there were similar sounds echoing in the air all around. Yet at that moment, the several hundred of people in that area were letting out the same cry, and because of that, a small wave went through the entire battlefield.

These several hundred of people were situated at the south of the battlefield between the Shamans and Berserkers. If anyone looked from the sky, they would only see chaos in that gigantic fight, but if they looked closer, they would gradually see something different. This battlefield was actually divided into four sections.

North, south, east, and west. These four parts were like four big warzones. There was not a clear line dividing these areas, but as the crowd surged into them, they could still somewhat see it.

The southern warzone had tens of thousands of people fighting against each other. Death and destruction was a constant among them. At the very end of the Berserkers’ crowd was a comparatively quiet area. There stood nine Berserkers in black masks, and they had a pale-faced middle-aged man with no facial hair in the center of their circle to protect him. That man wore a long robe and his hair was untied. His eyes were shining brightly as if they contained the abyss itself.

He stood there and looked at the battlefield in the south without a single sound. The nine Hunters of the Berserker Tribe blocked off all Shamans from getting closer, allowing the middle-aged man to clear his mind and sense the changes in the entire southern warzone.

He had been standing there for a long time, as if he had been there since the start of the battle to observe the Berserkers and the Shamans, seemingly to quickly learn and understand some of the arts of war.

"It has been a long time since we Berserkers… have waged a war like this… The scale of the battles each decade cannot hope to compare to this. Those are just child’s play. Even in the battle 100 years ago, and even the one 200 years ago do you seldom find a battle like this occurring…

"But now, in the short span of three months, these sort of battles have already occurred three times." With a calm expression, the middle-aged man looked at his tribesmen fighting, looked at the savageness among the Shamans, and sighed.

"There is no meticulous deployment of our soldiers, no assistance offered by any sort of battle formation, no orders given by any commanders… This is chaos, and the only thing we have are small teams fighting their own battles.

"They are not the only ones learning. While our tribesmen fighting in the battlefield are learning how to survive, people like me are also learning through these battles so that we can quickly master the way to control a gigantic war like this…

"The Shamans must also be doing the same thing." The middle-aged man cast a glance in the Shamans’ direction, but the moment he looked over, immediately, at the edge of the southern warzone, which also happened to be the spot where his gaze fell, several hundreds of people roared at the same time. Their cries thrummed in the air and spread through the warzone.

"Hunt the Shamans!"

"Hunt the Shamans!"

"Hunt the Shamans!"

Once those voices appeared, they gradually rose in volume, causing them to be heard by more and more Berserkers. When they did, they swept their gazes over to the area, as they continued fighting. The middle-aged man’s eyes sparkled and he fixed his gaze on that place.

"Go and see what is happening there," he ordered unhurriedly. One of the Hunters from the Berserker Tribe took one step forward with an aloof look and blended into the battlefield in the span of a breath, charging straight towards the spot where the voices of the hundred were coming from.

The cries of the Berserkers around Su Ming turned into waves of sound while he stood still. As they roared because of his words, with one move, Su Ming appeared beside Zi Che and Yan Bo.

Zi Che’s face radiated with respect and excitement. Yan Bo was the same. His gaze when he looked at Su Ming was one of respect coming from the depths of his soul.

"Lord Hunter, with you around, we can summon more of our tribesmen to gather on our side, and our strength will be greater!" Yan Bo said excitedly.

Once Su Ming nodded as a sign of his approval, Yan Bo took a few steps forward and stood behind him, then shouted out highly spirited words to the people engaged in battle around them.

"My fellow tribesmen, we are only strong when we are many! What are you waiting for?! You saw what Lord Su Ming did! He killed a Hunter from the Shaman Tribe! He is the Berserkers’ Hunter, our Hunter!

"Let us gather together like five fingers clenching into a fist and kill the Shamans!"

As Yan Bo’s voice resounded in the air, Su Ming rushed out, turning into a violent gust of wind, charging towards the Shamans.

The killings continued without stop and blood spilled everywhere. Slowly, all the Berserkers who did not have any enemies by their side in that small area swiftly gathered around Su Ming. After a moment, there were nearly two hundred Berserkers following behind him.

This crowd stood out in that chaotic battlefield. Su Ming was not skilled in giving commands, neither was this the place where he wanted to refine himself, but there were always differences between people.

