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Chapter 333: Boy!
On the fifth afternoon since Su Ming left Frozen Ice Sky, the wind blew gently while the sun shone brilliantly, and the clouds spread out in the sky like scales. The sun was bright and illuminated the plains. It was as if the light had fused with the wind itself and was blowing through the grass, causing rustling sounds to fill the air.
Wu Duo was charging forward at an extremely high speed in the form of a long arc. Su Ming was by his side, his robes were fluttering in the wind. His face was the epitome of relaxation, and his thoughts could not be read from his expression.
He did not choose to travel behind Wu Duo. After all, the two of them had just gotten to know each other, and the process in which they got acquainted had not been on good terms. That was why there was no need for him to do anything that would lead to misunderstandings.
This was the reason why while Su Ming and Wu Duo’s distance between each other did not seem too far away when anyone lifted their heads and looked up, but in truth, they were about 1,000 feet apart from each other.
As they charged forth, Wu Duo would intentionally lower his speed and observe Su Ming, but no matter how many times he observed him, he could not find any clues. He could not tell where Su Ming came from, so he turned his attention to the Fire Ape, which was also traveling with them right beside Su Ming.
‘This Mo Su might not seem old, but his actions are experienced. His words are also very sharp. It’s clear that he’s not someone who has just left his clan or tribe. He’s also a very independent person, and his goals are very clear. If it wasn’t because I tempted him by saying he can gain achievements by killing Shamans, he would have definitely not agreed to come with me.
‘So, by this alone, it can be said that he’s not without weaknesses. This person’s desire to gain achievements is great…’
The ape was a new type and was not something Wu Duo knew of. The more he observed it, the more mysterious he found Su Ming. It was not as if there was no malice within Wu Duo’s heart, but that malice slowly diminished by a large amount due to his uncertainty towards the mystery surrounding his new travel companion.
Su Ming could see all of Wu Duo’s actions. He might not know what the other was thinking of, but he could guess it somewhat. His guesses might not be perfect, but he knew that if he continued keeping his silence, Wu Duo would not dare act recklessly. This could be clearly seen from how he had continued to follow Su Ming, choosing not to attack.
‘This person is a skeptic. Perhaps this is his virtue, but it is also his weakness. Unless absolutely certain, a sceptical person will not attack easily.’
Su Ming averted his gaze from Wu Duo, then calmly continued to travel in a long arc that sliced through the sky.
Time slowly passed by as the both of them pondered over their own thoughts. When noon was gone, Wu Duo suddenly came to a halt, and Su Ming also stopped 1,000 feet behind him.
Wu Duo closed his eyes as if he was using some sort of special method to check their surroundings. After some time, he opened them and spoke grimly.
"Brother Mo, there are Shamans right in front of us!"
In truth, Wu Duo had deliberately put on this face. He did not know whether there were any Shamans around the area, but he knew the place which he had set to meet with the Shamans for the trade.
He would receive Shaman Crystals in exchange of providing the method for them to change into Berserkers. That was the original plan, but after he ran into Su Ming, Wu Duo changed his plans.
He did not want to provide them with the method to hide their identities as Shamans, but he also wanted to obtain Shaman Crystals.
"From what I can sense, there is only one person in front. The fluctuations from that person’s power aren’t strong, so he should be a Fledgeling Battle Shaman. It won’t be hard for me to kill

him, so to show my sincerity, you can just watch by the side. I will handle this on my own!" Wu Duo stared at Su Ming and a smile appeared on his face, but there was a freezing glint in his eyes.
It was clear that the chilling gaze was not directed towards Su Ming, however.
Once Su Ming heard the words, he nodded, but in his heart, he remained dubious about the mystical ability Wu Duo used to locate Shamans.
Wu Duo’s eyes shone with a freezing glint, and he took a swift step forward, charging towards the end of the plains. He was so quick that in the blink of an eye, he had already traveled 1,000 feet. Like a shooting star falling down, he grew increasingly closer to the land.
Su Ming followed behind him with a gaze like lightning as he stared at where Wu Duo was going.
The moment Wu Duo descended on the land, a person suddenly stood up from the grass. That person was incredibly tall, and he wore a leather helmet with bull horns on it. A ghastly presence surrounded that person, and a huge gust of wind rose, following his act of standing up, causing the grass around the area to continuously sway around.
There was a Totem on the man’s face, but that Totem was rather dull. It could not be seen clearly. The only thing that was easy to see was the vertical scar on the man’s lips, causing them to look as if they had been split into four, making all those who saw the man to be terrified.
The moment the man saw Wu Duo charging towards him from midair, his dull eyes instantly brightened up and he grinned, but it was horrifying to see his lips split apart. There were even a few fat maggots that crawled out of the man’s mouth as he grinned, falling out with their bodies twisting.
Wu Duo originally traveled really quickly, but when he got closer and saw the man’s lips, along with the maggots inside his mouth, his expression instantly changed.
