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They were two completely different people with two completely different names and two completely different lives.

They were like two parallel lines that would never touch each other. Even if they were going in the same direction, they would never touch each other. This was Su Ming and Si Ma Xin before this battle in Freezing Sky Clan.

Even when they started exchanging blows, the odd similarities that the people watching found were yet to come into existence, but as they continued attacking each other, everyone noticed, and it could even be said that the two of them were the last ones who noticed it.

As the onlookers watched the battle continue, the feeling that these two were similar became stronger.

One of them was lightning, the other ice. They may look different, but one of them had lightning swimming through his entire body while the other was surrounded by ice. Perhaps this was not enough to call them similar, but soon, when the small virescent sword and ice spear clashed with each other, the black Divine General armor and sparkling ice armor appeared, the feeling that they were alike started blossoming within their hearts.

The moment Si Ma Xin brought out the round bottle and released the wolf, which was a rare Vessel Spirit that was definitely not something a normal person would be able to get, and He Feng flew out of Su Ming’s body, that feeling that they were similar reached an incredibly high level in an instant.

The similarities reached an even higher level when Su Ming brought out Spirit Plunder and Si Ma Xin released the strange rod shaped insect from his mouth and when the both of them had the same expression and reaction as they faced these two completely different enchanted Vessels. At that moment, it was as if all their similarities had fused together and erupted forth with a force that made even outsiders notice that these two people were… very similar!

Bell chimes reverberated in the air, and at that moment, the black rod shaped insect that was only about the size of a finger’s segment tumbled backward. However, its speed as it flew back had clearly been reduced. It even started swaying in the air, as if the crash had caused a backlash that it could only marginally withstand because it had been traveling too fast previously and because the echoes from Han Mountain Bell were too powerful.

Su Ming watched the rod shaped insect tumble back and recover in the span of a few breaths. The sight made his expression change. He suppressed all his other emotions, because he knew Han Mountain Bell’s might well. That crash just now and subsequent rebound were difficult even for him to withstand. Yet that strange insect was already showing signs of recovery after such a short period of time.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He knew that he could not let that insect recover, or else that thing alone would affect him greatly. At the same moment the insect retreated, Su Ming lifted his right hand pointed towards it. He also took a huge step forward.

The moment his foot landed, his body instantly appeared above the retreating insect, and soon, Han Mountain Bell appeared in his hands like a small bell, then like a huge shade that covered the small insect.

In the distance, Si Ma Xin was forced to split up and discard part of the blood figure formed from his blood under the might of Spirit Plunder. His face was pale. While he did not cough out blood like Su Ming, he was also clearly weakened. When he saw Su Ming’s actions, Si Ma Xin’s eyes immediately became clouded with anger.

He charged forth with a low growl and grabbed the air with his right hand. Immediately, the floating Seven Colored Mountain in the distance erupted with a piercing seven colored light. The girl standing on the Seven Colored Mountain let out a cry of surprise and quickly flew back. There was a floating ribbon under her feet which supported her.

Right then, in his battle against Su Ming, Si Ma Xin finally used his most powerful enchanted treasure – the Seven Colored Mountain!

"Su Ming, how dare you touch my snake?!"

Si Ma Xin’s face was vicious. As he grabbed the air with his right hand, the red light from the light of the Seven Colored Mountain shone with an intensity that was far brighter than all the other colors. It was as if it was asked to come forth from the seven lights. As the light shone, the Seven Colored Mountain looked as if it only possessed that one color.

"God of Berserkers Transformation, Seven Colors Refinement, Scarlet Style!"

Veins popped out on Si Ma Xin’s face, and his body was dyed in a scarlet shade. His right hand curled up and turned into a five fingered claw. The scarlet shade on his hand was incredibly alluring, and he swiped his clawed hand towards the floating Seven Colored Mountain that was currently shining with a red light.

The moment he swiped his hand across, the red light from the Seven Colored Mountain immediately started flickering as if the fog on it was boiling. As it flickered, the mountain let out a buzzing sound. The red light looked as if it was absorbed into Si Ma Xin’s right hand and a large amount of it was gathered there before turning into a scarlet long sword.

That sword was seven feet long and looked as if it was dyed with blood. There was even a harrowing sadness coming from it that stunned people. When Si Ma Xin held the sword in his hands, he swung it down in Su Ming’s direction!

That slash immediately made the world dark. An oppressive feeling spread out so suddenly that the crowd watching immediately felt as if they were suffocating. It was as if that sword stroke had sucked in all the air from the world.

A sadness that could affect all those around it spread out in all directions as the sword slashed downward.

"The place where I was born still did things according to the laws of the universe…"

A voice filled with grief spilled out of Si Ma Xin’s mouth as he swung the sword down. His expression seemed to have fused together with the sword, and with that one sentence, he executed one sword stroke!

The moment that sword stroke fell, Han Cang Zi’s face turned pale on the third summit. The oval shaped faced woman beside her also sucked in a deep breath.

"He casted the God of Berserkers Transformation!!"

When the red robed left preceptor saw this on the fourth summit, he narrowed his eyes.

