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The old Shaman knew that a prodigy like the young man before him would not have stepped onto the land of the Shamans so easily. Once a person like this died, it would deal a huge blow to the Berserker Tribe.

‘I once heard a Shaman Follower of the Great Patriarch of the South say that there are some really excellent prodigies in the Berserker Tribe. They are trained with all the available resources provided and are known as the people who are the most likely to become the fourth God of Berserkers!

‘I heard that Bai Chang Zai was one of these prodigies, but due to an accident he was excluded. A person like him, who was excluded, already contains such frightening power and battle prowess.

‘Then the prodigies who are in the list of people trained to be the God of Berserkers must be much stronger. This young man must definitely be one of them!’

The old Shaman was absolutely certain of his judgment. He had seen some Berserkers before, and none of them had had as many divine abilities as Su Ming, much less the protection of Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone.

If someone told the old Shaman that a prodigy like this was not in the list of people trained to become the God of Berserkers, he would definitely not believe them!

‘If I can turn him into the Shaman Puppet for Lizard Shaman Tribe and offer him to the Great Patriarch of the South, then my position in the God of Shamans Temple would surely increase exponentially!’

As these thoughts raced in the old Shaman’s head, he continued retreating. His eyes shone brilliantly as he fixed them on the man in white armor walking towards him in midair.

A serious expression that had never appeared on the old man’s face formed there. Bai Chang Zai was so famous it could be said that his name was known through the entire region. The rumors surrounding him had been circulating around the many Shaman Tribes near Sky Mist Barrier for many years.

Su Ming immediately sat down in midair and brought out many medicinal pills, swiftly putting them in his mouth. He watched the old Shaman with an aloof gaze, and the light in his eyes flickered.

He was thinking whether he should use this chance to immediately escape and buy time to avoid the old man’s subsequent chase, or to stay back and see whether he might have a chance to deal a heavy blow to the old Shaman before his uncle master Bai’s Divine Clone vanished.

‘If uncle master Bai was here personally, then that old Shaman would definitely die, but if it’s just his Divine Clone… Uncle master Bai told me that day that I could use this to protect myself when he gave me the scale.

‘By the looks of it, when he said it could offer me protection, he meant that his Divine Clone could hold back powerful foes while giving me enough time to escape…’

The light in Su Ming’s eyes flickered and a chilling glare appeared within.

‘I… most likely won’t be able to fulfill my promise with Master… There’s still one day left. With my current injuries and with this person chasing after me, it’ll be difficult for me to return back to my Master’s side alive.

‘If that’s the case…’

Su Ming lifted his head swiftly and determination along with firm resolution appeared on his face. He turned his head back to look at the sky in the distance. That place was where he came from. It was where Sky Mist Barrier was located, and in that direction, his Master was waiting for him.

Su Ming had never expected that the experiences he obtained with the appearance of his purple robed Master would end in separation. Things happened far too quickly, so quickly that he had no time to prepare for anything.

He Feng’s fusion with the Wings of the Moon was still ongoing inside his cave abode in the ninth summit. If Su Ming did not return for a prolonged period of time, then there would be no one who could calm He Feng’s agitation, and disaster would definitely occur.

There was also Zi Che who was still guarding his cave abode and waiting for his orders.

Then there was his second senior brother, who would lift his head to look at the sky so that sunlight would fall on his side profile as he smiled, and there was his third senior brother, who would grin foolishly as he bragged about how smart he thought himself to be.

There was also his eldest senior brother, who showed his love for him quietly and gave him a treasure to protect himself.

There was his Master as well… Perhaps he would never see them again. Perhaps it would take an unknown amount of years and months before he could be reunited with him…

There was also Bai Su, the girl who looked incredibly similar to Bai Ling. Su Ming did not even need her to stand in front of his face, and signs that his heart was changing appeared within him. He could choose to destroy her, fight against something, or choose to forget her.

All these things made Su Ming fall silent. Right before his eyes, he saw the boy who stared at him in a daze as he stood there stunned and panicked with a crude bow in his hands after Su Ming killed the white robed Split Dawn.

‘A moment of weakness, one mistake, and the price I have to pay… is so big.’

Su Ming closed his eyes. When he opened them once again, he saw that uncle master Bai’s Divine Clone had already closed in on the old Shaman and was now far away from him.

Wisps of white smoke seeped out of the white armor covering his body. It floated into the sky, and once the smoke completely dissipated, that person would also disappear.

Su Ming knew this, and the old Shaman too knew this. He was retreating to stall for time, but even though he was fast, the heavy blow on his chest that had nearly brought about his death not only made his speed as he ran back slow, it also allowed uncle master Bai’s Divine Clone to close in on him like lightning.

The distance between the two of them did not widen due to the old Shaman’s retreat. Instead, they just became closer to each other. The moment Su Ming opened his eyes to look, there was already less than 100 feet between Bai Chang Zai and the old Shaman.

