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"Since this is the rule set by Freezing Sky Clan, then I will go along with it…"

Su Ming’s expression was calm as he looked at Nan Tian.

Nan Tian’s heart pounded against his chest. He was in the same condition as Leng Ying at this moment. When he saw Su Ming, he had the impression that he was looking at a mountain. That mountain reached up to the clouds and let out a mighty and imposing presence that made people feel as if they were suffocating under its presence.

"Sir, who might you be?"

Nan Tian’s face was pale. As he looked at Su Ming, he struggled to speak. Under Su Ming’s gaze, Nan Tian had a feeling as if everything about him had been seen through. It was as if he was laid bare before this man.

"Su Ming," Su Ming answered unhurriedly.

"Su Ming?"

Nan Tian was momentarily stunned. He had never heard of that name before. However, the power of the person standing before him was so mighty he did not have time to think about it.

"I will attack now."

As Su Ming spoke, he took a step forward with his right foot. The instant his foot landed, the entire Han Mountain shuddered.

An invisible wave of ripples spread out from the ground. In an instant, it gathered under Su Ming’s foot, causing a crack to appear right on the spot where his foot had landed as the ground trembled. As rumbling sounds rang out due to the crack, it charged straight towards Nan Tian.

Nan Tian was about to jump into the air when the ground around him crumbled and sank with a loud bang with him as the center right at the moment he was about to jump. Numerous pieces of broken stones flew into the air and spun around him.

With a groan, Nan Tian coughed out a mouthful of blood. He shuddered and did not dare move, because the broken stones spinning around him were like swords made of stone that surrounded his entire body. If he moved even the slightest bit, the stones would pierce through him.

‘A Transcended Berserker with a Mountain Mark! It’s just a normal Mountain Mark, and it could already produce such shocking power? This person… his power…’

Nan Tian’s pupils shrank. He knew clearly that the person before him did not harbor any killing intent, for he had not used his full power!

"Do you yield?" Su Ming asked calmly.

Without any hesitation, Nan Tian answered in a low voice, "I admit defeat!"

Su Ming nodded, then looked towards Leng Ying, who was standing stunned by the side. The moment his gaze fell on Leng Ying, the man felt shaken to the core. Respect appeared on his face and he wrapped his fist in his palm before bowing towards Su Ming.

"I admit defeat."

Su Ming did not speak another word to them. He swung his arm and walked on the air before he floated into the sky above. His actions immediately attracted the attention of all those within Han Mountain City, especially those inside the inns.

"I, Su Ming, outsider of Han Mountain City, challenge all the Transcended Berserkers from the three tribes!"

His voice was like thunder that rumbled in the morning. It immediately attracted the attention from all those within Han Mountain City, especially since it was the day the envoys were leaving!

"Su Ming? Who is that?"

"He can rise into the air. He’s a Transcended Berserker!"

"I’ve never heard of a person called Su Ming among the Transcended Berserkers in Han Mountain City!"

As the people discussed amongst themselves, the people in the inn which Su Ming had left earlier were all looking at the person in the sky through the window with dumbfounded expressions.

"He… He’s a Transcended Berserker!!" the old man cried out, his face filled with disbelief.

"I drank with a Transcended Berserker for two days?"

"He’s… brother Su?"

The man gulped. He rubbed his eyes.

At the time Su Ming’s voice reverberated through Han Mountain City, the man and woman from Freezing Sky Clan were sitting inside a room on Lake of Colors Mountain. Sitting before them was Han Fei Zi.

"Junior sister Han Fei Zi, once the Relocation Rune is activated, we’ll leave. When we arrive in Freezing Sky Clan, you will be the left preceptor’s disciple. In the future…"

The man was smiling while he was speaking, but when Su Ming’s voice reached his ears, he frowned.

"Here comes another person who doesn’t know his place. He thinks he can enter Freezing Sky Clan just because he has Transcended? What a joke."

"Su Ming? I remember that such a person doesn’t exist among the Transcended Berserkers in Han Mountain City. Junior sister Han Fei Zi, have you heard of this person before?"

Displeasure also appeared on the woman’s face, but when she looked at Han Fei Zi, her expression turned gentle.

"Su Ming… I haven’t heard of him before."

A pensive look appeared on Han Fei Zi’s face. After a moment, she shook her head.

"He’s just a person who’s about to embarrass himself, we don’t have to…"

The man ignored Su Ming’s words, but as he spoke, an old voice suddenly traveled forth from the world outside.

The appearance of that voice made the man’s expression change, and he swallowed his words. The woman’s expression too, changed into one of surprise.

As for Han Fei Zi, after being rendered momentarily stunned, she got up swiftly and walked out of the house.

"All of the Transcended Berserkers in Tranquil East Tribe will not fight. We admit defeat…"

When the voice rang out from Tranquil East Mountain and reverberated through the area, Han Mountain City fell into silence before an uproar erupted forth in the city.

"Tranquil East Tribe admitted that they’re inferior!"

"Just where did this Su Ming come from? I’ve never heard of him before! How did he manage to hold Tranquil East Tribe in awe?! The Elder of Tranquil East Tribe is a powerful Berserker in the middle stage of the Transcendence Realm!"

"Could it be that there will be a miracle and we will see someone getting into Freezing Sky Clan today?!"

As the people discussed among themselves, all the people’s gazes gathered on Su Ming in the sky. At that moment, Su Ming was not wearing a mask. He was not Mo Su.

Without covering his face, he was not the Divine General.

He was simply himself!

Su Ming was not surprised by Tranquil East Tribe’s surrendered. He was in contact with the people from Tranquil East Tribe the most during his stay in Han Mountain City. Tranquil East Tribe would be the ones who understood him the most in the city.

