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The man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan stood on Lake of Colors Tribe and looked at Su Ming standing in the air as his words echoed in their ears. They looked relatively calm and did not seem to be bothered too much by it. The people of Freezing Sky Clan had their own pride.

Besides, this was not anything special in their eyes. The person called Su Ming was simply slightly more powerful.

However, there were simply too many people in Freezing Sky Clan who had this level of power. They did not pay too much attention to him.

The only thing that caught them slightly off-guard was Tranquil East Tribe admitting defeat voluntarily. They immediately surrendered without even crossing hands with this person despite having the pride of their tribe challenged. This was unreasonable.

"Even if this person has some relationships with Tranquil East Tribe, there’s no need for them to do this…"

The man from Freezing Sky Clan furrowed his brows slightly before relaxing once again. To him, this was not something that required his attention either.

The Elder of Lake of Colors Tribe was not among the crowd on Lake of Colors Mountain. The person standing in front leading the crowd was Yan Luan. There was a murderous look in her eyes as she looked at Su Ming in the sky.

They were different from Tranquil East Tribe and Puqiang Tribe. This time, Freezing Sky Clan was only receiving one disciple, and it was decided that it would be Han Fei Zi. In Yan Luan’s eyes, all those who challenged them to obtain the right to enter the school were all a threat towards Lake of Colors Tribe.

"Sir, you have extraordinary powers. Since you offered to challenge all the Transcended Berserkers in my tribe, then I will fulfill your request."

A smile that was akin to the winds of spring appeared on Yan Luan’s lips. That smile was enchanting, and even the man from Freezing Sky Clan felt his heart racing when he saw that smile. He quickly averted his gaze.

With her power in the middle stage of the Transcendence Realm, when she fully activated the Charm Art, its power far surpassed the one Su Ming encountered in the past in the isolation grounds of Han Mountain’s ancestor.

Su Ming remained calm in the face of the smile that would make hearts race from Yan Luan’s beautiful face. Not a hint of change could be seen on his face as he looked at Yan Luan quietly.

Before Su Ming’s calm gaze, Yan Luan’s pupils shrank. Yet she was in a situation where she did not have the luxury to think. She took one step forward and flew up like a red butterfly.

"All Transcended Berserkers of Lake of Colors Tribe, come forth!"

Yan Luan’s voice was delicate, but there was valiant tone to it. As it echoed in the air, six figures charged out from Lake of Colors Tribe.

The six people were three men and three women respectively, and they were old. As they flew out and stepped into the air, they appeared by Yan Luan’s side in the blink of an eye and charged towards Su Ming together.

Su Ming was still calm. He did not act, but chose to look at the seven people charging towardshim as whistling sounds sliced through the air.

At that moment, when all the people from Han Mountain City saw the sight in the air, their breathing quickened, even though they did not know Su Ming. However, Su Ming’s appearance during this moment gave them an outlet for their frustrations after all the depression they suffered for the past few days.

Most of the tribe members standing on Puqiang Mountain, including the Elder, were looking at the sky silently. They looked as if they were conflicted. It was especially so for the Elder of Puqiang Tribe. He was still watching Su Ming, and as he did so, the sense of familiarity he had about him grew stronger, but he simply could not piece together where that sense of familiarity came from.

Tranquil East Mountain was silent, as if they were completely cut off from this battle and were turning a deaf ear towards it.

"That person is a little too arrogant," the man from Freezing Sky Clan said flatly on Lake of Colors Mountain.

The woman by his side smiled faintly and nodded her head before she spoke. "He’s indeed arrogant. Even if he managed to use the power of a Mountain Mark to suppress Puqiang Tribe, I heard that their Elder and tribe leader were previously injured and could not use their full power. But Lake of Colors Tribe is different."

"Let’s watch it first. The Relocation Rune is still in the process of being activated, it’s still in the stage of preparation. At least while we’re waiting for the Relocation Rune to be activated, we get to be entertained. It’s great, isn’t it?"

"That’s right. Even if he marginally wins, it’ll still be alright. We can give him the right to enter the school, but just a right. I can still give him a few tasks for him to fulfill. Once he completes one, there will be another, and this will continue right till the Relocation Rune is activated. Just thinking about it is pretty exciting."

The woman may not have the most beautiful face, but she was still pretty all the same. She smiled, but there was contempt in her smile.

Han Fei Zi stood by the side and frowned as she looked at the calm Su Ming standing in the sky. She was feeling the same way as the Elder of Puqiang Tribe at this moment. She, too, felt that there was something familiar about Su Ming.

As the man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan spoke, Yan Luan and the six Transcended Berserkers in the sky had already closed in on Su Ming, and then with a great display of teamwork, they suddenly spread out and surrounded Su Ming.

"Seven Images Movement!"

Yan Luan lifted her hand and tapped the center of her brows. The other six Transcended Berserkers did the same thing. Then these seven people shuddered, and immediately, the illusions of their Transcended Berserker Marks appeared behind them.

Those illusions appeared in the air, and when they did so at the same time, it immediately caused the world to tremble, the weather to change, and a silver stream to appear in the sky.

That stream was an illusion, but the sound of flowing water could be heard. That river was one of the seven’s Berserker Mark!

In that stream was a golden fish. There was a pair of wings on that fish’s back. It leapt about in the water and let out hissing sounds as it chased after a pearl that was about the size of a head before it. There was a layer of purple fog inside that pearl, and that fog continuously changed into various faces of anger. Some of those faces were of men and some of women, some of them were old and some young.

