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"His Origin Transcended Vessel is lightning. That’s exactly what Lord Divine General refined that day!"

"That’s… That’s Han Mountain Bell! Lord Divine General took that bell away on that day! He’s indeed Lord Divine General!!"

"This is unbelievable! Lord Divine General and Mo Su… are one and the same!"

All the people in Han Mountain City had already fallen into a state akin to frenzy. All the things that happened this day had made them shocked, but none of the shock they felt was comparable to the shock they felt at this moment!

The Lord Divine General that was ingrained deep within the minds of all the outsiders in Han Mountain City, whose presence was like the blazing sun during noon now appeared before them. He was the Divine General. He was Mo Su. He… was Su Ming!

Nan Tian’s breathing quickened. He looked at Su Ming standing on Lake of Colors Mountain with a dumbfounded expression as his heart raced against his chest. Even if there had been speculations about this deep within his heart, when that speculation came true, he still found it hard to quell the shock in his heart.

‘As expected, he’s the Lord Divine General… Mo Su… it’s clear that his level of cultivation didn’t drop from Transcendence to the Blood Solidification Realm due to grave injuries. When I first met him, he hadn’t even Transcended. He actually managed to intimidate me when his power was only at the Blood Solidification Realm. He… as expected of a Divine General!’

Leng Ying, who was standing beside Nan Tian, took a deep breath. He was not unfamiliar to Mo Su’s name, but in his heart, he had never thought that Mo Su was at a level so high that it was impossible for him to measure it. He had even once assumed that this Mo Su, who had been hiding his appearance all this while, did not exist at all. He could have even died somewhere a long time ago.

His fame was simply the result of other people’s deliberate work.

However, once he saw that Su Ming was Mo Su, he was shocked, but before that shock disappeared, he also saw that Mo Su was the Divine General that appeared before them just a few days ago. It was as if thunder rumbled in his head, and his mind turned blank. He lost all ability to think and was rendered completely stunned by the turn of events.

An outburst with an intensity that was rarely seen erupted from within Han Mountain City. The waves of sound shook the sky and earth. They spread out in all directions and did not disappear. The voices seemed to all be calling out one single title.

"Lord Divine General!"

The people who had been drinking with Su Ming in the inn were the most excited as they joined in crying out with the other people. Never in their dreams would they have expect that their brother Su who had been drinking with them, who had a smile on his face constantly, and the brother Su who spoke rarely would be Mo Su, and would also be the Divine General who had cleared the Chains of Han Mountain, refined celestial lightning, and took away Han Mountain Bell in a display of mighty power just a few days ago!

Amidst the crowd, the man named Yun stood with respect and fanaticism in his face. He had speculated about this before but hadn’t been certain. Now as he watched Su Ming standing at the top of Lake of Colors Mountain, he could not help but recall the scenes of the people drinking together in disappointment on that night.

As for his companion, while there was excitement in his heart, he also felt fortunate. After all, during the night two days ago, he had been displeased with Su Ming inviting himself to their table.

There was also a man and a boy in the crowd. The old man was stunned as he looked at Lake of Colors Mountain. As for the boy, he was standing there stupefied, mumbling words that other people could not hear.

"Greetings to the Lord Divine General from Tranquil East Tribe."

As Han Mountain City was in the midst of their exited uproar, two voices traveled out from Tranquil East Mountain. They belonged to the Elder of Tranquil East Tribe and Fang Shen. Even the powerful Berserkers in their tribe floated into the sky and wrapped their fists in their palms before bowing together to Su Ming above Tranquil East Mountain.

Soon after, the same words were echoed from Puqiang Tribe. All the leaders from Puqiang Tribe bowed towards Su Ming together with respect and fear on their faces.

"Greetings to Lord Divine General from Puqiang Tribe.

"We did not know of your identity previously and offended you. We hope that you will be able to forgive us."

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe laughed bitterly. He had said the same words twice to the same person now.

At the same time, sounds of respect rose like a wave from Han Mountain City and spread out through the entire area.

"Greetings, Lord Divine General!"

"Welcome to Han Mountain once again, Lord Divine General!"

The voices echoed in the air and as they shook the entire area, they traveled to Lake of Colors Tribe and into the man and woman’s ears, causing their faces to turn pale and a loud bang to resound in their minds.

"Greetings… Lord Divine General."

The flush on Yan Luan’s cheeks turned redder as she bowed towards Su Ming.

Su Ming calmly took off the mask from his face and his gaze fell on the woman from Freezing Sky Clan.

"In regards to Freezing Sky Clan’s second test set, I’ve already cleared the Chains of Han Mountain," Su Ming stated slowly. When his words fell from his lips, the woman’s face turned paler.

"As for the third test, with my identity as Divine General, it’s enough to prove that I Transcended after attaining completion in the Blood Solidification Realm," Su Ming continued speaking. His voice was not loud, but it landed clearly in all the people’s ears in the area.

The woman who came from Freezing Sky Clan trembled and staggered a few steps backwards. She looked at Su Ming with a stunned expression and her mind went blank. Everything was happening too suddenly, and this unexpected situation caused her to be unable to adapt.

"As for retrieving Han Mountain Bell as the last part of the test, it is here."

Su Ming did not speak quickly and remained calm and collected. The instant he finished speaking, the woman looked as if her heart had just suffered three heavy blows, rendering her breathless. She opened her mouth as if she was about to say something.

However, before she could even speak, a piercing and freezing glare appeared within Su Ming’s eyes. Under that cold gaze, her words got stuck in her mouth.

