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Su Ming and Si Ma Xin stood in the sky. One of them was surrounded by black fog, which turned into a black fogged armor that gave off a ghastly feeling, while the other was surrounded by seven colored light, and his ice armor seemed to be filled with light that pierced the eyes, making it hard for others to look at him directly.

Two completely different presences, two completely different sets of armor, two… completely different people!

"You… are not in the Bone Sacrifice Realm!" Su Ming said languidly, and as he spoke, he charged forward.

Si Ma Xin’s face was sullen. With a cold harrumph, he moved forward. The two of them crashed into each other once again in midair. Rumbling sounds reverberated in the air, and the fierce battle made all those watching around the area stop breathing.

The longer Si Ma Xin battled, the more shocked he felt. He could not imagine just how Su Ming had became so strong in such a short amount of time. This was no longer the person he could defeat by just attacking with a move through manifesting his soul on a Berserker Seed.

With such a speed in his growth, Su Ming had the right to make Si Ma Xin pay attention to him!

‘This person is growing too quickly, I can’t let him stay alive…’

Si Ma Xin took a few steps back and grabbed the air with his right hand. Immediately, an ice spear appeared in his hand, and he threw it towards Su Ming.

At the same time, Si Ma Xin swung his left arm forward, and a round bottle appeared. With a snap of his fingers, howling sounds came from within the bottle. A white wolf charged out and started growing as it was exposed to the wind. In an instant, it grew up to be a few dozen feet tall. Its fur was white as snow, and with its fangs bared, it growled at Su Ming.

That growl turned into a force that turned Su Ming’s mind blank once it hit his body, as if he was shaken. Yet it only lasted for an instant before the power of Aura Refinement started circulating within him on its own and his mind immediately cleared up.

He woke up too quickly, and it made Si Ma Xin frown. He fought against Su Ming with the long spear in hand, and at the same time, the ice wolf pounced on him.

"He Feng!"

Su Ming took a few steps back and black fog immediately rushed out from his chest. That fog turned into He Feng, who had an agonized look on his face, but he did not dare choose not to fight. When he appeared, he charged towards the soul of the ice wolf. The both of them were spiritual entities, and though their battle may have been without sound, it was still incredibly vicious.

At that moment, the mark of the sword at the center of Su Ming’s brows flashed briefly, and the small virescent sword charged out with a whistle and spun around Su Ming’s body. It moved with his will and crashed into Si Ma Xin’s long spear with a loud bang.

Su Ming’s fight against Si Ma Xin did not just attract the attention of the people around the area, it even attracted the attention of some of the powerful Berserkers in the nine summits of the Great Frozen Plains. Some of those in the older generation even looked over.

Su Ming’s second senior brother was crouching down on the ninth summit tending to his plants. Occasionally, he would lift up his head towards the direction where the rumbling sounds came from and shake his head.

"Just how many times does this make since third failed entering his dream.? Ah… the moment he gets agitated, he immediately wants to enter his dreams to fight against others. This… is not good."

Tian Xie Zi sat at the top of the mountain with a pleased smile on his face as he looked at the place where the rumbling sounds were coming from.

"Not bad, not bad at all. Teach him a good lesson."

There were other people gathered on the other mountains. As they looked at the battle, a rare sight in the Great Frozen Plains of Freezing Sky Clan, the left preceptor in the fourth summit, the old man who liked wearing red robes, stood at the top of the mountain with a solemn expression on his face.

‘The Virescent Light Sword… That’s Han Kong’s treasure… Why is it in his hands?!’

He was frowning, but once he cast a glance towards the ninth summit, he shook his head and decided not to bother himself with what he deemed was a trivial matter.

Besides him, the other people of the older generation also appeared on the other summits and sized up the battle from their respective spots.

At that moment, on the mountainside of the seventh summit was a woman dressed in red. She was sitting on a big stone. Her black hair fell on her shoulders, and when they were occasionally lifted by the wind, her snow white skin would be revealed underneath.

She had a gentle look on her face as she watched the people battling against each other. Most of the time, her gaze was focused on Su Ming.

"A Divine General of Awakening, and with such a Berserker Mark too… What is his name?"

There were a few girls standing behind the woman. One of them quickly answered her, "Eldest senior sister, his name is Su Ming. He’s a disciple on the ninth summit."

At the moment, the battle which had caught the crowd’s attention had yet to reach its most intense moment. The small virescent sword shone and crashed into the incoming long spear. Before the rumbling sounds even disappeared, the second clashing sound had already spread in all directions.

More lightning arcs swam through Su Ming’s body and turned into numerous lightning sparks that charged towards Si Ma Xin. Thunder rumbled in the sky, and by the looks of it, lightning was about to fall.

However, Si Ma Xin was the prodigy of Freezing Sky Clan. Su Ming might have seen through the fact that he had yet to reach the Bone Sacrifice Realm, but the mystical abilities and enchanted Vessels he had were practically endless.

The white wolf and the ice spear he had in his hand were definitely not any ordinary items. At the same time the snow surrounding him fought against Su Ming’s lightning, the virescent sword and ice spear, He Feng and the white wolf too fought against each other. While the battle might not have reached its most intense state, it had already reached an intensity that was not too far away.

