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3813 Really Wronged (1)

After another two hours, the concentration of profound energy in the surroundings finally reached its peak.

For a moment, the back and forth impact of profound energy fluctuated, and suddenly stopped.

The entire area was shrouded in energy as vast as the ocean, and the young cultivators who were still chattering suddenly fell silent.

This huge sense of oppression seemed to have an invisible pressure, which made the hairs on their backs stand on ends.

No one dared to make a sound.

The energy in the air has reached its limit, and any fluctuation may cause energy imbalance.

Huang Yueli also held her breath, and looked up in the direction of the small courtyard.

She knew very well in her heart that this was the final stage of Li Moying’s advancement, and it was also the most critical stage.

Such a state of silence only lasted for a short quarter of an hour.

Then, the thick clouds in the sky parted suddenly, and a blinding lightning bolt fell from the crack and struck straight towards the top of the hut!


With the sound of thunder, the ground shook violently.

A few young cultivators were caught off guard. They didn’t stand firm all of a sudden, and just sat down on the ground.

Huang Yueli was well prepared and stabilized her body in time.

The silence just now was broken in an instant, and everyone started to make noise again.

However, the noisy scene didn’t last long before the second and third bolts of lightning struck again.

Next, the frequency of lightning strikes became higher and higher, and the speed became faster and faster.

The glaring lightning bolts fell one after another from the beginning, and gradually increased in magnitude. The lightning was like flowing water, bolting down from mid-air.

The young cultivators present, who had never seen such a scene before, were all pale in shock.

They did not know how long it took before the thunder and lightning gradually subsided, and the lightning in the clouds became sparse, with only one or two strikes falling every long period of time.

This was a sign that the advancement had come to an end.

It wasn’t until this time that the young cultivators gradually came back to their senses, recalling the scenes they saw just now, they all felt lingering fear.

“That was just now… Was that the vision of heaven and earth triggered by the Young Master when he advanced?”

“It should be, but… But, the Young Master advanced to the late stage of the Heart Profound Realm, right? Why does it seem as though he was advancing to the Dao Profound Realm!”

“What’s the difference? I’ve seen my old man advance to the Dao Profound Realm, and he doesn’t have half the power of the Young Master’s!”

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible! The Young Master is simply inhuman!”

Just like before, when the younger generation of the Cloudy Qilin Clan talked about Li Moying, they all spoke in awe and respected him.

The only difference may be that, in their tone now, there was more awe than respect!

Facing such astonishing strength, people will instinctively feel fear.

So, until the thunder stopped completely and the clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, these young cultivators still stayed where they were, not daring to approach the hut at will.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t have so many scruples like them.

Seeing that there was no danger, she walked directly to the hut.

Li Shihong and the others were all standing in the courtyard, looking quite embarrassed. Two Elders even had their beards burnt.

And the flowers and plants that had been planted in the courtyard were all turned into piles of ashes under the bombardment of the lightning just now.