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3614 Really Cried (1)

The screams of the onlookers suddenly reached their ears.

Lu Dongfeng’s hand shook immediately, and the profound energy condensed in his palm scattered at once. The medicinal pill that had been almost formed also showed signs of collapsing.

Lu Dongfeng noticed this, and he shuddered all over, and hastily typed out several hand gestures one after another, trying to remedy it.

In the end, his basic skills were solid, and he barely managed to keep the half-finished medicinal pill without letting it get completely destroyed.

Only then did Lu Dongfeng heave a sigh of relief.

As long as the medicinal pill doesn’t shatter immediately, it can still be saved. It doesn’t count as a refining failure, as long as it waits a while and re-condenses the medicinal pill, it will be a slight loss in quality at most.

However, it is more than enough to fight against a little kid.

Thinking of this, Lu Dongfeng couldn’t help but glared in the direction of the screaming just now, wanting to see who the eyeless person was making such a fuss about, almost disturbing his alchemy!

He wants to write down this guy’s appearance, and find an opportunity to take revenge on him in the future!

But who knows, when Lu Dongfeng glanced at the crowd, he found that no one was looking at him, and everyone’s eyes were on Liu Buyan who was beside him. Moreover, the expressions on everyone’s faces were like It was like swallowing a fly alive, indescribably shocked and amazed!

Seeing such a scene, Lu Dongfeng was startled, and an ominous premonition arose in his heart.

He subconsciously turned his head and looked to the right.

Liu Buyan, who was wearing a white Spirit Spirit Medicine Master’s robe, was making hand gestures towards the alchemy furnace. His movements were as smooth as flowing clouds, but neither slow nor fast. It seemed that his speed was not fast.

However, under the control of his profound energy, the lid of the alchemy furnace was slowly raised in mid-air.

Lu Dongfeng opened his mouth wide, his eyes stared straight.

In the process of refining the elixir, in order to ensure that the elixir is properly heated and heated evenly, the furnace lid must not be opened casually.

Generally speaking, the only situation where the lid will be opened is… the refining is over!

Either the medicinal pill has been formed, or it has failed!

And this little kid… Could it be that his medicinal pill had already been refined?

No, it’s impossible!

It took him so long just to heat up the alchemy furnace just now, even if he could refine it successfully in the end, the speed could not be so fast, so he must have already smelted all the medicinal materials into slag, this is to admit defeat !

Lu Dongfeng kept chanting silently in his heart to convince himself, but the uneasy feeling in his heart could not be reduced at all.

In just an instant, the lid of Liu Buyan’s alchemy furnace had already been lifted to one side.

Liu Buyan clapped his hands and said, “My Special Jade Pill has been refined, please take a look at it.”

Lu Dongfeng thought he was under too much pressure and had hallucinations!

The refining was complete? This kid has refined the Special Jade Pill?

What a joke!

However, the Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters sent by the Heaven Elixir Pagoda to be judges had already walked over and surrounded Liu Buyan’s pill furnace.

The leader of the group looked into the furnace and coughed lightly, “This…”

He showed hesitation, and instead of taking out the medicinal pill immediately, he turned his head and glanced at Lu Dongfeng.

The eyes of the two happened to meet.

There was a sudden bang in Lu Dongfeng’s head, like a thunderbolt exploding in his head!

This referee is also from the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, so he was naturally on his side.