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Chapter 3413: Competition results announced (8)

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Li Leyun turned to Grandmaster Xiao and continued to urge: “Grandmaster Xiao, look, there are so many colleagues who are not convinced by this result! The best way now is to take out all the finished products that everyone has refined. Let everyone present see why this little vixen can get the first place!”

As she spoke, she cast a provocative look at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli didn’t even look at her at all, and said, “Grandmaster Xiao, since so many people have doubts about the results of the comparison competition, why don’t you just follow what Young Miss Li said and bring out the wrist guards I made for everyone. Look at it! If I have worn down the reputations of several masters because of me, I would be really sorry!”

Her voice was sweet, and when she spoke, her tone was calm, not slow or hurried.

It sounds like there is a kind of calm demeanor that only high-ranking people have.


Compared with Li Leyun, who was still yelling just now, she appeared to be several grades higher.

For a while, Li Leyun froze in place.

When Grandmaster Xiao heard Huang Yueli’s words, he immediately felt a lot more comfortable, and nodded to her: “Madame Li, you are really a good and understanding girl, no wonder Master Li likes you so much, he really is very good Eyes! Since that’s the case, then go and take out all the finished products refined by the contestants today! Go!”

Grandmaster Xiao waved his hand, and the maids retreated in response, apparently going to the backyard to get a Spirit Armament.

When Li Leyun heard Grandmaster Xiao’s words, her face turned from blue and white, extremely ugly.

She never thought that Grandmaster Xiao would actually say such a thing in front of so many powerful forces. This was obviously to support Huang Yueli! It also meant as a huge face slap to her!

What is the charm of that damned little vixen, even Grandmaster Xiao was on her side? Didn’t she just look better?

Huang Yueli swept Li Leyun’s expression out of the corner of her eyes, and couldn’t help but secretly hook her lips up.

Speaking of which, Grandmaster Xiao will support her, which was really thanks to Li Leyun!

It was precisely because Li Leyun was so aggressive and repeatedly questioned Grandmaster Xiao’s character and level, that Huang Yueli stood up and said such appropriate words for Grandmaster Xiao’s consideration, which moved Grandmaster Xiao even more.

In contrast, Grandmaster Xiao naturally felt that such a gentle lady was particularly lovely.

While waiting for the attendants to come back, the hall was noisy, and almost everyone was discussing about what happened just now.

After a quarter of an hour or so, the attendants returned with the boxes.

However, it wasn’t just the attendants who came, even Grandmaster Han and the others followed.

Grandmaster Xiao said unexpectedly: “Old Han, Old Yuan, why are you here? Don’t you mean to be too lazy to attend such an occasion?”

Grandmaster Han snorted angrily, “There are people who question our judgment and even dare to say we old men are too old and confused. How can we not come out? This old man wants to see who is talking nonsense there and slandering us!”

Grandmaster Yuan also said: “Exactly! It’s alright to say that this old man has nothing else, that we have no vision, we don’t know how to do it? It’s ridiculous! Come on, open all the wooden boxes and let everyone see who has no vision!”

When the attendants heard the order, they hurriedly took the wooden boxes out of the box, arranged them neatly one by one according to the size numbered above, and then opened the lids of the boxes.

Everyone stretched their necks and looked at the wooden boxes stacked in the center of the hall.