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The entire sky was covered by a piercing seven colored light. The seven colors were like a rainbow, but the light was not as gentle as that of a rainbow. It spread all over the place instead, and every part of the world as far as Su Ming could see was filled with those colors.

The seemingly blinding seven colored light fell on all the summits and blended with the sky scattering on the ground. It filled everyone’s vision with those colors.

There was an indescribably domineering air to the light, causing all the disciples from the other eight summits besides the ninth summit on the Great Frozen Plains to lift their heads and look towards the center of the seven colored light.

Uproars broke out all over the place, because this seven colored light could only come from one person in Freezing Sky Clan!

In Freezing Sky Clan, only one person could make himself known in such a manner!

That was the prodigy of Freezing Sky Clan, the one that was known to have the highest possibility of becoming the fourth God of Berserkers – Si Ma Xin!

"It’s senior brother Si Ma, he’s back!"

"I heard that senior brother Si Ma has been away for many years. When he left, his power had already reached the peak of the Awakening Realm. Now that he is back, could it be that he’s now in the Bone Sacrifice Realm?"

"When senior brother Si Ma left the school, he said he won’t return unless he reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm!"

The uproars shook the world. The appearance of the seven colored light shocked all of the disciples of the eight summits on the Great Frozen Plains. Some of those who were close to Si Ma Xin even turned into long arcs and flew out from their summits.

In the blink of an eye, numerous people flew into the sky and floated in midair to watch from the distance.

The crowd beside Su Ming who were gathered in the center of the nine summits underneath Heaven Gate and were walking in and out of the buildings just now also flew up into the air with fanatical and respectful looks on their faces. When they looked at the sky, they wrapped their fists in their palms and bowed towards the person in the light.

Even the man who Hu Zi said was really a woman disguising herself as a man also walked out briskly to bow towards the sky.

"Welcome back, eldest senior brotherSi Ma!"

These words were repeated by the numerous people on the ground, and seemed to have fused together to become one voice that shook the world.

Su Ming stood there and felt his eyes hurting slightly due to the seven colored light that seemed to want to pierce through him. He watched the people welcoming Si Ma Xin back respectfully while he, Hu Zi, and Zi Che, who was standing by his side, all seemed to have been forgotten by the world. In their eyes, the only thing they could see at that moment was the seven colored light.

Su Ming was not unfamiliar with this feeling. This sight reminded him of that time when he arrived on the field before Wind Stream Mountain when he was still in Dark Mountain. At that time, he also stood in a corner and was a nobody as he looked at the prodigies walking forth and being the center of everyone’s attention.

Yet Su Ming was no longer how he used to be. In the past, he had to force himself to remain calm, but now, he did not need to do it on purpose. He could just stand there and remain calm.

His eyes were calm, his expression was calm, his body was calm, and his heart, too, was calm.

He looked at the source of the seven colored light located far away in the sky. Over there was a mountain floating in midair, a Seven Colored Mountain!

There was a man standing there with his face purposefully muddled. The color of the man’s clothes could not be seen clearly through the seven colored light. Su Ming could only see his hair floating in the air and a girl standing by his side. However, that girl’s face could not be seen clearly.

As the Seven Colored Mountain got closer, more shouts echoed on the ground. The sounds of worship sounded like waves rising and falling in Su Ming’s ears. He looked at the people from all the summits floating in the sky and saw that they were all currently wrapping their fists in their palms to bow towards the approaching Seven Colored Mountain.

"Thank you for your warm welcome. I’ve prepared some gifts for all of you. Once I return to my mountain, I’ll ask my good friends from each of the other summits to take them and distribute to all of you."

Si Ma Xin’s gentle voice echoed in the air and there was a kind smile on his face as he wrapped his fist in his palm to return the greeting to the crowd.

There was a relaxed look on his face and a certain charm that could not be described around him, causing the others to feel as if spring wind was blowing against their bodies. They would naturally feel a sort of friendliness towards him.

"How fake. Grandpa Hu met this Si Ma Xin a few times in the past. His smiles are too fake. Second senior brother’s smiles are much more soothing that his. Master wanted to take him in as his disciple in the past… thank goodness he didn’t take him in the end."

Hu Zi stood beside Su Ming and picked his nose as he spoke in a condescending manner.

Zi Che was silent, but when he looked towards the Seven Colored Mountain in the distance, his eyes were dark.

He now resented Si Ma Xin. If he had not asked him to go to the ninth summit to cause trouble for Su Ming, he would not be in this sorry state now.

Su Ming was silent. He was still looking at the gradually approaching Seven Colored Mountain in the sky. Soon, he saw Si Ma Xin’s face clearly. Si Ma Xin, who was dressed in white, had an incredibly handsome face and looked very gentle and elegant, as if there was not a hint of anger within him. His brows were sharp and his eyes sparkled. The smile on his face simply did not disappear.

A temperament that was clearly different from others was natural to Si Ma Xin, and once it blended together with his extraordinary looks, it turned into an indescribable charm.

This was not the first time Su Ming crossed paths with Si Ma Xin, yet strictly speaking, this was the first time he truly saw him. This was different from when Si Ma Xin had borrowed Fang Mu’s body to attack him when he was in Han Mountain City.

