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Chapter 3513 Bringing Home Tons of Stuff (2)

Huang Yueli thought about it and understood.

Well, she was the only one here in the Profound Realm!

Although there was also a conception illustration of the thunder attribute, it was completely useless for Li Moying and the others, and they can only be used to sell money or exchange the contribution value of the family and the coalition…

Thinking that she was actually the one with the worst cultivation in this group of people, Huang Yueli felt a little depressed.


At the same time, she has also strengthened her determination to get hold of this conception illustration and cultivate well!

She looked up and down the cabinet, her eyes wandered repeatedly on the pattern engraved around the cabinet, looking for a way to crack it.

After a while, she took out the array plate from her space to help her calculate and deduce.

Li Moying watched from the side for a while, and saw that Huang Yueli was fascinated, so he didn’t bother her anymore, but turned to the other side to look at other things in the room.

He looked for the four guards, and at this time, they were surrounding a box and discussing.

Li Moying walked over, “What are you talking about here?”

As soon as Li Moying appeared, several guards hurriedly got up, lowered their heads, and replied respectfully.

“Young Master, this box is placed on the top shelf. It looks quite precious from the outside, so subordinate wanted to open it to see what was inside, but none of us can find a way.”

Li Moying lowered his head, looked at the large box on the ground and frowned slightly.

This box itself was made of Profound Star Stone, and the material of the box was already very valuable. It made one think that the value of the treasures inside would be even more valuable.

However, the structure of this box was very simple, it was nothing more than a padlock, and there was only a simple pattern around it.

This array pattern was too simple, even an ordinary cultivator in the God Realm could easily recognize it, but it was only the most basic sealing array.

Generally speaking, as long as a cultivator’s profound strength was strong enough to reach a certain level, it could be broken with brute force.

To open such a lock, it was easy yet… also difficult!

Because, the upper limit of profound energy required to open the box was determined by the sealer’s own strength!

The Saint Iniquitous Shadow was a powerhouse in the Fate Profound Realm, so this box…

Li Moying glanced at a few guards and asked, “Have you tried opening the box just now? How do you feel?”

Li Tianyi replied: “The subordinate came in and tried it. However, when the subordinate entered profound energy, the pattern did not change at all! Later, the four subordinates tried it together again, and the result was still the same, nothing has changed…”

Li Tianyi and the four of them mastered a set of combined strike techniques, and when they used them, they could reach the sum of the profound strengths of the four of them. When added up, they were equivalent to the profound strength of a cultivator at the peak of the Heart Profound Realm!

Even if it was compared with the cultivators in the early stages of the Dao Profound Realm, there was not much difference.

With such a huge amount of profound energy imbued, there was actually no change at all?

Li Tianer also said in a low voice: “Subordinate think that this box probably needs the strength of the Fate Profound Realm to open it! It seems that we can only move the box away first and bring it back to the clan, then ask the elders to help… …”

Li Tiansan and Li Tiansi also nodded in agreement.

Li Moying frowned and did not immediately agree with this opinion.

According to common sense, the Saint Iniquitous Shadow himself was in the Fate Profound Realm, and the box used to hold important treasures can only be opened by those who are strong in the Fate Profound Realm. This was a more reasonable thing.

But for some odd reason, Li Moying always felt that something was wrong.