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As the two 10,000 feet sacred beasts died horrible deaths and the three powerful Shamans who walked out froze in their footsteps, all the Berserkers in the land of the Shamans beyond Sky Mist City began their assault while the sounds of the war drums filling the air.

At the same time, light surrounded the nine gigantic crystal pillars in Sky Mist City and the entire Sky Mist City trembled once again. It was followed soon after by a gigantic stone monument that was 100,000 feet tall and 10,000 feet wide shooting out from the ground. Its height surpassed the nine crystal pillars. It stood erect in Sky Mist City, and an ancient feeling spread out when the stone monument appeared.

There were names carved onto the stone monument, and stated right behind those names were the person’s tribe or clan. This stone monument was the achievement monument that recorded all the kills of the Berserkers in the Land of South Morning!

As it appeared, the sounds of battle from the Berserkers on the battlefield became even louder. The ranks on the achievement monument would not constantly change. Berserkers would have to return to the city with their proof after the battle, then recorders would count the points and insert them into the board.

All those whose names would be recorded on the stone monument would turn into the center of attention of all the Berserkers. It was a glory that belonged to the Berserkers, a glory that belonged to the person, his tribe, and his clan.

That stone monument only showed the top three hundred warriors. Those who were not in the top would not be placed!

Right then, the person at first place was someone named He Luo. This person was not from Freezing Sky, neither was he from Western Sea. He came instead from a tribe called Luoshui. He had already racked up nearly 3,000 achievement points under his name.

The accumulation of battle achievement points was not an increase of one point every single time a person killed another Shaman. Instead, the achievement points were distributed based on the status of the Shaman they killed and the Shaman’s level of cultivation. Once a specialist from Sky Mist City calculated the points, they would gain their achievements.

Those within the top ten already had nearly 2,000 achievement points under their belts. The difference in points between them was not great. As for those who were after the top eighty, they all had less than 1,000 points under their name, but even the one placed last had about several hundreds of points.

This was clearly an accumulation of points after the few battles that must have happened previously. It was only natural that the earlier someone joined a battle, the more points he would gather. Su Ming came to Sky Mist City late and did not report his battle achievements, that was why his name could not be found in the ranks.

The moment the stone monument appeared, the three powerful Shamans who walked out became grim where they stood in midair.

They were not End Shamans, merely Latter Shamans, but they were all considered outstanding among the other Latter Shamans. Their level of cultivation was equivalent to those in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm. The power of the three identical Shamans who had walked out of the crack in the land of the Berserkers previously could not hope to compare to them. Those three identical Shamans were also not End Shamans but people who had just become Latter Shamans.

As a dark look settled on the trio’s faces, the few powerful Berserkers who had been under the cracks rushed over. But that was not all. From one of their sides, Frozen Ice Sky was letting out a threatening and freezing air. The tip of the sword moved and pointed at the three people.

At the same time, on the other side, the gigantic mirror from Western Sea Clan shone brilliantly, as if it was also channelling the power of a mystical ability.

Half of the eighteen giant statues under Sky Mist City had also come to life and were taking large, rumbling steps in the battlefield.

"By the orders of the Great Patriarch, even our third attack on the city was just a test, but the goal was different from the previous two times. This time, we were testing whether we could widen the cracks made by the End Split Dawns, and we were also using this to deplete the power of Sky Mist City’s Divine Crystal Beam…

"By the looks of it, the Berserkers have clearly seen through the Great Patriarch’s plans, but they still haven’t sent out any Berserkers in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, just some of those in the initial stage…

"They are here to fight the three of us. Did Sky Mist City send them here to gauge the strength of the Shamans over the past few years through the three of us..? That ancient mirror from Western Sea Clan is detestable indeed. With it around, all the divine abilities we cast will be recorded and the Berserkers will use it to gain information!

"As for Freezing Sky Clan’s Frozen Ice Sky… Well, the sword shouldn’t be using its full power when it’s dealing with the three of us."

"Hmph, the Berserkers are really good at casting baits. They did it previously too. By the looks of it, they’re thinking of using the three of us as bait to lure out our End Shamans…"

The three powerful Shamans looked at each other, and two of them took a step forward. Ripples formed in the air under their feet and muffled booms spread out. Green fog instantly appeared around them. The fog spread out abruptly and flowed in all directions. In an instant, it had already covered the entire area.

Soon after, the final one of the trio sat down cross-legged and lifted his hands before bringing them downwards to press against the ground through the air. Ripples started spreading on the ground and shrill roars rang out. A large amount of blood from the deceased spilled forth abruptly.

Almost the instant these three people activated their divine abilities, the four powerful Berserkers who were charging forth from underneath the disappeared cracks rushed into the fog. Muffled booms continuously rang inside. The giant mirror from Western Sea Clan tilted, as it continued shining, causing the surface of the mirror to be turned right at the fog.

