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3865 Just Wait!(13)

Huang Yueli followed her fingers and looked over, then nodded secretly.

When Li Zijun said this, she understood it. No wonder when she approached just now, she seemed to vaguely see the handwriting on the stone tablet, but before she could see it clearly, she was distracted by the dispute between Li Moying and Liu Buyan.

Li Moying was quite perfunctory to Liu Buyan, and he didn’t make it clear when she introduced the Illusion Array. On the contrary, Li Zijun made it clearer.

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “So that’s it. The numbers on the front are the points obtained by the cultivators who are training. So, the numbers on the back of the stele are the strength rankings of your Cloudy Qilin Clan cultivators?”

She turned to the back of the stele and looked up and down. The name on the top came into view, and it was Li Moying!

Her husband was amazing!

Huang Yueli and You Rongyan frowned, and continued to read.

She fully thought that the second place would be Li Leyun, Li Zijun, etc., but in the end, she kept scanning down, and at the end of the 100-person list, she didn’t see any name she remembered.

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes, and just when she was a little surprised, she heard Li Zijun say: “The back was indeed a ranking, but it was the ranking of all the geniuses of our Cloudy Qilin Clan for millions of years! As long as they are under the age of fifty, the results of the trials are left here, and they can all be listed on the top! So…you know the strength of our Young Master now? You are completely different from him! Don’t think that you can use superficial medical skills, It can be compared with a peerless genius like the Young Master!”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli was a little surprised, and looked back at her husband.

Li Moying had a cold face, and looked over coldly. The moment he met Huang Yueli’s eyes, he gave her an arrogant look and turned his head away.

Huang Yueli almost laughed out aloud.

This man was really becoming more and more naive. Was he really the number one genius on the stele for millions of years?

Wasn’t it because she didn’t let him kill someone, and even agreed to Li Zijun’s challenge? How could he lose his temper so childishly?

Seeing Huang Yueli’s silence, Li Zijun thought she was ashamed of herself, so she couldn’t help but sneered.

“Do you understand now? Do you know what you should do?”

“Understand what?” Huang Yueli turned her head, with an innocent expression on her face, “Oh, I understand…”

Li Zijun was elated in her heart when she heard this.

But before she could laugh, Huang Yueli continued, “I understand, Young Master Li is indeed a peerless genius. To him, both you and me are nothing. We are just straw bags, well since everyone is similar, there’s no need for the pot calling kettle black!”

When Li Zijun heard this, she was so angry that she almost couldn’t hold back her curses!

She considers herself a first-class genius of the Cloudy Qilin Clan. Even if she can’t compare to Li Moying, she was not comparable to a weak doctor like Huang Yueli!

However, she couldn’t say anything to refute.

Because she was the one who asked Huang Yueli to look at the ranking on the stele.

In the ranking above, Li Moying was number one, and she couldn’t even rank in the top 100. Compared to Li Moying, it’s alright to say she’s an idiot.

“You…don’t play tricks here!” Li Zijun barely suppressed the anger in her chest, and gave Huang Yueli a vicious look, “Today’s competition will be held in the Illusion Array, and if your points can surpass any one of us, you win!”