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‘I wonder if I can use this thing to create Spirit Plunder…’ This thought appeared in Su Ming’s head, and an intense fascination towards this Undying rose within him.

Almost the moment the man closed in on him, Su Ming started moving backwards. The Undying instantly gave chase, and in the blink of an eye, the two men left Wu Duo and the boy’s battlefield.

Wu Duo watched Su Ming leave, but he could do nothing to stop him. As for the boy, even though he had his eyes closed, he could still notice what was happening. However, he did not pay any attention to Su Ming. To him, only Wu Duo was his goal.

Su Ming retreated at a moderate pace and continued baiting the Undying man to chase after him. Once he was some distance away from Wu Duo, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and a green light shone in the center of his brows. The small virescent sword shot out and charged towards the man at an extreme speed.

The man did not even have time to dodge. The sword immediately pierced through the center of his brows, but there was still no blood coming from his wound. The scarred man only staggered slightly, clearly not too affected by the attack. A fierce glint appeared in his eyes, and he pounced on Su Ming with a low growl.

Su Ming narrowed his eyes. The moment the man pounced on him, he naturally sidestepped it. He was too quick, and he left behind an afterimage because of his speed, causing the man to pounce on empty air, though he immediately turned around and roared at Su Ming.

"This unique material isn’t really agile. His speed when he charges in a straight line isn’t slow, but when his ability to dodge and change direction is lacking far behind.," Su Ming mumbled. He lifted his right hand and the green light fell back, turning into the small sword in his hand. It was held between two of Su Ming’s fingers, and he walked towards the man face first.

The man pounced on him once again, roaring. A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. The instant he came into contact with the scarred man’s body, the sword between his two fingers sliced through the man’s right arm. He appeared behind his opponent, then sliced across his left arm once again. Then, in the span of a breath, he took one step, and reappeared once again behind the man the moment the latter turned around with a low growl.

With one slash, the small sword in Su Ming’s hand sliced cleanly through the scarred man’s right leg, but the sword did not stop there, it continued on and cut through his left leg.

Once he finished doing that, Su Ming took a few steps back in a relaxed manner. He looked at the man, whose back was turned towards him. The moment the scarred man turned around, Su Ming saw his arms and legs instantly breaking off from his body.

Yet soon after, that bizarre sight appeared once again. The four limbs that Su Ming had cut off shone with a dim light, and instantly, they reattached themselves to the man’s body. A large amount of yellowish fluid flowed out of the man’s mouth and he pounced on Su Ming once again.

As he closed in, Su Ming drifted backwards, and a curious glint appeared in his eyes. He spread his divine sense, enveloping the man’s body. With his divine sense, he could clearly see a brimming ball of life force within the man’s body. It was that life force that was allowing the man’s body to endlessly gather together.

‘Could that life force be the Soul Catcher’s secret..? If that’s the case, Spirit Plunder might have a special effect on this person.’

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled while he continued retreating. Still observing the man, he swiftly lifted the sword in his right hand and swung down. Instantly, a gash appeared on the man’s chest, and he was thrown back vertically. A foul stench attacked Su Ming’s nostrils, but it was empty inside that gash. There were no organs in his body.

There was only a faint wisp of grey smoke that could be detected solely by Su Ming’s divine sense, and that smoke was seeping out from all parts of the man’s body.

‘It’s a pity that while this man’s aura of death is thick, it’s very easy for that aura to become chaotic. If it wasn’t because of that strange life force supporting it, it would have crumbled a long time ago. It’s clear that he was just created. Else, if I had run into a person with a more stable aura of death in him, then I could perhaps use him to create Spirit Plunder.’ Su Ming shook his head and lost his interest in the man.

The moment the scarred man pounced on him, he lifted his right hand once again, and another item appeared in his palm. That item was a pearl, and it was his Spirit Plunder!

Su Ming’s gaze was calm as he threw Spirit Plunder at the man. The instant the pill was tossed out, a dazed look immediately appeared in the man’s eyes, but soon, it turned into an empty stare. He stopped moving and stared at the Spirit Plunder floating before him blankly.

Gray wisps of smoke wafted out of his mouth, nose, ears, and eyes, from each part of his body, and those wisps of smoke rushed towards Spirit Plunder at a shocking speed. All of this only lasted for the span of a few breaths, and after those few breaths, the man shuddered and his body gradually fell apart. His limbs broke off, his body shattered, and after a moment, he turned into a large of amount loose flesh that scattered down to the ground.

After absorbing a large amount of gray smoke, Spirit Plunder clearly became slightly different. It was clouded inside, but there was an exuberant ball of life force twirling within. Once Su Ming summoned the pearl back, he held it in his hand and gave it a few looks.

‘This strange life force must be the secret of the Soul Catchers.’

Su Ming fell into a brief moment of pensive silence. He listened to the muffled rumbling sounds from the distance. Clearly, Wu Duo’s fight against the boy had reached an incredibly critical moment.