However, it was clear that Puqiang Tribe was different. Once Tranquil East Tribe yielded, a cold snort came from Puqiang Mountain. At the same time, a person charged forth from there straight towards Su Ming in the air.

Su Ming remained calm. Almost at the same instant the person closed in on him, he lifted his right hand and swung forth. The moment he did so, the sky and earth rumbled. An illusionary mountain appeared out of thin air before Su Ming. When that mountain appeared, it was lying horizontally, and it looked like an awl when it did so. The mountain charged towards the person.

With a loud bang, that person who had laughed coldly just now let out a piercing scream. The instant the illusionary mountain crashed into him, he coughed out blood and tumbled backwards.

"It’s troublesome for me to challenge all of you individually. Puqiang Tribe, come all at once."

Su Ming pointed to the sky with his right index finger, and immediately, the sky above Puqiang Tribe changed. A gigantic mountain with two summits apparated in the sky, and the size of the mountain far surpassed that of Puqiang Mountain. Once it appeared, Su Ming swiped his right hand downwards, and the double peaked mountain charged down.

Muffled booming sounds reverberated in the air. Puqiang Mountain trembled viciously, and multiple cracks appeared on the summit as it was crushed by the giant mountain. Numerous people from Puqiang Mountain coughed out blood because they could not withstand the pressure.

This sight made all those watching suck in a sharp breath. The mountain in the sky was massive and let out a suffocating presence. As it descended, a low growl traveled forth from Puqiang Mountain, and a man who looked like a mountain of flesh flew up to charge straight towards the double peaked giant mountain.

Rumbling sounds spread through the entire area. The moment the plump man touched the double peaked mountain, he trembled and coughed out a mouthful of blood. He instantly became thinner and no longer looked like a mountain of flesh, as if this method of making himself thinner would allow him to obtain greater power. He gritted his teeth and roared before pressing both his hands against the double peaked mountain. A gigantic illusionary figure appeared behind him.

The figure was very similar to the man before he became thinner. He was built completely in the image of a man looking like a mountain of flesh sitting cross-legged.

Yet even so, the man only managed to persevere for several breaths before he coughed out fresh blood once again. With a pale face, he tumbled backwards, causing the doubled peaked mountain to continue descending with loud rumbling sounds.

At that moment, another cold snort came from Puqiang Mountain. The Elder of Puqiang Tribe, the dried up and withered old man, stood at the top of the mountain with a flat look. It was as if there was nothing that could unsettle him. He raised his right hand and pushed towards the mountain through the air.

"It’s just a mere mountain. How dare you act so impudently towards Puqiang Tribe?!"

Yet at the very moment he finished speaking, the dried up old man’s expression changed. With a loud bang, his right hand was torn into bloody ribbons.

At the same time, another summit appeared on the double peaked mountain!

The triple peaked mountain descended with a bang. Shocked stemmed from disbelief swiftly appeared on the dried up old man’s face. He quickly took a few steps back and slammed his left hand down on the ground.

The moment he pressed his palm on the ground, Puqiang Mountain trembled, and a large amount of aura of death surged forward from the bottom of the mountain, turning into a layer of black fog that charged towards the mountain in the sky.

Rumbling sounds followed the triple peaked mountain as it closed in on the black fog made from the aura of death. When they crashed into each other, deafening sounds rang out and spread all around the area, making all those who saw the sight and heard the sound shudder with fear.

"Do you yield?"

As the rumbling sounds echoed in the air, Su Ming stood in midair and asked lightly, with his usual calm demeanor.

"Puqiang Tribe… admits defeat…" a person said hoarsely, seemingly uttering the words with much difficulty.

That voice came forth from the fog covered Puqiang Mountain. When that voice spoke, the giant mountain atop Puqiang Mountain gradually disappeared. The fog from Puqiang Mountain also dissipated, revealing the Elder of Puqiang Tribe standing at the peak. He trembled and blood trickled down his mouth. As he looked at Su Ming, his eyes were filled with shock and terror.

‘Who is he?! Just what sort of power does he have to make a normal Mountain Mark exude such terrifying power?! Is this… is this even a normal Mountain Mark?! Even if the arrival of the envoys from Freezing Sky Clan could attract powerful Berserkers and it’s not surprising that someone so powerful would appear, but… but… why do I feel like I’ve seen this person before..?’

The Elder of Puqiang Tribe sucked in a sharp breath. He looked at Su Ming with reverence and bewilderment.

Uproars broke out once more within Han Mountain City. Discussions fuelled by agitation and excitement surged into the sky like waves. Within that noise, the voices from the people in the inn were the strongest.

Right till then, they still could not believe that the Su Ming that was the center of all their attention in the sky was the same brother Su who had been drinking with them just now.

"Since Freezing Sky Clan made this rule, then I will go along with it."

Su Ming still remained calm. He did not need to change the rules. Instead, he cast his gaze on Lake of Colors Mountain.

He could see that there were a number of people standing on that mountain. Among them, the most eye-catching ones were the man and woman standing right at the forefront of the crowd. They were both in the Transcendence Realm.

"I, Su Ming, challenge all the Transcended Berserkers in Lake of Colors Tribe. Will you attack individually, or will you attack all at once?" Su Ming asked slowly.

At that moment, all the people there, including Su Ming, did not notice that there was someone standing at the top of the mountain. He was watching the ground and Su Ming himself.

It was an old man – Tian Xie Zi!

"A Mountain Mark… That’s not right. This isn’t a normal Mountain Mark… This is…" Tian Xie Zi mumbled and his eyes gradually brightened up. His disappointed heart burned with anticipation once again.

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