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3708 Utterly Shameless (3)

“You… are utter nonsense!”

When Li Leyun heard this, she almost went crazy!

She glared at Liu Buyan, and said unceremoniously: “Who do you think you are? The only Spirit Medicine Master who can cure Brother Moying? Heh, based on your background and bloodline, even a saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master is better. No, only heaven knows how you won the competition? I think you are here to deceive! There are many Spirit Medicine Masters with better medical skills than you in the world, we don’t need…”

“Shut up! Leyun, what are you talking about? Hurry up and shut up!”

Before Li Leyun finished speaking, Li Shihong sternly stopped her.

“Second Uncle, I’m not mistaken, the surname was Liu…” Li Leyun wanted to say more.

Li Shihong raised his voice, “Don’t say a word more! If you dare to say one more word, you will go to the back mountain and face the wall to think about it!”

It was only then that Li Leyun heard that Li Shihong was really angry, so she could only reluctantly shut her mouth.

Li Shihong hurriedly turned his head to look at Liu Buyan, “Divine Doctor Liu, just now…”

Without waiting for him to speak, Liu Buyan waved his hand towards him and interrupted him, “Patriarch Li, I already understand what your Cloudy Qilin Clan means. I am indeed a unknown little doctor, and I am not worthy to be a doctor for Young Master Li. Since this is the case, I don’t dare to cheekily stay here anymore, I’ll just leave now!”

As he said that, he didn’t forget to wave to Huang Yueli.

“Junior Sister, what are you still doing? Let’s go!”

Huang Yueli immediately stood up obediently, and followed Liu Buyan towards the door.

Li Shihong came back to his senses, and quickly rushed to the door, blocking their way.

“Hey, wait, wait! Divine Doctor Liu, Young Miss Li, don’t rush to leave? Our Cloudy Qilin Clan absolutely has no intention of driving you away! It was just my ignorant niece who’s just talking nonsense, please don’t take it seriously. I’ll ask her to apologise to you two!”

As he said that, he looked at Li Leyun coldly, and ordered sternly: “Leyun, come here quickly, and apologise to Divine Doctor Liu and his Junior Sister!”

Li Leyun didn’t think that she was wrong at all, and her face was full of reluctance. She heard Li Shihong’s order, but her feet still didn’t move at all.

Seeing this, Huang Yueli smiled instead of anger, “Patriarch Li, don’t embarrass Young Miss Li, she comes from a noble family, how can she apologise to inferior people like us? Let’s forget it! Senior Brother, we should leave early as well, this Ancient God Clan is not a place for us to stay!”

Liu Buyan immediately replied: “Junior Sister doesn’t like this place either? Alright, let’s go now!”

He looks like a good Senior Brother who obeys his Junior Sister.

When Li Shihong heard this, he became even more anxious, and urged Li Leyun even more severely, “What are you still doing there? Hurry up and apologise!”

“But…but…” Li Leyun bit her lip, feeling extremely wronged.

She was the dignified daughter of the Ancient God Clan, a heavenly genius, and the fiancée of Li Moying, a god-level genius!

In her capacity, she was just accusing an ordinary Spirit Medicine Master. How big of a deal was it? Even if she made a mistake, then as Liu Buyan and his Junior Sister, they can only listen and ask her to apologise?

In Li Leyun’s eyes, Liu Buyan and Huang Yueli were similar to or even worse than the servants in her yard.

However, Li Shihong and the other Elders are very clear about the priorities of the matter.