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3621 Really Cried (8)

“Yes, yes, of course!” The leading judge nodded repeatedly.

Previously, they denied it in every possible way and favored Lu Dongfeng, mainly because they were afraid that Elder Lu behind Lu Dongfeng would blame them, and they couldn’t afford it.

But now the situation is a little different.

Liu Buyan took out a precious saint level medicinal pill and cured Lu Dongfeng’s injury.

At that time, if Elder Lu pursues it, they can still use this matter as an excuse, and it can be regarded as an explanation.

Thinking of this, the leading judge immediately turned around, faced all the onlookers, and announced loudly: “Everyone, there was an accident just now, so the result of the Pill Competition had not been announced. However, everyone should have seen the situation just now, so there is no need for me to say more. Now, since Young Master Liu has an opinion, let me make it official. The winner of the fight is Young Master Liu. He managed to refine the finished Special Jade Pill, unfortunately, Young Master Lu met with an accident hence he can only be at a disadvantage.”

What he said was very skillful.

First, he said that everyone with eyes can tell the winner or loser, so as to justify the behavior he denied just now.

Then, he said emphatically that something happened to Lu Dongfeng here, and he deliberately didn’t say how many pills Liu Buyan had refined and what quality they were. In this way, it seemed that Liu Buyan’s alchemy skills were average, but It’s as if luckily won when Lu Dongfeng had an accident.

When Huang Yueli heard this, she despised these Spirit Medicine Masters even more in her heart.

Who were these people? Do you really think everyone else was a fool?

The shocked and speechless expressions of the judges when they saw Liu Buyan’s pill furnace just now explained everything.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Buyan’s pill was of really good quality, how could he be so surprised!

It’s just that after Lu Dongfeng’s burn and healing, it has been delayed for so long, and Liu Buyan’s pill is still in the pill furnace. Even if it is not directly damaged, the quality must have dropped by several grades.

In this way, it can really be said that there is no proof.

Huang Yueli was angry in her heart, and as soon as she turned her eyes, she was about to stand up and speak for Liu Buyan.

But at this moment, Liu Buyan glanced in her direction intentionally or unintentionally.

The two of them made eye contact, and Huang Yueli saw a smile flashing across Liu Buyan’s eyes. She was startled, and couldn’t help but stop.

Only to hear Liu Buyan speak again: “Thank you to the judges for your fair decision. I am very grateful.”

Upon hearing this, some of the onlookers who were more understanding became a little anxious.

“Young Master, what are you thanking them for!”

“They have cheated you so much, don’t be so stupid!”

Liu Buyan acted as if he had never heard of it, and his expression and tone seemed very sincere.

The four judges immediately felt that the young man was quite clever, and the expression on his face relaxed a lot.

However, before they breathed a sigh of relief, they heard Liu Buyan and said lightly: “Since the matter of Pill Competition is over, then we should talk about the next thing. Let’s settle the fee for the treatment just now!”

“The fee… for treatment?” The judges were stunned for a moment, with confused expressions on their faces.

Liu Buyan nodded, and said slowly, “That’s right, I gave Young Master Lu a consultation just now, but I didn’t say it was free! The Fire Rejuvenation Pill he took is a saint ranked medicine pill!”