This was a battle that could not be settled in a short period of time. While Su Ming was currently also in the Awakening Realm, compared to Si Ma Xin, his level of cultivation was still a little lower.

Yet he was a Berserker who Awakened with 999 blood veins and also understood the Clearing Mind Art. With his mystical abilities and Origin Vessel, he could fight against all those who were under the Bone Sacrifice Realm.

As the small virescent sword and ice spear clashed against each other, as did Su Ming’s lightning and Si Ma Xin’s ice, and they once again let out a rumbling sound, Su Ming took a few abrupt steps backwards with a calm expression. As he moved back, he swiped his right hand before his chest. When he lifted it, a spherical medicinal pill immediately appeared in his hand.

There was a snow flower in the medicinal pill as if it was sealed up within. There was an enchanting feeling to it. It let out a freezing chill, and dim light also spread out from the pill.

It was Su Ming’s Spirit Plunder.

He only used this pill once after he created it, and it was when he was curing Fang Mu. In truth, this was the first time he brought this thing out during battle. The moment Spirit Plunder was taken out, it started spinning in the air. When Su Ming pointed towards Si Ma Xin, that pill instantly turned into a long arc that charged towards him.

At the moment Su Ming brought out Spirit Plunder, Si Ma Xin’s expression turned even more serious. He stared at the medicinal pill in his hands and took a few steps back as surprise appeared in his eyes.

At the same time, he opened his mouth wide open and spat out. As he did so, a small black insect flew out of his mouth. The insect was built in the shape of a small rod about the length of a finger’s segment. If it was not twisting about in the air, it would be difficult for anyone to tell that it was actually an insect.

When the insect flew out, it spread out its wings, and four pairs of thin wings could be seen on its rod shaped body. There was green light shining on its head, making it look slightly terrifying.

The moment the insect appeared, a malicious presence immediately erupted from its body, along with a buzzing sound that pierced the minds of all those who heard it.

The insect turned into a ray of green light, but it did not charge towards the incoming Spirit Plunder. It went past the pill and charged towards Su Ming instead.

That insect could be said to be the most precious item Si Ma Xin had besides the Seven Colored Mountain. He had only just obtained that insect and had only recently formed a small mental connection with it.

He had tested this insect many times before, and Si Ma Xin had never seen anything that this insect could not pierce through. He had tried using this insect on many objects before, and all of them had ended up the same way!

If it was not because Su Ming had the Divine General’s armor and it would be difficult for any sort of mystical ability to cause harm to him, Si Ma Xin would not have wanted to use this insect. At this moment, not only did he not want to face the strange object that had clearly sealed the Berserker Seed he had planted in Fang Mu charging towards him, he also wanted to kill Su Ming, or at the very least cause such grievous injuries to him that his power would fall.

By doing so, once Si Ma Xin successfully cleared Freezing Sky Cave and entered Heaven Gate, no matter how quickly Su Ming improved, he would be of no threat to him.

As Spirit Plunder and the small rod insect passed by each other and Spirit Plunder closed in on him, Si Ma Xin bit his tongue, coughed out blood, took a step forward, and turned into a blood figure. He fused together with his blood and seemed to have turned into an illusionary layer of mist instead of having physical form. It spread outwards, looking as if it could dodge Spirit Plunder’s might.

Yet the moment he was about to dodge, Spirit Plunder came to an abrupt halt and stopped in midair. An incredibly powerful absorption force that shocked Si Ma Xin exploded forth from it. That absorption force caught all the blood mist around the area, and the blood mist started showing clear signs of being sucked in.

The mist struggled incessantly, and Si Ma Xin’s face was revealed within. There was a hint of shock on his face, but once he gritted his teeth, he immediately split the illusionary blood mist into two separate parts. One of them was taken into Spirit Plunder, and the other rolled backwards quickly before it reverted back into Si Ma Xin once it was far away from the pill. His face was pale as he sucked in a sharp breath.

"What’s with that thing?!"

Su Ming was also shocked, because even though he was retreating quickly with a dazzling speed, he still could not shake off the insect charging towards him.

That insect closed in on him in an instant and clashed with the small virescent sword. It knocked the sword away and closed in on Su Ming once again. The insect had even ignored the lightning arcs swimming in the air. Even though lightning covered its entire body, it did not slow down. With a bang, it pierced through Su Ming’s Divine General armor!

It was about to pierce Su Ming’s body, but at that moment, a loud bell chimerang out from within Su Ming’s body. In the face of danger, Han Mountain Bell materialized between Divine General armor and Su Ming’s body, and it was the Bell that finally managed to stop the insect’s attack.

As the bell chimes reverberated in the air, blood flowed out of Su Ming’s mouth and he staggered a few hundred feet back.

"What’s with this insect?!"

Su Ming lifted his head swiftly. His question was shouted out almost at the same time as when Si Ma Xin shouted his.

At that moment, a strange feeling formed in Su Ming’s heart. That inconceivable feeling also formed in Si Ma Xin.

"They’re… so similar…" someone from the crowd murmured..

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