That golden fish and the pearl were also Transcended Berserker Marks!

A giant gourd could be seen at the end of the stream. That gourd was entirely green. From the distance, the water in the stream seemed to be gushing out from that gourd, flowing endlessly.

A child sat by the gourd. That child was wearing a short sleeved shirt and held a fishing line in his hands as he played by the gourd. If anyone took a closer look, they could see that the fishing line in the boy’s hand was attached to the pearl with the purple fog. As he played by the gourd, the pearl moved continuously, baiting the golden fish to chase after it.

There was a big tree behind the child. It was a lush tree, and it was letting off a presence that seemed to be brimming with endless life force.

The gourd, child, and tree were all illusions formed from Transcended Berserker Marks!

These six Berserker Marks formed an illustration that used the sky as its canvas, causing all those who watched it to feel drawn in, and they would find it hard to pull out from that sensation.

This was one of the three most mysterious Berserker Arts in Lake of Colors Tribe – Berserker Illustration: Seven Images Movement!

Right now, there were only six images in that Berserker Illustration. The seventh image appeared in the blink of an eye on the sycamore tree behind the child.

It was a girl. Her face could not be seen because her long hair covered her features like a veil. Her head was lowered. As she sat on the branches of the tree, she hummed out a song. When that song entered all the listeners’ hearts, it made them feel as if their souls were about to be sucked into the illustration.

The sounds of the girl’s song, the flowing water in the stream, the child’s laughter as he played around, and the golden fish patting against the surface of the water fused together and turned into an impact that could not be seen, spreading towards the sky and earth, the entire area, as they charged towards Su Ming.

They attacked with one of the strongest Berserker Arts in Lake of Colors Tribe, which showed just how strong Yan Luan’s determination was to not let Su Ming obtain the right.

The moment when that invisible impact was about to crash into Su Ming, he closed his eyes, as if he was listening to it. The air around him twisted, and the illusion of a double peaked mountain appeared, surrounding him inside.

When the combined sounds that formed the wave touched the mountain, it turned into a giant rumbling sound akin to thunder. It spread in all directions and did not disappear even after a long time.

"It’s a very nice song," Su Ming said softly, opening his eyes.

The moment his words left his mouth, that wave of sound and the mountain shuddered viciously. This was a battle between Berserker Marks. If the mountain did not shatter, then the sound would die away.

The child’s laughter was abruptly cut off!

The pattering sounds made by the golden fish immediately disappeared!

The water in the stream instantly froze, and sounds of flowing water could no longer be heard!

The girl sitting on the sycamore tree stopped singing. She lifted her head swiftly, revealing her breathtakingly beautiful face underneath. However, there was shock in her eyes.

"Marks of the Seven Images, Move!"

The girl gritted her teeth and stood up on the sycamore tree. As she spoke, the child flung out the fishing line, bringing along the pearl containing the purple fog to charge towards Su Ming.

At the same time, the child’s face became twisted with viciousness as he stormed towards Su Ming at incredible speed.

The golden fish in the water let out a howl and suddenly jumped out of the water. Its body lengthened incessantly, as if it was about to turn into a dragon. However, before it completed its transformation, it turned into a creature that looked like a dragon and a snake. It rushed towards Su Ming.

The stream flowed backwards abruptly, then as if it came to life, it surrounded Su Ming and moved to strangle him.

The final one to act was the girl. After she stood up, the sycamore tree beneath her immediately withered away as if it was offering her all its strength, causing the girl’s body to twist, and she turned into a phoenix that charged towards Su Ming with a howl.

"The Seven Images Movement has great power… If a person could actually cast this Art alone, then the power…" Su Ming mumbled.

He had not chosen to act just now because he wanted to see the casting of the Arts using Berserker Marks. It was something he had never seen before.

After all, he had just stepped into the Transcendence Realm. He did not have most of the knowledge regarding how he should use Berserker Marks. Once he saw the casting of this Seven Images Movement, he gained a little bit of understanding.

The images in the sky were enough to make a person dazzled. This was the first time Su Ming had such a complete experience regarding the battle between Berserker Marks. When all those remarkable powers closed in on him, a bright light appeared in his eyes.

"This Art is extraordinary… If that’s the case, then I will return the favor with a mountain!"

The double peaked mountain around him suddenly changed, and on the top of the mountain, the third, the fourth, and the fifth summits appeared!

The five summits appeared at the same time, turning into a startling mountain that looked like fingers of a human hand!

"This mountain… is named Dark!"

This was the Dark Mountain present in Su Ming’s Berserker Mark. This was its first time appearing in its complete form in a battle! Before Su Ming, there were no other Berserker Marks in the world that were formed from Dark Mountain!

The instant Su Ming uttered his words, a sound seemed to travel out from the five fingered Dark Mountain.


"The Sound of Soul Creation! The quintessence of all Berserker Arts is creation! The Berserker Mark itself is a creation, and as it is continuously merged together, it would be created in a more complete form… but to do so, we need enchanted Vessels. He… did not use any Vessels, but with just the Berserker Mark to create, the Sound of Soul Creation appeared… this is the ability of the God of Berserkers spoken in the legends!"

Tian Xie Zi shuddered in the sky and shock appeared in his eyes.

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