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3765 It’s Simply A Miracle(1)

In another room in Amethyst Paramount Palace.

Li Leyun was lying on her back on the chaise lounge, her legs were still wrapped in bandages, and she was looking at the young guards in front of her with displeasure.

“I asked you to inquire about the news, but in the end, you just used these words to perfuse me? It’s too far away to see clearly? Then won’t you find a way to get in and see? You won’t even think of a way, tell me, what use are you then?”

After being severely reprimanded by Li Leyun, several guards lowered their heads lower and lower.

At the same time, they were secretly complaining in their hearts.

Previously, the two guards that Li Leyun trusted and used the most were thrown directly into the punishment hall for secretly spying on the Young Master’s recuperation. They have not been released until now, and they don’t even know whether they were dead or alive.

Li Leyun herself also suffered from self-inflicted injuries. She suffered severe internal injuries to her meridians, which have not healed for several days.

Despite all of this, Li Leyun didn’t give up because of this, and even sent more guards to inquire about the news.

These guards were not stupid. With Li Leyun like this, it’s hard to protect herself. Isn’t it obvious that they were sent to die if they listened to her?

Naturally, they wouldn’t try their best to help Li Leyun find out.

Seeing their silence, Li Leyun couldn’t help but understand a little bit, and immediately sneered.

“Heh, do you think that I’ve already lost power after being reprimanded by the Patriarch? Even if you don’t do things well for me, I can’t do anything about you? But, don’t forget, I am the Patriarch’s niece! If you dare to be so perfunctory to me, then I can send you to the punishment hall without my Second Uncle’s help!”

When the guards heard the words, they shivered secretly.

It was only then that they remembered that the young lady in front of them had a high status in the clan and had been spoiled since she was a child.

Once she gets angry, she can do anything!

The guards immediately became frightened and begged for mercy.

“Young Miss Leyun, we have really tried our best, please calm down!”

“Young Miss Leyun, please give us some more time, let’s think of a way!”

“That’s right, we definitely didn’t mean to be perfunctory to you, so please don’t get me wrong!”

Li Leyun snorted coldly: “Don’t think I don’t know what you guys are thinking! I’ll give you one last chance, if you can’t find out what Liu Buyan did to Brother Moying recently. If you can’t accomplish anything, you can just go to the punishment hall to spend the rest of your life!”

The guards cried bitterly in their hearts, almost crying on the spot!

Isn’t this embarrassing them?

They will definitely be severely punished for disobeying the Patriarch’s prohibition order, but if they don’t listen to Li Leyun’s words, they will also suffer bad luck…

It’s really a dilemma, no matter which, they were at a dead end!

However, they didn’t dare to refute, so they could only run away depressed.

Li Leyun looked at their backs, and the depression in her heart didn’t lessen, but became more intense.

She gritted her teeth secretly, “Don’t think that you can fool me if you cheated the Second Uncle last time! There was definitely something wrong between Liu Buyan and that little vixen! Brother Moying was locked in a room, and he definitely did something shameful! You just wait for me, one day, I will expose your true colours and pay back double what you have done to me!”

She patted the chaise lounge heavily, trying to vent her anger.

But just moving like this, the pain was so painful that she almost cried out!