Yan Bo was incredibly passionate about this, and even Zi Che seemed to be showing some talent in this area. Under the duo’s organization, the near two hundred Berserker team pressed forward boldly, like a long spear traveling through air in that southern warzone!

Su Ming stood right at the front. His willpower and presence had affected all his followers behind him, making it so that wherever they went, this team became the fastest storm in slaughtering Shamans.

There was no one who would be absolutely safe in such a scattered battlefield like this, and people would instinctively choose to get closer to a larger crowd. This instinctive action caused more Berserkers to continuously join Su Ming’s team, as they continued killing and moving forward.

Yan Bo’s occasional roar was also a large reason contributing to this. In that roar, he would tell the others that Su Ming had won against a Hunter from the Shaman Tribe and had become a Berserker Tribe’s Hunter. Those words, along with Su Ming slaughtering the Shamans at the forefront, the aloof expression on his face, the determination in his gaze, the white mask hanging on his waist, and all the other factors, were enough to prove that what Yan Bo said was real.

That mask was Yan Bo and Zi Che’s suggestion. They had advised Su Ming to put it somewhere obvious on his body, because it would perhaps serve as a flag for all the Berserkers who were exhausted from all the fighting they had done up to this point to gather together!

Their numbers grew larger, and when dusk was over, when the booming sounds in the green fog grew louder, the Berserkers following behind already numbered 400.

Some of these Berserkers were warriors of Sky Mist City, some of them disciples of Western Sea Clan, some of them his fellow disciples from Freezing Sky Clan, and some of them were Berserkers from the tribes of various sizes in the Land of South Morning who came to join the battle.

They came from all sorts of places. Perhaps before today, they never knew each other, but as they fought, a friendship forged on the battlefield through their flesh and blood was formed. That was a friendship formed through crying out together, bleeding together, and killing together!

To the entire battlefield, the southern warzone was just a part of it. To the southern warzone, the several hundred Berserkers under Su Ming were also just a part of it, and in fact, they were just a very small part of it.

However, the power bursting forth from this very small part of the battlefield was incredibly shocking. As they fought, they would perform their familiar shifts under Yan Bo and Zi Che’s command. By doing so, everyone had a chance to rest, had a chance to be safe, and with this method, this team’s battle prowess reached its strongest.

Every one of them was not worried about being ambushed from the back, because their comrades were right behind them!

Comrade. A term that surpassed that of a tribesman on a battlefield!

Besides these things, there was an even more important existence to them that caused their gazes to be gradually filled with determination, their attacks to slowly gain a sharp edge and become fearless - the person who forever moved right at the forefront, the person who never rested… the Hunter Su Ming!

Su Ming was always there at the very front of the team, as if he was the tip of the it. While fighting, every single step he took forward, it would also mean that the team behind him would also take a step forward.

He was not used to giving orders and did not speak much, but his existence was the entire 400 man team’s soul, because he gave to them a willpower, one that allowed them to press onward boldly, to not fear death!

That willpower was even more important than Yan Bo’s commands. It was the driving force for all the several hundreds of people to move forward. As long as they saw Su Ming still standing at the very front, then all the Berserkers who were in the team, still alive even after experiencing the war, would follow without hesitation!

This was a battlefield. This was a place that did not need any personal feelings, where soldiers did not need to plot against each other, where they did not need to think too much. In fact, it was a place where they did not even need to think at all.

Over here, the only thing they needed was a willpower like this. If they had this sort of willpower, then in the eyes of the others, they would look like flames at night that could illuminate the area and attract more people to follow them!

As Su Ming’s team continued fighting, the middle-aged man continued looking in his direction from the comparatively quiet spot in the southern warzone. A brilliant light appeared in his eyes.

At that moment, there was a Hunter from the Berserker Tribe wearing a black mask behind him. He spoke in a low voice.

"His name is Su Ming. He just killed a Hunter from the Shaman Tribe and became our Hunter… They have about 400 people in their team, and if he doesn’t die, the team’s numbers will continue growing."

"Willpower… willpower… I got it!"

The glow in the middle-aged man’s eyes grew brighter. Because of what was happening at Su Ming’s side, he found a way for the Berserkers to fight!

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