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3564 Secret Inheritance (7)

“I didn’t expect such a thing, I didn’t expect that the luck between you and your husband is really good! This… this is simply unbelievable!”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow even paced back and forth in the room excitedly.

Meeting Huang Yueli’s puzzled eyes, he explained: “Do you know that the soul splitting technique is very, very difficult to succeed, and the person who needs to perform the technique has a very powerful primordial spirit, which is better than ordinary heaven-level geniuses? Not only withstanding the bombardment of the tribulation lightning by a hundred times, in the process, we also need to ensure that the primordial spirit splits into two halves instead of completely collapsing!”

“For tens of thousands of years, counting the 3,000 planes including the God Realm, there are only seven or eight people who can succeed. It’s enough to surprise me that you two were able to accomplish this.”

“However, among the seven or eight people who succeeded in splitting their souls, almost all of them died within fifteen or sixteen years after reincarnation due to the exhaustion of their primordial spirit. Those who survived the consummation, those who were rescued died as a result!”

“You and your husband are able to survive. You are young and in the lower realms, and you have a Spirit Armament in your body, and it just happened to be a great opportunity when the magic barrier shattered! Your luck…is like the gods! It has never been seen in millions of years!”

Huang Yueli was stunned for a while, and finally, when she heard that the words of Saint Iniquitous Shadow became more and more exaggerated, she hurriedly laughed a few times.

“Senior Iniquitous Shadow, you’re flattering yourself! We’re actually just lucky. When we encounter dangerous things, we can often turn bad luck into good luck.”

Hearing this, Saint Iniquitous Shadow immediately shook his head, “For ordinary people, this is good luck, but for a peerless genius like you, this is your luck! Being able to have such a powerful luck shows that you In the future, he will definitely become the top powerhouse in the God Realm!”

While talking, Saint Iniquitous Shadow laughed again, “It seems that my luck is not bad, although I waited for tens of thousands of years to wait for a disciple, but he is a peerless genius whose future achievements may be higher than mine! ”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow once again mentioned the matter of taking Huang Yueli as a closed disciple.

Huang Yueli felt bad when she heard it, so she hurriedly emphasized again, “This, this…Senior Iniquitous Shadow, as I said just now, I don’t want to become an evil cultivator. To be honest, I just ascended from the lower realms and married my husband Not a few years. My husband is the Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, the future Patriarch of the Cloudy Qilin Clan. If I become an evil cultivator, I’m afraid I won’t be able to be with him! You should understand us!”

Huang Yueli had always been clever and shrewd.

She has already seen it, because after she told the love story between herself and Li Moying, the attitude of Saint Iniquitous Shadow towards her improved a lot.

Thinking back to the rumors she had heard about Saint Iniquitous Shadow over the years, it was obvious that Saint Iniquitous Shadow must have had a woman he loved deeply before, but he didn’t know if they were able to get together successfully.

It’s easier to get the approval of Saint Iniquitous Shadow if you talk about the relationship between husband and wife.

Saint Iniquitous Shadow didn’t answer her right away, but asked: “By the way, what about your husband? When you entered the secret realm last time, the handsome boy who was with you should be your husband? Why didn’t he come in together?”

Huang Yueli’s eyes darkened, and she replied: “At that time, we were hunted down by people, we were all seriously injured, and because of the evil qi entering our bodies, we couldn’t move, and when we thought we were going to die, people from the Cloudy Qilin Clan suddenly appeared and rescued him .”