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Chapter 3505: Qilin Meat is Delicious (4)

Huang Yueli was taken aback by the sound that suddenly sounded in her mind, and hurriedly relaxed the restraint.

The next moment, a young phoenix appeared beside them.

Little Wang Cai has grown quite large now, the size of a white crane and with its wings fully stretched out, its wingspan could reach a length of more than one metre.

However, compared with the real adult big phoenix, it was still a very small one.


Seeing Wang Cai suddenly appear, Li Moying was immediately distracted and looked at it in astonishment, “How did this little thing come out?”

Before Huang Yueli could speak, Li Moying suddenly frowned, “Why are you…?”

“What?” Huang Yueli was confused by his words.

But the next moment, Li Moying’s little purple Qilin also appeared on the grass.

The Little Qilin was obviously bigger than Wang Cai!

Because it stayed with Li Moying in the Cloudy Qilin Clan for a whole year. Although the Cloudy Qilin Clan had the experience of raising Qilins millions of years ago and Qilins were rare now, there were still a lot of breeding secrets left by senior masters.

The prodigal Little Qilin was fed a lot of thunder-type materials every day, and with training, it’s strength improved greatly.

Originally, when it was in the lower realm, it was much smaller than Little Wang Cai and was always bullied by Little Wang Cai, but now, Little Wang Cai can no longer bully it. On the contrary, he was often beaten…

Seeing the appearance of the Little Qilin, Little Wang Cai immediately fluttered his wings and flew to high ground.

And Little Qilin’s first reaction was to jump up and pounce towards the flaming red phoenix in the sky!

“Chirp chirp chirp!!”

Little Wang Cai suddenly shot up!

However, Little Qilin’s jumping ability was also very good. When one paw went down, Little Wang Cai escaped from under its paw, but two of the beautiful tail feathers on the tail were plucked.

Li Moying quickly raised his hand and held down his divine beast.

“Lilac Jadeite, come back, don’t mess around!”

The Little Qilin was obviously afraid of it’s master. After hearing his scolding, it immediately lowered it’s head obediently and fell at Li Moying’s feet.

Huang Yueli also said to Little Phoenix, “Wang Cai, come here too. Lilac Jadeite won’t hurt you anymore.”

However, Little Wang Cai did not buy it, fluttered its wings and screamed: “I won’t come! This Qilin is too bad, it bullies this Young Lord every day! Female Devil, you should bake it and eat it! The Qilin Meat is delicious, I won’t lie to you!”

Hearing Little Wang Cai’s words, Little Qilin immediately raised it’s head, glared at him fiercely, and stretched out it’s paws threateningly.

However, when Li Moying looked towards it, the Little Qilin lowered its head again, looking like a good baby.

Little Wang Cai was so angry that it only hated why its strength improved so slowly and still couldn’t beat Little Qilin!

At this moment, it felt extremely regretful. Before, it didn’t cultivate well and only knew how to eat…

“Wang Cai, come here!” Huang Yueli urged.

However, Little Wang Cai flew farther and refused to come.

Huang Yueli’s face turned dark, and she suddenly felt very embarrassed!

Look at Li Moying’s divine beast, how well-behaved, how obedient and how cute it was!

This phoenix she raised doesn’t respect its master at all! And it was lazy in cultivation!

Just when Huang Yueli was about to rush over to catch Little Phoenix, Li Moying suddenly snorted and gave Little Phoenix a cold look.

Wang Cai’s wings swayed and it almost hit the ground.