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The expression on the woman’s face immediately changed. She had heard of Mo Su’s name when she arrived in Han Mountain City and knew that there were six powerful Transcended Berserkers in Han Mountain City.

Among the six, besides the deceased Xuan Lun and Yun Zang, who was rumored to have gone out to isolate himself and train, she also met Nan Tian, Leng Ying, and Ke Jiu Si before. Nan Tian and the other two were nothing to her, and it was even more so for the deceased Xuan Lun.

When she first heard of the six Transcended Berserkers, she was only interested in the person called Mo Su.

This person was incredibly mysterious and wore a black mask. It was rumored that his power was incredibly great, and it was even hinted that he was the leader of the six. He was also a guest in Tranquil East Tribe, and once the hidden grounds of Han Mountain were opened to the public, he was the only who retained his status as a guest when the three tribes dismissed all their guests.

This was how the world worked. The more mysterious something was, the more easily the people’s curiosity would be sparked.

This was how it was for the woman. However, that curiosity did not last long, it was placed aside soon after. To her, it did not matter whether Mo Su was mysterious or not. He had absolutely nothing to do with her, and they were from two completely different worlds.

She did not expect that the Mo Su that had sparked her slight interest would appear before her in this manner on this day at this very moment.

The sounds of the excitement from Han Mountain City traveled into her ears. The waves of sounds were getting stronger with each passing moment, until it eventually tumbled around in all directions and created a buzzing in the air.

In Han Mountain City, the crowd that had been drinking with Su Ming previously all had their mouths hanging open. Su Ming had given them too much surprise, and now with the surprising reveal that he was actually Mo Su, their shock had already reached an unimaginable level.

‘He’s Mo Su? No wonder he has such great power. I had thought he was…’

The man named Yun looked at Lake of Colors Mountain quietly, and a baffled look appeared on his face before he shook his head.

"He’s Mo Su?!"

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe took a deep breath on Puqiang Mountain. He was not unfamiliar with Mo Su’s name. Even if he had never met him before, their people had indeed investigated this person in the past.

However, their investigations did not bear too many answers. They only knew that this person suddenly became the guest of Tranquil East Tribe and also suddenly disappeared without a trace in the hidden grounds of Han Mountain City.

His fame was mostly due to Lake of Colors Tribe and Tranquil East Tribe’s deliberate actions to make him famous. However, he had also asked Xuan Lun about him, and he had obtained an answer for his question.

Mo Su should be a powerful Transcended Berserker. However, due to injuries, that was why his power had fallen to the Blood Solidification Realm. Yet even so, Xuan Lun himself did not have too much confidence in obtaining complete victory over him.

Compared to the uproar around them, Tranquil East Mountain still remained silent. However, that silence did not last long before an old voice traveled forth from the mountain.

There was a hint of respect in that voice as it reverberated in the air.

"Tranquil East Tribe congratulates Kindred Mo for obtaining the right to enter Freezing Sky Clan…"

When all around was alit with excitement, Lake of Colors Mountain fell silent. Han Fei Zi looked at Su Ming, and also at the mask on his face, with mixed feelings. This was the first time she had seen Su Ming’s true face. After Xuan Lun died, she was the only person who knew Su Ming had an incredibly valuable treasure on his person.

"Should I call you Su Ming, or Mo Su..?" Han Fei Zi asked softly.

Yan Luan was feeling even more conflicted. She looked at Su Ming with a dumbfounded expression and recalled all the things that had happened in the isolation grounds of Han Mountain’s ancestor. She remembered how she had wanted to take this man as her mate, his soft words when he looked at her just now, and how her heart had mysteriously trembled.

Red suddenly appeared on Yan Luan’s face.

Su Ming did not answer Han Fei Zi’s question. He merely looked at the woman from Freezing Sky Clan coldly.

The woman remained silent for a moment before letting out a cold snort.

"I see. So you’re Mo Su. You passed the first test. However, we still have the second test. You have to challenge the Chains of Han Mountain. Before the Relocation Rune is fully activated, you must clear it, or else you’ll still fail," the woman stated with a cold sneer.

Due to the mask Su Ming wore, no one could see his expression. However, his eyes were serene. It was as if the woman’s words did not cause any surge of emotion within him.

"And will there also be a third, fourth, and fifth test?" Su Ming asked in a placid tone.

His calm demeanor made the woman unhappy. She was representing Freezing Sky Clan to receive disciples this time, even if it had already been decided that they would only take in one disciple. However, as long as she was representing Freezing Sky Clan, all those who met her had to be respectful towards her.

Some of the people would even be fearful of her. Only this Su Ming did not regard her with importance. Even if she was clearly making things difficult for him, he still remained unruffled. By just taking out a mask, he rendered her first test a complete joke.

When she heard his question, the woman’s smile grew colder, and she decided not to hide her intentions any longer. She spoke in a frosty tone.

"Freezing Sky Clan is not a place that any person can enter. Even if you’ve cleared the Chains of Han Mountain and finished the second test, there’s still the third test. For the third test, you have to prove that you Transcended only after you have attained completion during the Blood Solidification Realm.

"But you’ve already Transcended so you can’t prove it!"

Su Ming was silent.

When she saw Su Ming remaining silent, contempt seeped into the woman’s smile.

"If you really have the ability to provide me solid and believable proof to show me the amount of blood veins you had when you Transcended, there will still be a fourth test. The fourth test is very simple. You have to sound Han Mountain Bell. But it’s a pity. That bell is no longer here. It was taken away by a Divine General of Transcendence. Go take it back.

"If you can complete these four tests before the Relocation Rune is fully activated, then there will be no problem for us to take you into Freezing Sky Clan! If you can’t, then leave now. Stop bothering us. You won’t be able to withstand the wrath of Freezing Sky Clan."

Right at the moment the woman finished speaking, Lake of Colors Mountain suddenly trembled. Piercing rays of light shot from within the mountain and merged into one single, blinding ray of light at the summit, looking as if it was about to turn into a gigantic rune.

"Looks like you don’t have a chance anymore. The Relocation Rune has activated. In ten breaths, it’ll be fully activated."

The woman smiled and no longer looked at Su Ming, but turned her gaze instead towards the rapidly forming Relocation Rune.

"Then will it be enough if I use this identity as well?" Su Ming asked unhurriedly.

The moment he spoke his words, the woman was immediately stunned. At the moment she turned her head back to look at Su Ming, she shuddered, and disbelief appeared on her face. She instinctively took a few steps back, and all the blood on her face drained away in an instant.

"You… you…"

Even the man who had been staying silent by the side but had been laughing coldly in his heart felt his expression drastically change. He sucked in a sharp breath and looked as if he was struck by lightning. His mind became blank.

They were not the only ones in that state. At that moment, all the people on Lake of Colors Mountain were completely stunned that very instant, and all their emotions were replaced with shock!

Lightning thundered, and lightning arcs swam around Su Ming’s body. The lightning sparks glowed with a blue light, and while it exuded a strange presence, it also symbolized one thing!

Su Ming lifted his right hand and bell chimes could be heard from the center of his right palm. There was a bell that gave an old and aged presence resting on his palm. It floated upwards and grew rapidly in midair.

Its appearance also symbolized one thing!

"Lord… Lord Divine General!"

An uproar filled with cries of surprise of an intensity that was never heard before rose from within Han Mountain City!

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