"Looks like he has understood the first style of the God of Berserkers Transformation."

All those who understood the meaning of the sword stroke turned their attention towards the attack from their respective summits. On the ninth summit, a gourd had appeared in Tian Xie Zi’s hands some time ago. He placed it by his mouth and drank from it before he shook his head and disdain appeared in his eyes.

"God of Berserkers Transformation… It’s not worthy of the word ‘Transformation’! One day, I’ll let the people know just what is the true God of Berserkers Transformation! But Si Ma Xin’s method of casting this mystical ability has some form of transformation that originated from him…"

Tian Xie Zi did not seem to be paying attention to the question of how Su Ming was going to deal with that shocking sword slash. He was drinking wine instead and was uttering words that no one else could hear besides himself.

It was as if he had the confidence that Su Ming could deal with that sword strike!

Similarly, Su Ming’s second senior brother, who was still planting flowers on the snow covered ground with his back bent on the ninth summit, lifted his head to look into the distance when his right hand, which was holding several flowers, faltered.

He trained his eyes on the distance as he mumbled under his breath, "Youngest junior brother, this is a rare chance… God of Berserkers Transformation… This is the strongest skill in Freezing Sky Clan! When people draw, they first learn by copying others, only then will they be able to create their own drawings."

Su Ming and Si Ma Xin’s battle had attracted even more attention from the people gathered under Heaven Gate and in the center of nine summits of the Great Frozen Plains. When Si Ma Xin casted the God of Berserkers Transformation and brought out the red light from the Seven Colored Mountain before turning it into a long sword that seemed to be dyed with blood and swung it down, the presence that exploded from that sword strike caused the battle to instantly reach its most intense moment.

The red light from the sword brought forth a strange sound as it sliced through the air. It sounded as if there were numerous people mourning and crying, and when the sounds gathered together into one, it turned into the sound of the scarlet sword slicing through the air.

A hint of seriousness appeared on Su Ming’s calm face. He had already known a long time ago of Si Ma Xin’s strength. Although he was no longer the same as he was before, there was still some difference in power between him and Si Ma Xin.

Just this sword strike from alone was already enough to make Su Ming feel that he could not fend against it. Si Ma Xin’s murmurs echoed in his ears. Those words had fused into the sword, and it seemed to be filled with a power that could change the world, a change that far surpassed Su Ming’s ability to possibly comprehend it.

It was this change that seemed to be able to turn something decadent into something great that caused this simple sword slash to turn into a power that Su Ming could not resist. The sword itself was also a treasure manifested from Si Ma Xin’s Seven Colored Mountain, which meant that it contained an incredible power. With the might of the mystical ability, God of Berserkers Transformation, the might contained within the sword stroke was enough to kill all Berserkers under the Bone Sacrifice Realm, Su Ming analyzed.

Even the powerful Berserkers in the Bone Sacrifice Realm would find it hard to resist this sword slash. However, Su Ming had yet to arrive at the Bone Sacrifice Realm. He could assume it as such and could not be certain of it.

The moment the sword fell towards him, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He knew that Han Mountain Bell was the only thing that could perhaps fight against this sword, but if he used Han Mountain Bell to fend against the attack, then he would not be able to subjugate the rod shaped insect that was about to recover.

If he let the rod shaped insect recover its speed and clear its mind, then Su Ming would be forced into a complete defensive position in this battle. Yet if he did not give up on the rod shaped insect and took Si Ma Xin’s sword slash…

Su Ming’s pupils shrank and he sighed. He was just about to give up on the bizarre rod shaped insect when the light in his eyes flickered.

He saw the speed of the sword slashing down from the sky start slowing down in a peculiar manner. This decrease in speed came very suddenly, and even more strange was that the sword’s sudden slowness seemed to have gone unnoticed by others. When Su Ming instinctively looked towards his surroundings, he noticed that everything in the world around him had also slowed down.

It was as if a wave of power had come to the place without a sound, and in that instant, controlled the flow of time in the place.

"This is what I created. Once your powers of Creation have reached a certain level, this sort of change will happen depending on what you’ve been Creating… it’s somewhat similar to Space Void, but it’s also different. To others, it may look like it only lasted for an instant, but in your current state, it will seem very slow.

"You have ample time to remember this one sword slash and understand the changes within this attack… Find it, then block the boy Si Ma’s attack fairly and squarely."

There was a strange look on Su Ming’s face as he looked at the people around him, whose actions had been slowed down by several fold. He turned his gaze towards the scarlet sword shining with a red light which was also falling down slowly.

He did not know how Tian Xie Zi had managed to do it, but he would need an incredible amount of courage to do so under the scrutiny of so many people in Freezing Sky Clan.

The warmth in Su Ming’s heart grew due to his Master’s kindness, and his feelings of belonging to the ninth summit increased.

However, he knew that this was not the time for him to feel moved. As he watched the scarlet sword fall slowly from the sky, his eyes gradually became empty and blank… He lifted his right hand, and with his index finger as the brush, he started drawing out the trajectory of the sword.

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