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Chapter 3506: Qilin Meat is Delicious (5)

Under the heavens, what was more terrifying than the Female Devil?

That was the husband of the Female Devil…

Boo hoo, he’s really scary!

Left with no other choice, Little Wang Cai could only stop obediently, and landed on Huang Yueli’s shoulder.


Huang Yueli saw that it was finally obedient, but her mood became even worse.

What’s going on? Why was her divine beast so afraid of Li Moying instead of listening to her, the true Master? She had really failed too much as a Master! Was it because she had been too kind to this little guy?

It seems that in the future, this little guy must not be so pampered, and it must be trained more!

Huang Yueli pouted in dissatisfaction. Li Moying was at the side, and had already seen all the changes in her expression.

He laughed softly and said, “You… In the future when we have a baby, you must let me educate the child, otherwise you will spoil the child!”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him and said, “I call this the education of love, do you understand?”

After finishing speaking, she ignored Li Moying and grabbed the Little Phoenix’s wings, raised it in front of her eyes, and asked, “Why did you and Lilac Jadeite come out suddenly? Did you find something?”

Little Wang Cai kicked hard, trying to break free from her grasp, but Huang Yueli was in a bad mood right now, so of course she wouldn’t let it fly away casually.

Little Phoenix tried a lot, but found it was futile, so it lowered its head and replied obediently: “I sensed the energy around me… There should be a lot of fire-type spirit beast crystal core here! There are also a lot of ores of the fire attribute! If I can absorb the energy inside, my strength will be greatly improved!”

“Oh? Really?” Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up! “Where? You two lead the way!”

As soon as Huang Yueli let go, the Little Phoenix was like a shooting star as a streak of flames trailed behind him when he flew out!

The Little Qilin also jumped lightly and followed.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying followed the two divine beast cubs, bypassed the hut, continued forward, and stopped at a place that looked like a haystack.

“Where is this… crystal core?”

Huang Yueli looked left and right, but she didn’t see half a crystal core, only piles of haystacks, and they were piled up extremely high!

Little Wang Cai excitedly exclaimed, “It’s here!”

With that said, it rushed towards one of the haystacks!

However, the next moment, it seemed to hit a wall and a loud “bang” resounded! The whole phoenix was limply attached to the surface of the haystack, and slid down.

Huang Yueli was startled suddenly, and hastily rushed up to catch Little Phoenix.

“Wang Cai, Wang Cai! How are you?!”

Huang Yueli put her hands on Little Phoenix’s head, and imbued the fire attribute profound energy into its body. After a while, Little Wang Cai woke up.

It looked around in a daze, finally focusing its gaze at the haystack suspiciously.

“The core is inside this pile of hay, it’s obviously hay, why is it so hard…”

“Idiot! It’s not hay at all, it’s created by the Saint Iniquitous Shadow with a special array! You’re the only idiot who dares to hit it! And you’re really stupid enough to hit it so hard! Hmm, hitting your head so hard, would you become more stupid?” A cute girl’s voice sounded beside her.

This voice sounded childish, but the words she said were so rude!

Huang Yueli was startled, and hurriedly looked around.