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3613 Don’t Cry (4)

Although the cultivators who were spectating were not Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters, such an obvious gap could still be seen.

For a while, everyone shook their heads and sighed.

It was not unusual for this white robed Spirit Medicine Master to lose to Lu Dongfeng, but it was really surprising that he lost so ugly.

They thought that a Spirit Medicine Master who had the guts to challenge Lu Dongfeng would at least have some ability!

Yet, the results of it? Even a furnace had to be heated for a long time!

It wasn’t until Lu Dongfeng added all the medicinal materials into the furnace and started to try to build the force field of the medicinal pill that Liu Buyan’s furnace heated up to the acceptable temperature.

He slowly lifted the furnace cover, and stretched out his hand to the bamboo basket with medicinal materials on the side.

Everyone couldn’t bear to watch it anymore!

“It’s a good thing he can still calm down and continue refining. If it were up to me, seeing the gap is so big, I would be ashamed to make a fool of myself, and I can only admit defeat!”

“The most important thing for a Spirit Medicine Master is to calm down and have a good concentration. In this aspect, this kid is pretty good.”

“Wait, who said he can hold his breath? Look, he… what is he doing??”

The last speaker yelled in shock, and pointed to Liu Buyan’s pill furnace.

The others looked in the direction of his finger, and were immediately taken aback.

Because, they all saw Liu Buyan stretch out his hand to the top of the bamboo basket, but he didn’t take out any medicinal materials. Instead, he directly lifted the entire bamboo basket, and with a flick of his wrist, he threw all the medicinal materials into the alchemy furnace!

The eyeballs of the onlookers almost fell to the ground!

Although they were not Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters, they still had basic knowledge! Even if one were to think about it with their toes, one would also know that when refining, one can’t do such nonsense, right?

“This… this… this…”

The cultivators were all tongue-tied, not knowing what to say?

This kid…wouldn’t it be that he was so anxious that he was about to lose? He even completely forgot how to refine!

And after Lu Dongfeng noticed what was happening around him, he raised his eyebrows proudly, and almost couldn’t laugh out loud on the spot!

If he had known how stupid this guy was, he wouldn’t have had to work so hard to refine such a difficult pill just now.

Lu Dongfeng subconsciously glanced at Huang Yueli again.

As a result, seeing this made him tremble with anger, and almost knocked over the alchemy furnace!

Because, Huang Yueli’s gaze stayed on Liu Buyan all the time, from the beginning to now, she didn’t shift her gaze in the slightest, and she didn’t even give him the slightest glance.

Lu Dongfeng’s face flushed with anger, and he really wanted to rush to Huang Yueli and ask, what’s so good about that pretty face? The level of refining skills was so poor, it was simply a waste of materials!

He became impatient and wished he could refine a batch of pills right now, and trample Liu Buyan under his feet, so that Huang Yueli could look at him with admiration.

With this kind of mentality, Lu Dongfeng’s hand movements became eager, and even when he was doing his hand gestures, he couldn’t concentrate and think seriously. .

After several twists and turns, his pill was finally about to take shape.

“It’s only the last step! As long as the condensing is successful, I can…”

Lu Dongfeng stared at his alchemy furnace with all his attention, pouring all his profound energy into it.

But at this moment…

“What? How is it possible? Look, that white robed Spirit Medicine Master has already…has already refined a pill!”