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Chapter 3412: Competition results announced (7)

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It really didn’t matter whether the first place belonged to Li Leyun or Huang Yueli, in essence, the Cloudy Qilin Clan had absolutely nothing to lose.

Thinking of this, Li Yuntao stopped Li Leyun and persuaded: ” Young Miss Leyun, today’s judges are all Sky Gem Grandmasters with outstanding strength. They have rich experience and will not make such low-level mistakes. I am afraid the winner truly belongs to Young Miss Li. Most probably, there’s something special about the Spirit Armament that she had refined…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted curtly by Li Leyun.

“Uncle Tao, I know you said this out of family interests, but, as a Spiritual Armament Master, I won’t stand down! The fairness of the competition is more important than the result! We, the dignified ancient God Clan, have the right to know how such a thing actually happened. The victory is obviously ours, and if the result of the competition is unfair, even if we get the business, so what of it? I must ask clearly!”

Li Leyun said it aloud unceremoniously with a dignified look on her face.


When Li Yuntao heard this, his expression immediately changed.

He really never thought that she did not care about the family’s interests at all, and on top of it, she even dared to refute his words in public in such a rude manner!

According to hr words, if he didn’t do as she said, his morals will be low.

Even if Li Leyun was the niece of the Patriarch, was this the manner she should speak to a distinguished Elder in such a large clan?

It’s not that Li Leyun didn’t see Li Yuntao’s crumbled expression, but, to her, she absolutely couldn’t recognize the result of today’s competition! That was related to her and Huang Yueli, who was her way to get her out of Li Moying’s side!

Besides, even if such a bet wasn’t wagered, she absolutely could not accept the fact that she would actually lose to that damned little vixen!

Li Leyun turned her head to look at Grandmaster Xiao, this time, she didn’t care about showing any respect to a Senior, and she spoke even more rudely.

“Grandmaster Xiao, don’t gossip, it’s not that the juniors don’t believe in the fairness and fairness of several masters, but some people are secretly doing things behind their backs, and a few may not be able to find out. It’s possible. I’m not the only one who feels dissatisfied with the results of today’s competition!”

She glanced around the crowd in the hall.

Actually, quite a few people secretly nodded their heads in agreement.

A junior Spiritual Armament Master who has ascended from the lower realm was better than the genius intermediate Spiritual Armament Master who had been poured with lots of resources to cultivate and stood at the forefront of so many major forces.

This thing alone was outrageous enough!

Li Leyun looked in the direction of Huang Yueli again.

Huang Yueli sat on a mahogany chair at the edge of the hall, with an elegant and upright posture. She had on a relaxed and comfortable expression, holding a cup of hot tea in her hand, drinking it unhurriedly.

Her demeanor in drinking the tea was very elegant, and no one could tell that she had ascended from the lower realm, but instead looked like a real daughter of a great power.

Coupled with her beauty, she looked even more ethereal.

Seeing this, Li Leyun gnashed her teeth!

Only a truly stunning beauty can be like Huang Yueli, every move, every frown and smile, even if it was unintentional, she was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off her.

In terms of looks, she couldn’t even compare to a finger of Huang Yueli!

And now, this damned little vixen still won her in Spirit Armament refinement?

“Hmph, pretend, just keep on pretending! I must expose your true face today! No matter what tricks you do in secret, don’t try to escape my eyes!”