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Chapter 3421: Do You Still Remember the Bet? (8)

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“That’s right, that was amazing! We were all shocked silly and we planned to wait for Lady Li to refine again to see how she managed such a feat. As a result, after we waited and waited, we saw that after she finished refining, she went to the corner and after a while, she actually fell asleep!”

The two of them chattered excitedly, finishing each other sentences, and quickly revealed the situation at that time.

They had planned to explain from the beginning, but they were rudely interrupted by Li Leyun who suddenly appeared. Moreover, they were still in a state of confusion at that time and they didn’t know what they were here for. They didn’t dare to speak any nonsense, so, when interrupted, they immediately clammed up.

Now, with no one bothering them, they quickly told everyone what they saw.

Listening to the explanations of the two, the expressions on the faces of everyone present became more and more astonished, and many people’s eyes almost popped out!


They thought that Huang Yueli was able to refine such a perfect product only after several attempts that she finally succeeded!

Even if she took several times to refine it, it was still very, very rare that she could produce such a fine piece!

But who would have thought that she only refined it once? And, it only took half an hour?

After the two young Spiritual Armament Masters finished speaking, they both looked at Huang Yueli with admiration.

“This Lass Li is really amazing. At first, I only looked at her a few more times because she was good-looking. I didn’t expect that she’s such an amazing genius!”

“Yes, seeing Lady Li’s artifact refining today was really eye-opening. As soon as we were excited, we couldn’t help but discuss a few words at the gate of the courtyard…”

Speaking of which, everyone understood.

After all, this was actually a misunderstanding!

Li Leyun only heard half of what the two Spiritual Armament Masters said, so she made up a lot of it in her own mind, and used it as evidence to accuse Huang Yueli!

However, the truth of the matter was completely different from what everyone imagined!

No wonder Huang Yueli didn’t panic when she heard Li Leyun’s accusation, but laughed instead.

Because people had this confidence!

The hall became noisy again, but this time, when everyone was talking about Huang Yueli, they praised her to the skies!

Such an amazing armament refining genius was rare in the entire God Realm!

When Li Leyun heard the words of the two Spiritual Armament Masters, her complexion changed abruptly.

When everyone praised Huang Yueli, they naturally wouldn’t forget to step on Li Leyun and talk about her as a joke.

It was really funny that she swore that Huang Yueli was cheating.

Moreover, she accused Huang Yueli twice, and both times she was beaten so badly in the face!

Li Leyun became more and more angry, and she couldn’t accept this fact at all.

She was quite sure just now, thinking that she could step Huang Yueli into the mud all at once, but in a blink of an eye, Huang Yueli turned over completely!

Oh, not just turning over.

Due to the words of the two Spiritual Armament Masters, Huang Yueli’s armament refining talent has been raised to a new level! Her refining level was even more amazing!

And this was all thanks to Li Leyun!

She tried so hard, but she ended up lifting a rock and smashing herself in the foot!

“No…impossible! This can’t be true! Grandmaster Xiao, are you sure that these two witnesses are telling the truth? Maybe they were bought off by someone!”