With an aloof gaze shining through the armor, uncle master Bai’s Divine Clone lifted a palm and pushed it at the space separating them of about 100 feet.

The instant he struck, the old Shaman’s pupils shrank once again. A strong sense of danger rose abruptly within him. At that instant, he suddenly stopped, lifted his arms, then pushed them towards Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone with a roar.

Many scales rapidly spread through his body and covered him entirely in an instant. It made him look as if he had just gone through a Beast Transformation. The scales were completely black and a ghastly and malicious presence exploded from him.

His hands had turned into claws, and just as he was about to crash into Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone’s attack through the air, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and he lifted his right hand to point at the Spirit Plunder that was still floating in midair!

With that one finger pointed towards it, that strange, dim light from Spirit Plunder erupted once again even though there were cracks on the medicinal pill. An eye that seemed to have two pupils also appeared within the pill. It could make those who looked at it become dazzled, and now it turned to look at the old Shaman.

As the dim light appeared, the power of the pill that sucked in human minds spread out, and when the eye with two pupils that had absorbed some of the old Shaman’s mind looked over, the old Shaman’s hands froze for an instant in the motion of raising.

This pause was not voluntary. Even if it was a pause that lasted only for an instant, even if this was a pause that Su Ming would be unable to use for a chance to launch a counterattack, but…

Bai Chang Zai could!

A loud rumble spread out abruptly, and as layers of ripples spread out, wind flowed backwards. Many trees and bushes on the ground were destroyed. Even the ground cracked.

Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone took a step back and the speed of the white smoke dissipating from his body became faster. However, compared to him, the old Shaman could only be described as a wreck.

His arms were torn to bloody ribbons and many scales crumbled and fell. His arms looked as if a layer of skin had been torn off, revealing his flesh, blood, and veins underneath. His chest, which had healed up, sank once again. Lots of blood spilled out from his mouth. He fell back and staggered a few hundred feet back before he finally stopped. When he lifted his head, blood could be seen flowing from his mouth. He looked pathetic, but his eyes were brimming with rage that could burn the heavens.

A roar towards the sky tumbled out of his lips. The old Shaman’s shirt was instantly ripped to shreds; only a few pieces were left on him. His thin body looked as if a lot of power was stored within him. His furious expression and vicious roar was enough to make all those who looked at him feel terrified.

"You little Berserker bastard, once Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone disappears, just watch how I’ll turn you into a Shaman Puppet!"

It was clear that the old Shaman’s rage had reached its peak. If it was not due to Su Ming’s sudden ambush, he would definitely not have been so heavily injured by this fight.

His hate for Su Ming had already reached a monstrous level, because this wasn’t the first time this had happened but the second!

As the old man roared and raged, Bai Chang Zai’s Divine Clone moved towards him quickly once again with an aloof expression. In an instant he closed in on the old Shaman. Su Ming watched everything that transpired from the distance in the sky with a calm gaze. Not a hint of emotion stirred within him.

He still had one last attack he had not brought out – the power of his Berserker Mark!

The power of his Berserker Mark might not be powerful to the old Shaman, but Su Ming believed that if he grasped the timing, then even if his Berserker Mark had the power akin to slapping that old man with grass, perhaps he could still turn it into the last bit required to defeat him.

As Bai Chang Zai closed in once again, the old Shaman found himself unable to retreat anymore. Not only did he have to fight against the Divine Clone, he also had to pay attention to Su Ming’s attacks. This made him let out a low growl with a fierce expression as he knelt on the ground.

The moment he knelt down, he slammed his bloodied hands onto the ground and lifted his head. His eyes were filled with sinister intent. He did not kneel on both knees but chose to go down on one knee. His left leg was stretched out straight behind him in a bizarre fashion that made him look as if he was trying to position his body to look like a beast.

Almost at the instant he positioned himself in that manner, the endless sea of forest in the vast land turned deadly silent. The leaves did not move, the wind became still, even the birds and beasts within the forest all turned quiet at that moment.

A ghastly and malicious presence that far exceeded the one coming from the old man surged forth from all directions, and along with it were panting sounds mixed with chewing noises.

Su Ming was shocked. He turned his attention towards the ground swiftly and his expression instantly turned serious. Once he spread his divine sense around the area, he sucked in a sharp breath. The ghastly and malicious presence was coming from every leaf on the trees, every inch of mud, every bird and beast, every single rotting carcass and beast bone buried under the mud, and from every corner of the forest.

At that instant, it was as if the entire forest had become one with the old Shaman!

"The Totem of Lizard Shaman Tribe, the sacred beast of Lizard Shaman Tribe. O Great Lizard God, I am your servant, and I ask you… to come upon your land and let loose your raging fire upon the enemies who offended you. Let them burn in the depths of hell…"

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