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3610 Don’t Cry (1)

Huang Yueli didn’t look directly at this wretched Fatty Lu at all, but turned her gaze to Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan also happened to look this way, with the corners of his mouth slightly upturned, and glanced at her with a half-smile, but he didn’t say anything.

It seems that Huang Yueli had nothing to do with whether she placed a bet or lost money. In the face of Lu Dongfeng’s slander, he has no intention of justifying his name at all.

Huang Yueli suddenly felt a little interesting.

To be honest, she is not very clear about Liu Buyan’s medical skills.

Although Liu Buyan was the well-deserved No. 1 Divine Doctor in Soaring Heavens Continent, this was the God Realm after all. From her perspective where she had only dabbled a bit in medical skills, she really couldn’t tell what level Liu Buyan could reach.

However, judging from Liu Buyan’s reaction, he should be very confident in himself, right?

While thinking about it, Huang Yueli pushed the spirit jade towards the dealer, shook her head and said slowly, “Thank you, Young Master Lu, for reminding me, but, I have already placed a bet, so I’m afraid it’s not good to go back on it now?”

As soon as Huang Yueli said this, the dealer and the group of gamblers behind her were obviously relieved.

“That’s right! Those are the rules on our gambling table, once you’ve placed your bet, you can’t take it back!”

“This young man in white has an honest appearance, so he may not necessarily lose, Lady, if you win, you will make a lot of money!”

“Isn’t it? If you want to make a lot of money, you have to take some risks!”

Everyone was chattering, their eyes fixed on the pile of spirit jade, for fear that Huang Yueli would take it back.

When Lu Dongfeng saw this, he became even more angry.

“What do you people mean? Do you think that this Young Master can’t win against such a kid? How dare you fight against this Young Master! You all don’t want to mess around, right? Come, remember their faces, and you will never be allowed to fight in the future.” They have stepped into Heaven Elixir Pagoda!”

The faces of the dealer and the others froze. They were obviously frightened, and they didn’t dare to speak immediately.

Lu Dongfeng turned to Huang Yueli, his ferocious expression suddenly became very amiable, “Lady, you can rest assured that Arcane City is my territory, and other than the people from the Cloudy Qilin Clan, no one dares to go against me! Just take back the spirit jade, I can guarantee that no one will dare to blame you!”

As he spoke, he glanced at the crowd with warning eyes. Seeing that no one dared to say anything, he immediately smiled even more triumphantly.

Lu Dongfeng still did not forget to cast a wink at Huang Yueli, feeling that he was out of the limelight, this beauty would definitely be overwhelmed by his domineering demeanor, and would bow down to his greatness!

Huang Yueli saw the wretched smile in Lu Dongfeng’s squinting eyes, and almost vomited out last night’s meal.

Fortunately, she had strong self-control, the corners of her mouth twitched, but she didn’t show anything.

She said calmly: “No need, I’ve already made a bet! I bet the young man in white’s victory!”

As she said that, she looked at the dealer, “What? You don’t accept these spirit jade? Don’t you plan to take this gamble?”

The dealer obviously hesitated. He looked at the pile of sparkling spirit jade in front of him, and then at Lu Dongfeng’s ashened face. Finally, he gritted his teeth, “Who says the game can’t be played! As long as someone places a bet, it will be played!”

With these one hundred pieces of spirit jade, he won’t have to come out to do business in the future.

He must get this money!