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Si Ma Xin’s return attracted a lot of people’s attention. Among them were two people who Su Ming did not notice. One of them was the fourth summit’s Han Fei Zi.

She was wearing a white robe and stood on the mountain with a demeanor as cold as ice. Her expression was calm when she looked at the Seven Colored Mountain in the sky, though no one knew what she was thinking about.

Yet the occasional frosty glint in her eyes showed that she harbored a certain degree of animosity towards Si Ma Xin. That animosity was perhaps different from Han Cang Zi’s. It was a scrutinizing look towards a rival.

The other person whom Su Ming did not take note of was the third summit’s Han Cang Zi.

She stood on the third summit with the beautiful, oval shaped faced woman by her side.

They saw Si Ma Xin, heard the people’s cheers, and saw the light from the Seven Colored Mountain falling on their bodies.

The moment she saw Si Ma Xin returning, Han Cang Zi’s face turned pale. The woman beside her frowned and let out a cold harrumph before she took a few steps towards Han Cang Zi.

"He’s not even placed first in the ranking board for the Great Frozen Plains yet. He’s only second place, and he’s already showing off so much!"

Han Cang Zi was silent. She lowered her head and did not say a word.

"Hmph, the rumor about him being the one person who is most likely to become the fourth God of Berserkers is simply the doings of the school. The school created his image and his chances. To many disciples, that Si Ma Xin has already been turned into a God of Berserker along with our eldest senior sister Tian Lan Meng and senior brother Chen Qing.

"The three people known as the three great prodigies of Freezing Sky Clan, hmm..? Let’s see, who would be the first of the three who can enter Heaven Gate. Still, while Si Ma Xin’s potential is pretty good, some of the things he does seriously disgust me. Even if eldest senior sister Tian Lan Meng and Chen Qing return to the sect, they wouldn’t cause such a stir.

"Besides the school creating that image of his that makes the others so crazy about him, isn’t it also because he keeps using all those tricks? He keeps using a large amount of things to attract other people to follow him and from there, he makes acquaintances with them."

The woman beside Han Cang Zi spoke with a cold smile on her face, then cast Han Cang Zi a look. There was pity on her face.

"Why do you always look this way whenever you see him? Why are you afraid of him? He simply planted the Berserker Seed of Love within you, that’s all. If you’re scared of him and keep hoping that someone will help you, then even if someone actually manages to free you, you’ll be controlled by someone else in the end.

"Are women any less than men? Look at eldest senior sister Tian Lan Meng. She’s our best example. Even when that Si Ma Xin sees our eldest senior sister, would he dare harm her?"

There was an aloof pride on her oval shaped face.

"When we were coming back, I saw the portion of the Sky Mist Barrier where uncle master Bai was guarding."

Han Cang Zi bit her lip and slowly lifted her head, and resolution appeared on her face.

"Uncle master Bai? You mean the person who was also rumored to have had the hopes of the entire school placed on him in the past? The person who also practiced the Creation Arts of the God of Berserkers, but eventually ended up practically estranged from the school simply because he did not follow the will of the school to practice the God of Berserkers Transformation but instead inherited his Master’s right to become the Divine General of the Bone Sacrifice Realm? That uncle master Bai?"

Han Cang Zi nodded.

Once the oval shaped faced woman heard it, she sighed softly.

"Divine Generals are all revered people, and it’s something a lot of people dream of attaining. Even in the school, the desire to become Divine General is second only to becoming the God of Berserkers, but… once you become a Divine General, it’s practically impossible to become the God of Berserkers. They can only become the subordinates for the future God of Berserkers…

"There aren’t many Divine Generals within the school. Most of them have already been sent out to gain experience in killing so that they could be a force for the future God of Berserkers.

"I heard that the person you like is also a Divine General?" she asked suddenly.

A red blush immediately appeared on Han Cang Zi’s face, as if she forgot the stress brought by Si Ma Xin at that moment and was embarrassed like a little girl. Just as she was about to speak, her senior sister’s expression suddenly changed.

"That person you like… what… is he doing?"

Han Cang Zi was stunned. Instantly, she turned her head back to look, and her expression changed.

The entire area was filled with silence at that moment. Including Han Cang Zi, all the people’s gazes were focused on the person walking slowly towards the Seven Colored Mountain in the sky.

At that moment, even Han Fei Zi’s cold and aloof face changed. There was confusion as she looked at Su Ming.

Hu Zi was also stunned. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Su Ming, who was walking from his side with a dumb expression towards the Seven Colored Mountain. Hu Zi did not hesitate, and with a single move, he charged towards Su Ming.

He would not bother thinking about Si Ma or whoever else, nor would he be bothered by the crowd’s gazes. The only thing in his mind was that he was the one who brought his youngest junior brother here. He could not let anything happen to him.

Zi Che felt his heart lurch and his mouth go dry. He never expected Su Ming to walk out just like this and face Si Ma Xin!

"What’s… your name..?"

