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3620 Really Cried (7)

He only said a few words before being interrupted by Liu Buyan.

“Wait, what did you call me?”

The leading judge was startled, “Ah? I said Young Master…”

“Wrong, did you address me wrongly?” Liu Buyan said calmly.

“Address you wrongly? What do you mean?” The four judges all had blank expressions on their faces, and even the cultivators who were watching couldn’t react.

If they don’t call him Young Master, what should they call him?

Calling a young cultivator a Young Master was already a very polite address, so there really shouldn’t be any faults?

On the other hand, Huang Yueli understood as soon as she heard this, and couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Everyone was in a daze. The scene was very quiet, but her smile was very radiant. Many people looked at her.

Huang Yueli said openly and generously: “Several Spirit Medicine Masters, didn’t the young man in white say that just now? Those with high medical skills are Seniors, and you all agreed. If so, the young man in white has already cured burns that you couldn’t cure which shows that he has better medical skills, how dare you call him Young Master? Shouldn’t you honor him as a Senior?”

As soon as the words came out, laughter came from the crowd one after another.

Some people were afraid that the world would not be chaotic, and even started booing directly.

“That’s right, he should be addressed as Senior!”

“The medical skills of the young man in white are much better than those of you old coots. What else do you have to say?”

“Isn’t it a fine tradition for Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters to respect their predecessors?”

These gloating words made the judges even more embarrassed to get off the stage. Their faces were flushed, and they held back for a long time before they could speak.

They really feel wronged and aggrieved!

They were all in their 70s and 80s. Usually in the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, they bully the new Spirit Medicine Masters because they were older. No one dares to offend them at all!

And Liu Buyan was not even half their age, so how could they address him like this?

Besides, they were not convinced by Liu Buyan’s medical skills at all.

Although Liu Buyan cured Lu Dongfeng with a single medicinal pill, they didn’t believe that Liu Buyan made the medicinal pill himself. He must have bought it from somewhere, and it doesn’t represent his medical skills at all!

The leading judge thought for a while and said, “Young Master, you don’t have to be so aggressive, right? Although this medicinal pill has miraculous effects, it’s not made by you…”

Liu Buyan frowned slightly, “How do you know that this medicinal pill was not made by me?”

When the leading judge heard this, he thought he was right, and immediately said: “Is there any need to guess? You are just an earth-level Spirit Medicine Master, and you can’t refine such a high-level medicinal pill! Everyone We all know it well, it will be boring for you to pretend again! We also know that what we did today is not right.”

When these words came from the judge, he thought it was already a kind of goodwill.

However, this is still a tone of charity, which makes people feel strangely uncomfortable.

The cultivators onlookers booed, and they were quite disdainful of the judges’ attitude.

Some people even yelled, tell Liu Buyan not to be fooled by the judges’ few words, and make him bow his head and make them call him Senior!

However, Liu Buyan’s attitude had no fluctuation.

He glanced at the judges, “Then now, can we announce the result of the Pill Competition?”