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Once the old man finished speaking, he lifted his head and roared towards the sky. That roar did not sound like it came from a human but instead like the roar of a wild beast.

The instant he roared, streams of black fog charged forth from all directions in the forest. That black fog was so quick that it surpassed the speed at which Bai Chang Zai moved. Almost in an instant, the entire sky, earth, and forest were covered by this endless mass of black fog.

In the old man’s tribe located deep within the forest, almost all the members of the Shaman Tribe there were kneeling down. They linked their hands together and surrounded a black statue that was about 100 feet in size with devout expressions, worshipping it relentlessly.

That statue was not a person but a gigantic lizard. That lizard had a vicious expression on its face and exuded a cruel and malicious presence. It had its head lifted towards the sky, and within its gigantic mouth was a child. That child did not seem to be dead and was struggling as it cried.

That statue looked almost alive. When anyone looked over, they would find the child’s pained expression was so clear that it would make them feel as if they could hear the child’s wretched cries.

They could also see that the child’s face was not filled with the Tattoos of the Shaman Tribe, but… a Berserker Mark!

Under the lizard’s four legs were three people. They were an old man, a woman, and a young man. These three people who were carved on the statue were also crying out shrilly. Berserker Marks could be seen clearly on their faces.

Around the terrifying statue were hundreds and thousands of Shamans. They had the statue surrounded in multiple circles. Among them were old people, children, women, and even Shamans. Their voices blended together, and the instant the sky and earth was covered by that black fog, their voices reached out as well.

It made all those who heard those voices to feel as if they contained an endless amount of malice and ghastliness. When that sound fell into anyone’s ears, they would feel their hearts racing, fear filling them up, and chills running down their spines.

At the same time, at the place where Su Ming was fighting against the old Shaman, the old man became the source that attracted all the black fog. As it continuously surrounded the old man and enveloped him, the fog turned into a gigantic lizard!

That lizard was lying on the ground and swinging its tail. Red light shone within its eyes and its tongue was stuck out its mouth when it lifted its head to roar at the sky. Its face was the exact same as the statue’s that was being worshipped by the hundreds and thousands of members of the Shaman Tribe within the tribe in the forest!

The size of the lizard was about 100 feet, and it grew larger as the black fog continued surging. The presence that came from within it was filled with ghastliness and malice. As it roared and chewed something in its mouth, that panting sound Su Ming had heard multiple times appeared once again.

At that moment, Su Ming finally understood to whom that voice belonged to!

When the lizard roared, it turned its head and glared at the incoming Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone, and Su Ming immediately noticed that the lizard had two pupils in each of its eyes!

The instant the lizard looked at Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone, it swung its giant tail. With a shocking whistle, it struck the air, which caused a faint crack to appear in the air, and it charged straight towards Bai Chang Zai.

Bai Chang Zai did not even bother stopping. He had already mostly disappeared, and whatever remained of him looked almost transparent. The moment the lizard swung its tail, he lifted his right hand and hurled out his fist.

That punch may seem ordinary, but the moment the lizard’s tail touched it, the lizard was forced to retreat a few steps. A few parts of the tail shattered and blood spilled into the air.

Yet at the same time, Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone became even more faded out, as if he would disappear at any moment.

Right then, the giant lizard took a leap and a large amount of black fog from midair gathered around him. It allowed him to grow until he was nearly 1,000 feet in size, and with a body built like a small hill, it charged towards Bai Chang Zai.

"Your Divine Clone is about to disappear, let’s see how you’ll deal with the descent of my tribe’s sacred beast!" a raspy voice shouted out from within the lizard’s mouth. As that voice reverberated through the air, the lizard rapidly closed in with Bai Chang Zai.

Su Ming stood up. Blood-red light flashed in his right eye and he lifted his right hand. With a determined look on his face, Dark Mountain appeared behind him. A mighty pressure came from the five-peaked Dark Mountain, and as Su Ming pointed a finger at the giant lizard, the mountain charged towards it.

Almost the instant the giant lizard closed in, Bai Chang Zai’s illusionary body lifted his head and a brilliant glare suddenly appeared in his eyes. Within that glare was an indescribable fighting spirit.

That was a feverish battle spirit that was so hot it could burn another person’s eyes. The moment that glare appeared, on the endless Sky Mist Barrier which was located far from the battle, Bai Chang Zai’s real body also lifted his head from his position where he had been sitting on the wall quietly meditating. The same glare appeared in his eyes, and his body instantly became thinner!

At the same time, back at the spot where the battle was ongoing in the forest of the land of the Shamans, Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone returned from the illusionary and almost transparent state to the form of when he looked almost real. Right then, he clenched his right fist and charged towards the incoming lizard.

A shocking bang reverberated through the area. Bai Chang Zai’s fist landed on the lizard. With that one punch, his body began to quickly dissipate, and in the span of a breath, he became almost invisible.

