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3867 Just Wait!(15)

Li Zijun thought that after hearing this, the weak female doctor would turn pale with fright.

After all, people like them who only know alchemy and read medical books were not real cultivators at all, and their cultivation may not be bad, but they probably have never participated in a serious battle, let alone have any skills.

But who knew, when she glanced at Huang Yueli with complacency, she saw that she had a thoughtful expression on her face instead.

Looking carefully, it seems that there was still a bit of surprise, and there was no sign of being frightened at all.

Li Zijun couldn’t help but gnash her teeth inwardly.

Let this damn girl continue pretending here! After entering the Illusion Array, it’s good not to be scared and cry there and then!

Huang Yueli was really pleasantly surprised. In the Illusion Array, all the trainees could be trained at the same level, forcing them to fight higher and higher. This was what can really stimulate the potential of cultivators, and it was the most efficient way of cultivation. No wonder her husband’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds after arriving in the God Realm!

However, to complete such an Illusion Array, the difficulty level was simply too high.

Even a talented person like Huang Yueli, who was very talented in arrays, felt that it was almost impossible to do it… The background of the Cloudy Qilin Clan was really extraordinary!

Seeing her deep in thought, Li Zijun sneered in her heart, but said: “Divine Doctor Li, I know that this is your first time, so I won’t make it difficult for you. We will all enter the Illusion Array to participate in the Trial, when the time comes, the points will be displayed on the front of the stone tablet, as long as you can surpass any one of us, it will prove that you are qualified to enter the place of experience!”

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely not cheating on you. This time I came in with me, and two of them came to the place of experience for the first time. They have no experience like you, and the foundation is the same. As long as you are strong enough, there is still hope to surpass them.”

As Li Zijun said, she raised her hand to introduce the two young cultivators behind her.

A man and a woman, both around 30 years old. It can be seen that they have the lowest status among the people who came in this time, so they were standing at the back.

Even so, when the two of them looked at Huang Yueli, they couldn’t hide the pride on their faces.

In their view, Li Zijun’s polite words just now are definitely a model of talking nonsense with open eyes, and she said it so nicely just to take into account the Young Master’s face.

It’s just a female doctor, she looks weak at first glance, want to compare her fighting skills with talented cultivators like them? How was it possible to win?

They nodded towards Huang Yueli.

Although she didn’t like her in her heart, she didn’t dare to talk nonsense under Li Moying’s nose.

Huang Yueli smiled slightly, she didn’t mind their attitude at all, she just smiled at Li Zijun and said, “This arrangement is fine, I have no objection.”

When Li Zijun heard this, she was very pleasantly surprised. She couldn’t control the expression on her face and smiled.

Turning her head to look at Li Moying, she found that although his face was ugly, he still stood behind Huang Yueli without saying a word, and had no intention of stopping their competition at all.

When Li Zijun saw it, she immediately lost her mind.

It seems that their Young Master doesn’t value this Divine Doctor Li as much as she imagined!

Although he brought her in, he didn’t mean to protect her at all.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to let Divine Doctor Li participate in this match!