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3766 It’s Simply A Miracle (2)

That day, Huang Yueli imbued evil qi into Li Leyun’s meridians.

Although there was not much evil qi, Li Leyun was able to move now after Huang Yueli pricked her with golden needles for a while and Liu Buyan prescribed another dose of medicine, but as long as she got agitated or her movement was a little bigger, her legs also ached.

In desperation, Li Leyun could only force herself to bow her head, and then went to Huang Yueli and the others to intercede, wanting them to heal her.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t even open her mouth to speak, so Li Shihong preemptively gave an order to tell Li Leyun not to make a mountain out of a molehill so as not to antagonise the two divine doctors who were treating Li Moying.

Li Leyun knew that Li Shihong was extremely disappointed in her and he wanted to teach her a profound lesson.

However, after understanding this point, instead of making Li Leyun calm down, it made her even more angry!

She was even more determined to make Huang Yueli fall into her hands.

However, these new guards were not as obedient as her two former subordinates. They dare not violate Li Shihong’s orders at all!

Li Leyun was angry and anxious, but there was no good solution.

What’s more, the thing that hurt her the most was that she realized that she had missed the best opportunity now. It was impossible to prevent that vile Fox Vixen from doing anything to “her” Brother Moying!

After so many days, that Fox Vixen must have tarnished Brother Moying!

“Damn vixen! Don’t be complacent! I will definitely expose you! Also, Brother Moying has a high vision. If he wakes up and realizes that he has been tricked by a lowly woman like you, he will definitely not let you go!”

“I’m just waiting to see how you’ll die in the end!”

Li Leyun gritted her teeth and cursed.

Just then, there was an urgent knock on the door.

“Young Miss Leyun, Young Miss Leyun! Something serious has happened! Young Master…Young Master, he…”

“What’s the matter? My Second Uncle found out about the good deeds that the Fox Vixen did, and she was kicked out together with her hypocritical Senior Brother?”

Li Leyun has long told her personal maid that if anything happens to Li Moying, she must be notified immediately.

So, when she heard that the maid was so anxious, she immediately became excited, completely forgetting that her legs were still half disabled, and suddenly sat up from the chaise lounge.


This simple action touched the injured meridians again, and she couldn’t help but gasp.

However, despite the pain in her body, she was very happy in her heart, and kept shouting: “Come in, come in quickly! What’s wrong with Brother Moying? Please tell me clearly?”

The maid pushed the door open and walked in, her face still flushed from running wildly.

“Young Master…Young Master, he…he has regained his consciousness!”

Li Leyun’s excited expression froze immediately, “What… what did you say? Say it again!”

The maid was taken aback by her harsh tone.

The maid originally thought that Li Leyun was most concerned about Li Moying’s injury, and she was most looking forward to Li Moying’s awakening as soon as possible, so she ran over excitedly at the first time.

Although her young lady has a bad temper, as long as she was in a good mood, she was quite generous.

Knowing that the Young Master has woken up, Young Miss Leyun must be happy, and maybe she will be rewarded heavily for the person who delivered the news.

But now, the expression on Li Leyun’s face was different from what she imagined.