The lizard let out a piercing screech, and the spot where Bai Chang Zai’s fist connected started to crumble. Its body began to be torn to shreds, which spread through his whole form. Its gigantic body also started falling backwards as if it could not withstand that punch.

Bai Chang Zai’s almost dissipated body took one step forward and appeared right before the lizard. He lifted his right hand. This time, he did not use his palm or his fist. Instead, he used a finger and tapped it against the lizard’s head.

Through the entire process where the finger was lifted and fell, Su Ming, who was not too far away, had the misconception that the dark sky had just suddenly turned brighter.

"This attack is my own creation. Its name… is White!"

As the calm voice sounded, Bai Chang Zai’s right index finger turned into a white light that could chase away darkness. It became the brightest spot in the world, and at the moment it fell on the giant lizard’s body, the lizard instantly turned white.

As it brightened up to a blinding degree, loud booming sounds reverberated through the world. The lizard let out a piercing screech that shook the sky and earth. Its body crumbled entirely, and its destruction did not start at the spot where Bai Chang Zai tapped with his finger but its tail. It started crumbling apart inch by inch and turned into black fog that scattered away, revealing the old Shaman’s left leg within it.

The next thing that was destroyed was the lizard’s body. As its body continued shattering and disappearing in the form of black fog, the old man’s bent right leg that made him seem like he was kneeling and his body were revealed.

Soon after, the gigantic lizard’s destruction spread to its front legs. Once they shattered with a bang, its head, where Bai Chang Zai’s finger was, exploded. A large amount of black fog scattered away, revealing the old Shaman’s head, and with a pale face, he coughed out a fresh, red blood.

With that tap, Bai Chang Zai let out a soft sigh as if he was regretting something. His illusionary body could no longer continue existing and disappeared from the world along with the black fog that appeared once the lizard started shattering.

When it happened, the Dark Mountain that was formed from Su Ming’s Berserker Mark crashed into the old Shaman, who was still vomiting blood. At the same time, Su Ming charged forward like lightning. The blood-red light shone in his right eye, and an illusionary tribe appeared around the old Shaman.

That tribe… was naturally Dark Mountain Tribe!

When it appeared, a blood red that seemed like it was burning rose in the world around the old man!

The Picture of the Blood Moon and Dark Mountain!

Once the picture was completely revealed, the area within it seemed to have turned into another dimension, and the pressure formed within that dimension caused the injured old Shaman to cough out blood once more. His eyes became dull, but there was madness within them.

He might be heavily injured, but he was not about to breathe his last just yet. He was on the land of the Shamans, and especially in the forest where his Totem Beast rested. His life force was still aplenty. He would not die that easily.

Su Ming’s quick charge made it seem like another line had been added to that Picture of Dark Mountain in the world. He rushed towards the old man, and when the old man came towards him with a roar, the two of them clashed into each other.

Loud booming sounds reverberated through the air. The five-peaked Dark Mountain’s attack, the grief contained within the buildings in Dark Mountain Tribe, and the red glare shining from the blood moon in the sky fused together with Su Ming’s body, causing another line to appear in the Picture of Dark Mountain. It made it seem almost complete.

The instant the two people closed in on each other, Su Ming lifted his right hand and drew a line at the old man!

Right when he did so, then entire Picture of Dark Mountain moved and twisted as if it had turned into ink. It was absorbed by Su Ming’s line, and once it fused together with that one line, they sliced at the old Shaman!

At the same time, a grief filled with age radiated off Su Ming’s line. That feeling had not been there even when he had drawn out his strongest line before. This presence had only existed when he instinctively drew that line when he fought against Si Ma Xin.

As that presence appeared, a faint voice that did not seem to exist but also seemed to have been in existence since the beginning of time spoke from within Su Ming’s line.

"When I was born, everything was still…"

Su Ming raised his hand.

"After I was born… The Berserkers had weakened…"

The line was drawn.

"If the heavens are heartless, then we will all be separated…"

Su Ming lifted his head, and his eyes were filled with grief.

"The earth was heartless, and it made my Dark Mountain die…"

That one line contained the entire Dark Mountain, contained Su Ming’s everything, and slashed across the old Shaman’s chest.

Once that line was finished, Su Ming knew that the first Style of his Picture Creation was finally complete. It contained the life he went through in the passage of time, contained his emotions, and contained his world…

If Si Ma Xin was there and saw Su Ming’s line, he would definitely feel utterly shocked. If he heard the voice within that one line, that shock would reach a monstrous level.

Because within the four lines, besides the first line that would appear in a faint whisper when the first Style of the God of Berserkers Transformation was executed, the rest of the lines were completely different from the God of Berserkers Song.

Because the God of Berserkers Transformation was created based on a Berserker Tribe war song that was created by the first God of Berserkers when he had reached the peak, and it was also called… God of Berserkers Song!

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