Su Ming’s body floated in midair. As he stood before the approaching Seven Colored Mountain, he could only see the girl filled with untamed beauty.

His voice echoed in the air gently, and as it fell into the people’s ears, all those who heard immediately had odd expressions on their faces.

"Who is he?"

"That person is unfamiliar, but the ninth summit’s Sun Da Hu is beside him. If Sun Da Hu is with him, and especially since he blocked senior brother Si Ma’s path, then he must definitely be an unreasonable person as well."

"I heard that the ninth summit has received a new disciple. Could it be him? But all the people on the ninth summit are strange people. His actions and words at least follow the traits that belong to those in the ninth summit."

"Interesting. This person must be attracted to junior sister Bai’s face, and blinded by his infatuation, he forgot his status and asked for her name."

"He’s biting off more than he can chew. How could he be so rude to junior sister Bai? Hmph!"

Low mocking and disdainful voices gradually appeared as the people looked on with odd expressions on their faces. To them, Su Ming was simply a person who was too confident in himself. Being rude to a beautiful woman right in front of senior brother Si Ma was exactly what an unreasonable person would do.

Han Cang Zi was stunned. Her gaze immediately shifted from Su Ming to the girl behind Si Ma Xin, and gradually, a conflicted look appeared in her eyes.

‘He once said that he broke a promise…’

Han Cang Zi sighed softly. The woman beside her was frowning, and there was a displeased look in her eyes as she looked at Su Ming.

At the same time, Han Fei Zi also cast a profound look towards the girl behind Si Ma Xin on the fourth summit, and she sank into deep thought.

Su Ming slowly came to a halt 30 feet away from the Seven Colored Mountain. Si Ma Xin looked down on Su Ming, who was blocking his path, from his position on the mountain.

In truth, when he was coming forth from the distance, he had already seen Su Ming, but he did not dare act rashly because Zi Che was by Su Ming’s side. Judging by his looks, it seemed that he was a little sullen and resigned.

Yet he did not expect that while he was ignoring the man, Su Ming would come to block his path over here. It would have been fine if he was merely blocking his path, but Su Ming was not even looking at him, but at the girl behind him.

This sort of disregard, coupled with the grudges that couldn’t be solved between them, made Si Ma Xin’s eyes turn dark and chilly.

"Junior brother, you seem rather unfamiliar. Why are you blocking my path?"

Si Ma Xin smiled faintly and the cold look in his eyes disappeared. His voice was calm, as if he was not angry with Su Ming’s actions and he had a big heart.

Su Ming did not speak. Up till this point, he still had not even looked at Si Ma Xin. He simply kept his gaze fixed on the girl filled with wild beauty.

The girl blushed under Su Ming’s stare, but she was frowning and there was displeasure in her eyes. She cast a glance at Su Ming, then at Si Ma Xin, who was standing before her, and did not speak.

The person before him was less than 30 feet away from him, but the person in Su Ming’s heart was so far away it was as if there was the distance of heaven and earth between them.

At that moment, Su Ming smiled.

That smile was very faint, and there was a sadness to it.

"If we continue walking in the snow, will we walk until our hair turns white..?"

Those words echoed in his head and eventually turned into a sigh.

Su Ming knew. The girl before him was not Bai Ling.

This had nothing to do with the Berserker Seed of Love. The girl’s eyes were the same as Bai Ling’s. In physical terms, they looked so similar that there were practically no differences between them, but since their souls were different, then they were completely different people.

Their aura was also different. Aura was something Su Ming could sense ever since he started practicing Aura Refinement and started observing people’s aura around him once he activated the Branding Art in his mind.

This person… was not her… She may have the same face, but… she was not Bai Ling!

Su Ming closed his eyes. He did not ask her again, because he had already obtained his answer. That urge within gradually died down. When he opened his eyes once again, they had already returned to a calm state.

No longer looking at the girl, Su Ming turned around and started walking away to leave.

He heard the mockery and disdain in the low voices around him and felt the ridiculing gazes on his person, but these did not bother him.

Yet while he may not care about it, it did not mean that Hu Zi did not mind it. Hu Zi narrowed his eyes and cast an angry glare around the place from beside Su Ming, even growling with a hostile look on his face.

"What are you looking at? What, do you dare say all this right in front of Si Ma Xin’s face? Laugh! You jerks, I’m telling you to laugh! Just you wait, I’ll sneak into your places tonight and let you know my might."

Hu Zi was about to continue speaking, but his words were cut off bluntly by Si Ma Xin.

Si Ma Xin smiled as if he was pleased with what the girl behind him did and cast a look at Su Ming, saying slowly, "Junior brother, are you going to leave just like that? Take care of your senior brothers first, or else I’ll teach you what respect is in place of your Master."

Su Ming paused in his footsteps and turned around, then looked at Si Ma Xin for the first time in midair.

When their gazes met, they seemed to have viciously clashed with each other.

"I am not your junior brother, disciple nephew Si Ma, I am your uncle master."

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