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3864 Just Wait!(12)

“Young Miss Zijun!”

“Young Miss Zijun, you…why are you doing this!”

“Some women only know how to charm the Young Master and obtain resources from the Young Master. Only we, Young Miss Zijun, really think about the Young Master…”

At this moment, Li Zijun was suffering from burning pains due to the internal injury in her chest, and she almost couldn’t even stand up.

However, listening to the discussions of the cultivators around her, she felt a burst of joy in her heart!

Against the Young Master’s fierce gaze that seemed to want to kill someone, she said these words because what she wanted to achieve was nothing more than this goal!

She wants everyone to know that she was the only person who was truly open-minded and magnanimous, who can consider for the whole clan, and who can be qualified for the role of future mistress!

Compared with her, Li Leyun was just a stupid big sister with no brains, and Divine Doctor Li was a beautiful embroidered pillow.

And the Young Master was used to those beauties who are obedient to him. Now that he sees such a stubborn woman who insists on her own opinion, she will definitely be moved by her integrity and will look at her differently!

Li Zijun noticed that Li Moying’s gaze had been on her all the time, so he couldn’t help but raise his chin, trying hard to present his most beautiful angle in front of his sweetheart.

This was the best opportunity for her to show her face after two years of dormancy!

Hearing Li Zijun’s words, Huang Yueli stopped a long time ago and turned around.

Seeing Li Zijun’s contrived performance, a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Did Li Zijun think that Li Moying would really like her? As everyone knows, Li Moying now even has the heart to kill someone!

However, this Li Zijun was much smarter than Li Leyun.

What she said, although suspected of intentionally provoking trouble, was more or less reasonable, and it also resonated with those young cultivators.

If Li Moying really made a move here, there would be something wrong with Li Zijun. If the news got out, it would definitely damage his prestige in the clan.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli hurried over before her husband exploded, and said, “Alright, I’ll compete with you guys!”

Hearing this, Li Zijun froze for a moment, “What… what?”

“Didn’t you just say it yourself? Let me compare with you to prove that I am qualified to stay here. Now that I agree, tell me, how do you want to compete?” Huang Yueli said casually.

Since Li Zijun was in a hurry to seek her own abuse, there was no need for her to be polite!

How dare a mere heaven-level genius dare to challenge her? She had to admire Li Zijun’s courage!

However, Li Zijun didn’t know anything about the opponent she was about to face, and thought that the one standing opposite her was a female doctor with average talent.

Seeing that she was so stupid as to agree to the challenge, she couldn’t help but secretly rejoice. This damn girl really doesn’t know how to live or die, and this embarrassment was definitely lost! Moreover, the sword has no eyes during the competition, and you might get injured. This was really a dead end!

Li Zijun hurriedly said: “Alright, you said it yourself! The method of the competition is very simple.”

She said, pointing to the Illusion Array in the middle of the training ground, “Have you seen this Illusion Array? This Illusion Array is used to test the fighting ability of cultivators. After entering the Illusion Array, there will be various Spirit beasts appearing. If you kill spirit beasts of different strengths, you will get different points, which will be displayed on the stone tablet next to you.”