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3812 Eyeing (4)

Huang Yueli interrupted Li Sijing, “Alright, that’s enough, I probably already understand the scale of our business and we’ll really be very rich!”

Li Sijing was very happy to hear that, “Isn’t that so? You think so too? Then can you tell me the Young Master’s information now?”

Huang Yueli nodded, and said: “Yes, but I have already forgotten the questions you’ve asked me just now…”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, I’ll repeat it again.” Li Sijing was very cooperative.

She took out a small sheepskin scroll from the interspatial ring, and spread it out, “I have already written it down… Let me see. Oh, by the way, what colour does the Young Master like? What does he like to eat? What style of clothes does he like? When does he get up? When…”

Li Sijing chanted endlessly.

Even though Huang Yueli had seen a lot, she was in a daze at this moment.

This girl actually made a special scroll and wrote it down!

Was her husband really so popular?

“…Alright, that’s all! Divine Doctor Li, think about it quickly and answer as many questions as possible!” Li Sijing looked at her eagerly.

Huang Yueli coughed, “Well, this…Young Master Li’s favourite colour is…green, and his favourite food is…well, spicy flavour! Favourite style of clothes…wide-sleeved robes! What is his schedule? …He generally likes to cultivate at night, and he can play chess and so on during the day, to cultivate his body and mind… What’s the problem?”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s answer, Li Sijing was full of amazement, “Wow, I didn’t expect the Young Master to be such an elegant person! If the ladies knew, they would definitely admire him even more! However, the Young Master actually likes green. I seldom see him wearing it! Also, I didn’t expect him to have such a heavy taste…”

While talking, Li Sijing conjured a writing brush out of nowhere, and wrote vigorously on the scroll, recording what Huang Yueli said just now.

At the end, she raised her head with a grateful expression on her face, “Divine Doctor Li, today I really have to thank you! The information you provided is very valuable. If you hadn’t told me, others would never know that the Young Master likes green and spicy food. This information will definitely sell for a high price, just wait to get rich!”

Li Sijing was full of confidence.

Huang Yueli curled her lips lukewarmly.

How could she tell those toads who were eyeing her husband?

She said everything in reverse!

Li Moying’s favourite colour was obviously black, and he also likes light dishes, and was most annoyed by spicy food. Moreover, his work and rest have always been regular, and he always wakes up early to start cultivating. If there was no urgent matter, he will spare time to accompany her at night.

If those daughters really bought these materials at exorbitant prices and believed them, they would definitely die an ugly death!

However, this was what they asked for.

Huang Yueli had no psychological burden at all, and watched Li Sijing leave happily.

After that, many young cultivators came to greet her.

Now everyone knows that she was a genius doctor with superb medical skills, and they all want to establish a good relationship with her. After all, there are too many opportunities for cultivators to be injured, and no one knows when they will need Huang Yueli’s help to save their lives.

Huang Yueli was still thinking about the toads, so she impatiently replied to them a few words in a perfunctory manner.