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Chapter 3514: Bringing Home Tons of Stuff (3)

Besides, he didn’t intend to go back to the clan and bow down his head to seek the help of the Elders for the sake of a box.

Before the Cloudy Qilin Clan admitted his relationship with Huang Yueli, he didn’t plan to go back to the Amethyst Paramount Palace at all.

Li Moying’s eyes were cold, he stared at the box while contemplating when he suddenly said, “You guys get out of the way, let me try!”

Li Tianyi and the others were stunned. They obviously didn’t expect that they had already explained the situation clearly just now yet Li Moying would want to try again!


However, they didn’t dare to stop him and they all stepped back.

Li Moying stepped forward, placed his hand lightly on the top of the lid, and began to imbue profound energy into it.

The four guards stared at the box without blinking, for fear of missing any detail.

Li Moying stood in place while he carefully imbued his profound energy bit by bit, following the inscription on it and as they were channelled along the lines and soon, all the intricate lines were filled with his profound energy.

However, there was no change at all, let alone open.

Li Moying frowned slightly, running the profound energy in his body, increasing his input even more.

Time passed little by little, and Li Moying imbued more and more profound energy, but the box still stood steadily on the ground, steady like a rock.

Not knowing how long it took, when suddenly, the box shook abruptly and made a light sound.

A few guards were all startled and quickly gathered around.

“Young Master, it takes too much profound energy to open this box! You…don’t force it!”

“Yes, Young Master, this box is particularly evil, and it will absorb a part of the profound energy imbued into it. If you input too much energy, you may be attacked! That would be too dangerous!”

“Young Master, this box won’t run away anyway! We can move it first and then open it…”

The few of them each added some words nervously, trying their best to persuade him.

They were all worried that Li Moying would take risk into his own hands and use up all his profound strength. If there were other traps in the box, it would be troublesome!

If Li Moying was injured because of this, these guards would not be able to shoulder such a responsibility!

Several guards were full of anxiety, all nervous about Li Moying’s safety.

However, Li Moying didn’t seem to hear their words. He still put his hand on the lid of the box and didn’t move at all. Although the furrow between his brows deepend and beads of cold sweat began to appear on his forehead. Obviously, a lot of profound energy has been consumed, and his body could no longer support it!

However, he was still imbuing profound energy!

Several guards were so anxious that they could not wait to go up and pull him away in person!

But at this moment…

A loud bang came!

The inscription engraved on the outside of the box suddenly lit up at the same time!

With the sound, the lid of the box popped up.

Li Moying slowly withdrew his hand, said nothing, and squatted down to look at the contents of the box.

Several guards stared at this scene in amazement, unable to even utter a word!

“This… Young Master, how did you do this??”

“How is that possible? This is a box that only the experts in the Life Profound Realm can open!”

Although Li Moying’s guards adored him and believed in his strength and talent, the scene in front of him was too incredible!