Su Ming put away that Spirit Plunder and started walking towards the origin of the sounds. The Fire Ape continued following beside him. As it watched everything that transpired, impatience appeared on its face. In its discomfort, it put down the battle axe and bared its teeth at Su Ming.

Now that it saw Su Ming heading towards the battlefield, the Fire Ape quickly followed behind him. Before long, when Su Ming returned to where Wu Duo was, he narrowed his eyes. There were nine giant ice blocks on the ground, and in each of those ice blocks was a sealed dried up corpse. They were all frozen in the exact same position.

The boy floated in the sky, three patches of black smoke around him. Those three patches had turned into shadows that looked like malicious spirits, and they were all fighting against Wu Duo.

Wu Duo looked rather pathetic. He was wearing a long robe made of beast skins, and he held a bone staff with a snake’s skull perched on top in his left hand while his right hand held a knife. As he swung that knife, it looked as if the blade could cut apart space itself. Behind him was a black illusionary tower.

Half of the tower was surrounded by mist. It looked rather blurry, and low growls could be heard from inside. It made the earth tremble, causing all the people who heard it feel shaken to the core.

Su Ming’s arrival caused Wu Duo’s face to be filled with surprised delight. He originally thought that Su Ming had already run away, and now that he saw him again, Wu Duo immediately shouted at him.

"Brother Mo, help me kill this person! His head is worth much more than all the rest!"

Almost the moment Wu Duo yelled at him, the boy who still had his eyes closed let out a cold harrumph. One of the three black patches of smoke surrounding his body instantly broke off and charged towards Su Ming. It turned into a malicious spirit 1,000 feet before impact and roared, then moved in to devour him.

Su Ming didn’t have time to act for the Fire Ape howled and rushed out with the battle axe in its paw. Su Ming released the chain, allowing it to be temporarily free. Dragging the chain behind it, the Fire Ape instantly closed in on the malicious spirit and started fighting against it.

The boy frowned in the distance, but before he could do anything else, Su Ming lifted his right foot and took a step forward. The moment his foot landed, distorted ripples immediately appeared in the space around him. Together with those ripples, he disappeared, his speed instantly reaching an indescribable extent.

His speed was so quick that it was completely unexpected. Wu Duo had not expected it, much less the boy. He only felt the presence of the Berserker which he had locked onto suddenly disappearing, and once he reappeared, he was already right before him.

When Su Ming appeared, he was less than ten feet away from the boy. He swung the small virescent sword in his right hand sideways, and the blade landed on the boy’s throat, then with that indescribable speed, the blade cut through it.

The entire process only lasted the blink of an eye. When Su Ming reappeared, he had already returned to his original spot, as if he had never rushed out. He stood there and stared coldly at the boy in the distance.

Blood gushed out from the boy’s neck, and his head flew into the air. The black smoke around his body instantly crumbled, along with the two gusts that were fighting against Wu Duo and the one gust that was fighting against the Fire Ape. All of them crumbled and vanished into thin air.

Wu Duo was stunned. He sucked in a sharp breath and turned to look at Su Ming as if this was his first time seeing him. Instantly, the slight bit of malicious intent left within his heart mostly disappeared.

Su Ming gave Wu Duo a calm look. He didn’t do this only to kill the boy, but to also scare Wu Duo. If he wanted to continue with this trade, then the two of them would definitely need to establish a relationship in which it was obvious who was the superior and who the inferior one.

Su Ming was not willing to take the inferior position in this relationship, that was why he could only be the superior!

"Brother Mo…" When Wu Duo looked towards Su Ming, he forced out a smile. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed.

"It hasn’t ended!"

A piercing howl that came from all around the place traveled forth, eventually turning into a soundless voice. The boy’s head that had been thrown into the air when Su Ming cut through his neck previously had not fallen to the ground with the body. The head was instead floating in midair, eyes still closed, and that piercing cry came from its mouth.

As the boy spoke, he opened his eyes!

The instant he opened his eyes, Wu Duo’s shouted out, "Don’t look into his eyes!"

That pair of eyes did not have pupils, but they were not white. They were instead like an empty void, completely dark, as if they had the power to absorb everything in the world. Those were the eyes belonging to the Candle Dragon - the legendary sacred beast of the Shaman Tribe.

Among the six different Realms within the Shaman Tribe, it was said that the Soul Catchers obtained their power from the Candle Dragon.

When Su Ming saw that pair of eyes, his vision immediately started blurring. It was as if the world before him shattered into pieces and fell into a state of chaos. His mind turned blank.

The voices by his ears gradually faded into the distance. Among those voices were the Fire Ape’s roars, the boy’s eerie chuckles, muffled rumbles, and also Wu Duo’s warnings.

It was as if all those voices were gradually leaving Su Ming’s ears, and right when they were about to completely disappear, at that moment, the mysterious black stone hanging against Su Ming’s chest, the strange object that he always kept around his neck, let out a cool wave of air that seeped into all parts of his body.

At the same time, while Su Ming was still caught in his daze, a voice that seemed to be coming from the distance spoke in his ears.

"Big brother… Big brother…"

Su Ming shuddered.


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