Su Ming looked at Si Ma Xin. He watched his graceful demeanor and his gentle smile, but still remained calm and did not speak.

Hu Zi’s disdain, Su Ming’s calmness, and Zi Che’s sullenness were completely different from the respectful expressions on the other Freezing Sky Clan disciples around them. Because of their different expressions and because they stood together, when other people swept their gazes over the crowd, they would not be able to help themselves but pay some attention towards them.

Si Ma Xin might also have noticed Su Ming, but he remained smiling and did not reveal any sort of changes in expression.

"Let’s go, third senior brother. Once we get the papers, let’s go back to the mountain," Su Ming said calmly.

The enmity between him and Si Ma Xin could be described as something simple, but could also be described as something complex. Nonetheless, there was only one conclusion to it, they had reached a point where their enmity could not be solved.

Unless he returned Han Mountain Bell respectfully, ignored his promise with Han Cang Zi, and asked for Si Ma Xin’s forgiveness for what happened to Fang Mu, there was simply no other way to resolve this.

However, Su Ming simply could not do these things.

After his words, Su Ming was just about to turn around and walk into the Artifact Storage Hall to get his papers when the Seven Colored Mountain closed in. As the seven colored light gradually dissipated, Su Ming not only saw Si Ma Xin’s face clearly out of the corner of his eye, but he also saw an excited petite face smiling beautifully behind him.

It was a beautiful girl. She wore a purple robe and seemed quite young. Her skin was like jade and her eyes like the moon. She stood behind Si Ma Xin with an obedient demeanor, yet the liveliness in her eyes would make others feel shocked by her charm while also sensing the wild beauty within her once they saw her.

That sort of beauty came naturally and was not formed as time passed by, neither was it an act. It was due to the environment she grew up in, her personality, and other factors that formed this rarely seen wild beauty within her.

Her sparkling eyes, curving brows, the arc of her lips that could captivate others with a smile were the true epitome of a beautiful smile. Although she might still be young and was yet to fully mature, this girl still made Su Ming shudder when he caught sight of her from the corner of his eye as he was just about to turn around.

At that instant, he felt as if hundreds upon thousands of thunders rumbled in his mind and exploded simultaneously, causing his body to tremble and shudder. His breathing also quickened in a manner that had never been seen on him, as if his breathing could no longer keep up with the rumbles in his heart, neither could it keep up with how hard his heart pounded.

The world had come to a standstill at that moment before Su Ming’s eyes. The wind did not move, the clouds remained still, all the uproars he heard instantly disappeared. In that moment, in the world he saw, the people disappeared, the nine summits too disappeared.

The seven colors in the sky had completely disappeared in his eyes. There was no longer any Seven Colored Mountain, neither was Si Ma Xin there any longer.

In his sight and the world he saw, there was only one thing, and there could only be one thing – the person dressed in purple. The person with the wild and untamed smile. The person who’s eyes sparkled and seemed to contain endless vigor within them.


… girl filled with wild and untamed beauty…

The calmness in Su Ming’s eyes shattered.

The calmness on his face crumbled.

The calmness in his body was replaced by shivers.

The calmness in his heart was gone…

At that moment, he forgot that he was standing in Freezing Sky Clan, forgot everything that he’d seen.

It was the girl standing behind Si Ma Xin that made him forget everything. At that moment, his mind was blank. He had no thoughts, his mind did not process anything. The only thing in his head was a mourning song filled with sadness that played in his heart without a sound. That mourning song was accompanied by a scene that made his heart clench in pain.

White snow floated down in that image in his head. In the snow, a boy and a girl held hands and walked through the storm. Snow fell on their hair, as if they had walked together until their hair had turned white with age.

"Su Ming, that’s a promise…"

"I’ll definitely come!"

Everything that had happened in that scene made Su Ming tremble. He stared at the girl who was gradually approaching them in the sky and looked at everything before him.

"Bai Ling..? How… How could this be?!" he mumbled.

There was disbelief in his eyes. At that moment, a strong urge suddenly erupted within him.

He did not want to suppress that urge, neither would he suppress it, because he could not suppress it!

Even if that urge would make his training to clear his mind come to a standstill, he just didn’t want to suppress it…

He lifted his right foot slowly in that instant and at the very moment his foot landed on the air, he rose and started walking towards the Seven Colored Mountain.

Su Ming’s actions temporarily stunned Hu Zi. Yet even though he was surprised, he still immediately followed behind him.

Zi Che hesitated for a moment before he too followed after.

As the seven colored light grew dimmer in the sky, Su Ming stood before the floating Seven Colored Mountain. He blocked the mountain from moving forward!

That sight immediately caught the attention of all those present. They all turned their gazes towards the place, and in an instant, a few thousand pairs of eyes were gathered on Su Ming, who was to them, an unfamiliar face.

"What’s… your name..?"

Su Ming did not see the Seven Colored Mountain, did not see Si Ma Xin, did not see anyone else. He could only see the girl, or more accurately speaking, the person standing in the snow in Dark Mountain.

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