"I’ve followed all the rules Freezing Sky Clan set and I’ve fulfilled every request. Now, it is time you give me an answer," he stated coldly.

The woman turned pale and helplessness appeared on her face. She instinctively looked at her companion – the man from Freezing Sky Clan. He had a similar panicked look on his face. Once they exchanged looks, the man gritted his teeth and took a few steps forward. There was no longer any hint of pompousness on his face, only anguish and sincerity. He wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed towards Su Ming.

"I am Chen Yu Bing of Freezing Sky Clan. Greetings, Lord Divine General. I’ve been deeply regretful that I was unable to see you summoning the deity statue of Transcendence and being awarded the title of Divine General of Transcendence. My Lord, you are indeed extraordinary."

"I am Xu Ru Yue of Freezing Sky Clan. Greetings, Lord Divine General… There was a reason why I have been so disrespectful. My Lord… I hope you will not mind."

The woman lowered her head and bowed towards Su Ming. There was no longer any contempt on her face. It was replaced simply by anxiety and paleness.

"We’re only Outer Sect disciples for the left preceptor in Freezing Sky Clan and we rarely venture out. If we’ve offended you, please forgive us."

"This time, our fellow brother Zhao, an Inner Sect disciple, was supposed to come with us, but because something came up, fellow brother Zhao could not come.

"Before we came, the left preceptor mentioned that we will only take one disciple from Han Mountain City this time, and it was decided that it would be Lake of Colors Tribe’s Han Fei Zi. We… We don’t have the right to decide whether we can take in a second person."

"That was why we were forced to make things difficult for you."

The two of them whispered, pouring out all their thoughts in their hearts.

"With your power and status as the Divine General, all the schools in the Land of South Morning will definitely receive you. If you don’t mind, please come back with us to Freezing Sky Clan and the Clan Elders will make the final decision. The two of us… have no right to make any decisions."

"I grossly exaggerated my words just now. I hope you’ll forgive me," Xu Ru Yue bit her bottom lip and whispered entreatingly.

Su Ming cast a glance at the man and woman who had changed their attitudes so completely, then put away his mask along with Han Mountain Bell. From the moment he knew from Han Cang Zi that Freezing Sky Clan was only taking in one person, he had been making all sorts of preparations for the sake of one goal - getting into Freezing Sky Clan.

Su Ming had already predicted a long time ago that there was no way that he could be taken as Freezing Sky Clan’s disciple in this place.

"My Lord, this way!" Chen Yu Bing spoke politely.

The Relocation Rune on Lake of Colors Tribe was already fully activated. The light from the Rune was flashing brilliantly. A gigantic ball of light had already gathered in midair.

"Freezing Sky Clan…"

Su Ming lifted his head and looked at the gigantic ball of light. An eager look appeared in his eyes. He took a deep breath and lifted his foot, but just as he was about to walk towards the light…

"Fellow brother Chen, senior sister Xu, you won’t mind if I use this Rune and go back to the school, yes?" a soft voice traveled forth from Tranquil East Mountain, and a petite figure also appeared along with that voice. It was Han Cang Zi, Fang Cang Lan.

She let out a soft chuckle as she walked through the air towards them. Her robes fluttered in the air as she walked like a butterfly. She stopped by Su Ming’s side. Once she gave him a smile, she looked at the two people from Freezing Sky Clan.

A glint appeared in Xu Ru Yue’s eyes. She swept her gaze across Fang Cang Lan and Su Ming before she spoke softly, "Junior sister Fang, you’re being far too courteous. We were just about to ask you whether you wanted to come back with us."

Fang Cang Lan smiled and nodded, then moved closer to Su Ming, making it seem as if they were standing together and looking like they were well-suited for each other. When the people saw this, all of them had different thoughts in their heads.

Han Fei Zi looked like how she usually did. She did not even look at Fang Cang Lan, but was instead staring at Su Ming. Then she walked over calmly until she was right before Su Ming. An enchanting smile appeared on her beautiful face.

Han Fei Zi leaned towards Su Ming in a suggestive manner. The moment Su Ming frowned, she whispered breathlessly into his ear, in a tone only he could hear, "Don’t forget. You still owe me that promise made under Han Mountain."

Chen Yu Bing let out a fake cough by the side and wrapped his fist in his palm towards Su Ming and the other two people.

"Brother Su, junior sister Han Fei Zi, junior sister Fang, the Rune is working now. Let’s go."

He could tell that there was something going on between Su Ming and the two women, but he pretended he did not see anything. He only wanted to finish his task quickly. The trip to Han Mountain this time was making him uncomfortable.

The five of them slowly moved towards the Relocation Rune under the gazes of the people from the three tribes and the crowd in Han Mountain. The instant they stepped into the Rune, shouts erupted forth from Han Mountain City.

"Lord Divine General, have a safe journey!"

"Lord Divine General, if you’re ever free, remember to come back and visit us!"

"Lord Divine General, take care!"

"Senior Mo… take care…" A weak voice was mixed in these shouts, coming from Tranquil East Mountain.

Just as Su Ming was about to walk into the Relocation Rune, his footsteps faltered and he turned his head back to look at Han Mountain and Tranquil East Mountain. As he did so, he became overwhelmed with emotions. He saw a pale teenager looking at him from Tranquil East Mountain, supported by someone.

"I’ll be back."

Su Ming wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed deeply towards Han Mountain City.

Once he straightened his body, he turned around and a determined look appeared on his face as he stepped into the Rune. The instant he did so, an old voice suddenly spoke by his ears.

"Boy, do you want to become my disciple?"

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