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3611 Don’t Cry (2)

With the dealer taking the lead, the gamblers also swarmed up and surrounded the betting table excitedly.

“I, I, I… I want to place a bet!”

“Get out of the way, obviously I came first, dealer, take my money first!”

“I’m a big client. This time I want to bet two thousand top-grade crystal jade! Let me go first!”

“Go away, what is two thousand? I want to place three thousand high-grade crystal jade!”

The gamblers had the same idea as the dealer, and they all felt that this was a great opportunity to make money.

Although Lu Dongfeng’s odds were not high, if one bet 100 crystal jades, one could only get 120 if won, but this was a sure win!

Normally, if one encounters such a competition without any suspense, even if the betting could go on, the amount of bets would be limited, because the dealer will worry about losing money.

But this time it was different, Huang Yueli directly threw in a hundred pieces of spirit jade, no matter how they bet, it was enough!

In order to make a lot of money, many people directly put their entire net worth on it.

What’s more, for fear of missing this opportunity to make a fortune, they simply started borrowing money from their friends, as much as they could!

There were also some people who didn’t want to gamble at first, but now they couldn’t help but be tempted.

Lu Dongfeng was very angry when he saw it at first, and felt that it was really embarrassing for these cultivators to ignore his command.

However, after thinking about it later, he felt that this was a good opportunity to let that little beauty lose all her money, so that she would be impressed and understand what an outstanding Spirit Medicine Master he was!

Thinking about it this way, Lu Dongfeng didn’t continue to stop everyone.

As a result, the tide of betting was extremely high, and the bet that Lu Dongfeng won was rising rapidly.

The dealer’s expression was a bit ugly. Fortunately, the winning party would have to pay him an additional 10% of the handling fee, otherwise, he would have lost all his profits.

There were simply too many people betting!

When Liu Buyan heard the movement, he couldn’t help but look at Huang Yueli a few more times.

It’s inconceivable that people who have never met before would place such a large bet on him.

Where does the other party get her confidence when no one else was optimistic about him at all?

There were quite a few people who have such doubts. The cultivators who watched have gathered together, whispered to each other, and started discussing.

“What’s going on here? Could it be that the white robed Spirit Medicine Master is really powerful, and he came here on purpose today? And that Lady knows what he’s capable of, so she came here to bet to make money?”

“How is this possible? You don’t know the level of Young Master Lu? There are very few Spirit Medicine Master geniuses like him in the entire God Realm! Anyone who can win against him is not famous, how can he be such a person? What’s more, he’s a new face?”

“Then how do you explain this? It can’t be that Lady fell in love with the white robed Spirit Medicine Master, right?”

“Hey, that’s really hard to say! Although that kid is bold, he is really good-looking. It’s not surprising that rich girls will fall in love with him, right?”

“Tch! What’s so great about being so handsome, hmph!”

All kinds of unreliable guesses and slanders, without missing a single word, were heard by Huang Yueli, who had a strong primordial spirit.

The corners of her mouth curled up into a smirk.

Dare to gossip about her, wait a minute, these people will lose even their pants!

When the time comes, don’t cry!