He came to an abrupt halt. The moment he was about to begin his retreat, the scarred man lifted his head and let out a low growl. That growl was filled with wickedness, and as he growled, he leaped forth and spread his arms wide open to envelop Wu Duo.
Su Ming was standing somewhere far away in midair and had his eyes fixed on the scene. The moment he saw that man, his pupils shrank. That man was filled with a thick aura of death around him, but it did not spill out from within his body before he revealed himself. Clearly, he had concealed it within himself.
But that was not all. Su Ming could even sense the same feeling he got from living corpses coming from that man. It was as if that man was the material he needed to create Spirit Plunders!
Even if Su Ming did not know why that man would be in this condition, but he had a feeling that he would absolutely not misidentify the material he needed to create his Spirit Plunder.
‘The only difference if perhaps the living corpse I need to create Spirit Plunder has more aura of death to suppress the faint life force within the body, causing the person to be unable to move. However, their will is still present. It is as if their life force is trapped within and the aura of death has the body enveloped outside!
‘But this person has fused the aura of death into his life force and arrived at a strange sort of balance. It’s as if his aura of death is trapped within and his life force has his body surrounded. With that, this person can move his body around, able to remain in a half dead but half alive state!’
Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. He stared at the man with an interested look.
Contrary to Su Ming, Wu Duo was charging forward swiftly, but the man laughing ferociously while pouncing on him was even faster. It was as if he was a wall that was rapidly closing in on Wu Duo.
With Wu Duo’s power, he originally would not have shown this sort of reaction when he saw the man, but the reason behind his drastic change of expression was because he knew that the man’s current condition was what the Shamans called an Undying. And the only people who could do this were the Shamans who walk down the path of a Soul Catcher!
Wu Duo had killed Soul Catchers before, and he knew personally just how terrifying these people were. As he was retreating, his gaze swept through the land, trying to find the hidden Soul Catcher. At the same time, the instant the man closed in on him while cackling ferociously, a freezing glint appeared in his eyes, and as he retreated, he lifted his right hand and seized the air in the direction of the sky.
With that one grab, a cracking sound came from above Wu Duo, and a colossal deep blue ice mountain appeared out of thin air. As Wu Duo swung his hand down, that ice mountain charged towards the man.
The moment these two people came into contact with each other, shocking rumbling sounds reverberated through the air. The man shuddered, and the ice mountain started cracking apart inch by inch. Those cracks were not caused by the man, but were due to Wu Duo’s divine ability.
As the ice mountain cracked apart, the shards turned into numerous sharp blades that pierced through the scarred man’s body, causing his arms, legs, head, and body to be ripped into several parts.
No blood flowed out of his wounds, only a large amount of maggots flew into the air.
"Wu Duo, I hope you have been well…"
At that moment, a ghastly and sharp voice abruptly came from below. Right then, suddenly, the scarred man’s eyes shone with a dim light from deep in his head, which had been separated from his torn body. In fact, all his torn limbs were also shining with a dim light, and as they fell apart, an absorption force seemed to come out of nowhere, and they swiftly gathered together, reforming into the man’s body.
However, there were numerous cracks in many parts of the body, making it seem as if the man was a shredded ragdoll that was sewn together once again. Though, it was inevitable that there were would be some signs of that.
That scarred man grinned viciously and moved, but this time, he did not rush towards the grim looking Wu Duo. Instead, he turned into a long arc filled with the aura of death and charged towards Su Ming.
Clearly, he had just received a new command!
"Ya Ke!"
The moment Wu Duo heard that sharp voice, his face grew even grimmer. Three more deep-blue ice mountains swiftly assembled around his body. Those ice mountains surrounded him and let out a freezing chill under the sun.
A large amount of grass on the plains suddenly started withering away. As it did so, a boy walked out from among the grassland. That boy had his eyes closed and his hands placed behind his back. There was a ghastly smile on his lips.
Without any hesitation, Wu Duo lifted his right hand and pointed downwards. Immediately, those three ice mountains let out a rumble and charged towards the ground, turning into a mighty pressure that caused muffled booms to come from the land.
The boy sneered coldly. He did not dodge, but instead lifted his right hand and pushed forward. Instantly, black light shone on his right palm. The moment that black light spread out, it turned into an oval shaped door of light before the boy.
A low growl came from within that door of light, and it was soon followed by a dried up leg stepping out. The skin on that leg was completely withered away, and there were quite a lot of dull bloodstains on its skin. At the same time as the leg appeared, a completely dried up person that was about ten feet tall came from within.
That person looked like a skeleton at first glance, but his eyes shone with a dim light. Once he appeared, he roared and charged towards the three incoming ice mountains.
Almost the moment the boy casted the unique Spell belonging only to Soul Catchers, the man filled with cracks on his body charged towards Su Ming ferociously. He was so quick that a thick aura of death was stirred up in the air. That aura of death whistled behind him and seemed as if it covered the sky and earth. The man’s distance from Su Ming grew smaller.
Su Ming stared at the man closing in on him, and a curious glint appeared in his eyes.

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