Once Freezing Sky Clan’s Frozen Ice Sky pointed its tip at the fog, a white glare appeared at the sword’s hilt and swam through the weapon’s entire body before gathering at the tip, and then, it fired out a sword beam!

The moment that sword beam appeared, the world turned freezing cold. That beam of light seemed to possess intelligence and charged straight into the fog. Once it went in, it started fighting against the three Shamans with the four powerful Berserkers.

The battle on the ground resumed once again under the green fog.

Over at Su Ming’s side, a glint appeared in Shan Hua’s eyes and he turned around to cast a look at Su Ming and the woman with the ruined appearance before nodding at them. Then with a single move, he charged towards the fog in the sky.

"The two of you have passed my test. I will grant both of you the title of Sky Mist’s Night Warrior!" The moment Shan Hua left, his voice appeared and fell into Su Ming and the woman’s ears. Two black plates flew out from him towards the two of them.

Su Ming lifted his right hand and caught that plate. It looked really ordinary and was colored entirely black. It was so black that it looked like a dark night that had no stars shining in the sky.

‘Seven people followed him, but five died…’

Su Ming sighed and looked at the plate in his hands. He did not feel much about this, neither did he know the meaning behind it.

He had originally wanted to be a bystander and witness this battle between the Shamans and the Berserkers. Even if he was going to join in, he would fight for his own cause. Now, even though this was just his first battle, he already had a feeling that it would not be easy to do what he had originally had in mind. Perhaps there would be many times where he would have to do things in spite of his own will.

"I suggest that you hang that plate on your waist where it will stand out." As Su Ming was sighing, the Western Sea Clan woman’s voice reached his ears. The woman was looking at Su Ming indifferently, and she had already hung her plate on an a tie on her robes.

"This is Sky Mist City’s battle plate. They are divided into four levels - Sun, Moon, Star, and Night. If you have the Night Plate, then it means you now belong to Sky Mist City, and with it, even your clan won’t be allowed to interfere with your actions or punish you for it. Everything about you belongs to Sky Mist City, and before the battle ends, only Sky Mist City can give you commands," the woman stated coldly.

"There are plenty of people in this battlefield who want to obtain one of Sky Mist City’s battle plates but cannot get it because the battle plates can only be given by Sky Mist City’s Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm. We did not do much, but we still obtained this because senior Shan had seen all that we had done previously.

"But there are plenty of others who had done a whole lot more than us and still died or did not obtain this battle plate because no one noticed them. Are you still not satisfied with it?" The woman no longer looking at Su Ming, choosing to charge into the battlefield ahead instead.

Su Ming fell silent and looked at the plate in his hands. In the end, he did not choose to hang in on himself, but instead put it away into his bosom. He turned around and charged into the endless battlefield on the land of the Shamans in a direction opposite to the one chosen by the woman earlier.

Every inch of this place was filled with battles. The Shamans and Berserkers were fighting each other and would not stop until they died. The roars and screams of pain criss-crossed with the sounds of flesh being torn and bodies exploding, turning into a buzzing noise in Su Ming’s ears. Besides the powerful warriors fighting within the fog in the sky, all the other people on the battlefield were insignificant. They were only a small part in this war.

Su Ming did not know how long this battle was going to last. He could only rush out and start killing all the Shamans he could see.

This was a completely different feeling compared to the battle in Sky Mist City. Compared to this battlefield, the battle over there was way too small. Over here, Su Ming could not see the end. All he could see were his fellow Berserkers and the endless army of Shamans.

Kill them! His only choice was to kill them! Su Ming held the small virescent sword in his right hand, and as he charged forward, he brought about blood and carnage around him.

Kill them! He must kill them! As he waved his arm, black smoke surrounded his body, and if anyone that could pose as a threat to Su Ming appeared, it would automatically fly out and turn into the woman. She would form behind that Shaman, and then, she would either kill them or force them away.

To survive, to continue living so that he could let his own insignificant self on the battlefield see another sunset, he would need to kill. If he did not kill, then he could only die. This warzone was like a powerful force of will imposed upon them, one that they could not oppose, and under that will, they must kill, or they would die!

Unless one pretended to be a corpse by covering his face with blood. If they did that, then perhaps they could use another way to survive. As Su Ming moved forward, he saw some people using this method to survive. Some of them were Shamans, and some of them Berserkers.

However, this was not a good plan because collecting heads was necessary for everyone to gather war achievement points… If they had a complete body, there was almost certainly always someone who would conveniently behead them.


Su Ming’s eyes were bloodshot and his entire body was soaked in blood. With a roar, all his Qi started circulating in him. With a punch, he blasted a Shaman’s chest open. The bell in his body rang and blocked the counter his enemy threw at him before he died, but Su Ming still coughed out blood. However, even as blood spilled from his lips, he still ran forth at full speed towards another person.

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