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3866 Just Wait and See!(14)

Hearing this, Huang Yueli said unexpectedly: “Any one? I thought… the one who wanted to compete with me was you!”

Li Zijun’s face suddenly showed a very complacent expression and she glanced at Huang Yueli, with a bit of disdain on the corner of his mouth.

“Compete with me? Divine Doctor Li, although you are very courageous, it is impossible to compare against me! Although I don’t have the strength to rank in the top 100 of the overall list, the best score I’ve scored so far has already reached more than a thousand points! This time, I have cultivated for a long time and came prepared in order to score a higher record. If I compete with you, it’s just bullying the weak. Even if I win, I won’t feel happy about it.

After hearing these words, Huang Yueli’s gaze subconsciously fell on the back of the stone tablet.

Li Moying’s name was followed by a number, 187,365. Age at completion was 23.

Next, the second place’s points was not too far behind him, with more than 160,000 points, but he was already 49 years old when he finished.

There was a bigger gap between each of the subsequent rankings, and the subsequent difference in placings were even further apart. When she saw the 100th place, one could actually be on the list with only 20,000 points.

1,000 points…

This was a far cry from being on the list. She even began to wonder how many tens of thousands of people there were behind.

It’s such a shameful matter yet that Li Zijun still had the cheek to speak out.

The corner of Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched, she couldn’t control the expression on her face.

It might be that her disdain was a bit too obvious, Li Zijun also realized it and her expression immediately turned darker.

“What? You still think my points are too low? It seems that you really haven’t seen anything in the world, and you don’t know what 1,000 points means!”

“Oh? What does it mean?” Huang Yueli quickly put on an expression of humbly asking for advice and coupled it with her big sparkly eyes blinking.

“Let me tell you, once entering this Illusion Array, all cultivators’ cultivation bases will be cleared, and they will be collectively transformed into the late stage of the Dream Profound Realm, and the spirit beasts inside are of the lowest level, which is equivalent to the early stage of the Dream Profound Realm, and the number of them appearing at the same time is also very little, but at this time, killing a spirit beast was only one point. As the battle time increases, the strength of spirit beasts will continue to increase, and the number of simultaneous appearances will also double, and the points will also double! However, the strength of the cultivator itself remains unchanged and it will always be at the late stage of the Heart Profound Realm. To reach 1,000 points like me, one must kill at least twenty mid-stage Heart Profound Realm spirit beasts, or more than ten middle-stage Heart Profound Realm cultivators. ”

Li Zijun’s face lit up as she mentioned her own achievements.

And the amazed expressions on the faces of the young cultivators behind her also proved this point.

“I have long heard that Young Miss Zijun was amazing in actual combat, even more powerful than Young Miss Leyun. She even won a thousand points in the Illusion Array. I thought it was just a rumour, but it turned out to be true!”

“That’s amazing! Last time I tried my best, I only got 300 points…”

“Young Miss Zijun suffers because the purity of her bloodline is slightly lower, and the speed of accumulating her cultivation base is slower, but her comprehension is definitely top-notch!”

“Actually, just having a high cultivation level was nothing. When you really need to fight outside, the actual combat ability is the most important thing.”

Li Zijun looked at Huang Yueli, and slightly curled her lips, “Young Miss Li, do you understand now? In the Illusion Array, all the treasures of heaven and earth are useless, even cultivation is useless, you can only rely on your own fighting skills!”