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3709 Utterly Shameless (4)

Liu Buyan had revealed in his speech just now, “He’s the only person in the world who can cure Li Moying!”

Regardless of whether he was boasting or it was true, at least, he said this after he had given Li Moying a pulse diagnosis.

If it wasn’t for some degree of certainty, it would never be possible to talk like this.

Before Liu Buyan, no Spirit Medicine Master had ever said such a thing.

Based on this alone, they had to let Liu Buyan stay to treat Li Moying. This was their chance to see the most hope!

Therefore, Li Shihong was not the only one who was anxious, other Elders also jumped out one after another, asking Li Leyun to apologise to Liu Buyan immediately.

“Leyun, why are you so ignorant? Divine Doctor Liu wis a real miraculous doctor, so he is naturally a person of status!”

“That’s right, as long as Divine Doctor Liu saves the Young Master, he will be the benefactor of our entire Cloudy Qilin Clan, let alone you, a junior, we can’t disrespect Divine Doctor Liu!”

“Why don’t you hurry up and apologise to Divine Doctor Liu?”

“If Divine Doctor Liu leaves just like that, and the Young Master can’t wake up, can you take this responsibility?”

Li Leyun was criticised unanimously by everyone, even her second uncle Li Shihong, who was usually the most doting to her, was full of anger at this moment, and took the lead in forcing her to bow her head to a Spirit Medicine Master with impure blood.

Li Leyun almost cried with aggrievedness.

At the same time, she felt even more resentful in her heart!

But the current situation does not allow her to continue to be willful. In desperation, Li Leyun could only move in front of Liu Buyan step by step, gritted her teeth hard, and said, “Yes… I’m sorry!”

Liu Buyan glanced at her, “Are you talking to me?”

Li Leyun reluctantly said a word of apology, already feeling very embarrassed. Unexpectedly, Liu Buyan still had such a lukewarm attitude, and was immediately stunned.

But Li Shihong glared at her, “Divine Doctor Liu was asking you something!”

Li Leyun could only say: “Yes… yes… Divine Doctor Liu, what happened today ..I’m very… very sorry…”

Liu Buyan smiled lightly and said, “I really dare not take it seriously! The dignified daughter of the Cloudy Qilin Clan apologises to an ordinary person like me. I’m really afraid that I will lose my life in the future if I accept your apology!”

Li Leyun was so angry that she gritted her teeth. If Li Shihong hadn’t been watching from the side, she would have lost her temper.

Seeing this, Li Shihong hurriedly stood up to smooth things over, “Divine Doctor Liu, how can you be an ordinary person? With your medical skills, you will definitely become a generation of Divine Doctors who are famous in the entire God Realm in the future! Young people are not sensible, so don’t talk to her.” Calculated.”

Liu Buyan sneered in his heart and didn’t answer.

If Li Moying wasn’t his brother, no matter how Li Leyun apologised today, even if Li Shihong personally apologised to him, he wouldn’t be able to stay.

However, this woman Li Leyun was just a clown, and Li Moying’s real wife was watching by his side!

If he really left like this, he would probably be beaten to death by his narrow-minded Junior Sister!

Li Shihong was also one with experience. Seeing Liu Buyan’s appearance, he knew that his attitude had loosened, so he hurriedly said, “Divine Doctor Liu, I see that you and Young Miss Li are also tired. I have already prepared two superior rooms for you…”

Liu Buyan didn’t reply. He just glanced at Li Leyun and said coldly, “This is considered an apology? How about my Junior Sister!”