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Chapter 3407: Competition results announced (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Has no one taught you the rules? This is the place where this old man discusses affairs. No one is allowed to approach without permission!”

Grandmaster Xiao thought that the person who came was a servant girl in the mansion, so he immediately reprimanded.

But who knows, right after that, a familiar voice came from outside the door, “Grandmaster Xiao, aren’t you looking for me?”

The five people in the room were all shocked.

“Young Master Li!!”


Grandmaster Xiao suddenly stood up, walked to the door and opened the door.

Outside the door, stood Huang Yueli, who had finished her disguise. She nodded towards Grandmaster Xiao and walked into the study.

After being stunned momentarily, the five Grandmasters came back to their senses and gathered around again.

“Young Master Li, you…you’ve finally shown up! We’ve been looking for you for a long time!”

“Yeah, is your body alright? Why did you go to the washroom and didn’t show up for so long?”

Grandmaster Xiao’s face showed a bit of obvious anger, “Young Master Li, where did you go? If you wanted to leave, why didn’t you give me a head’s up? It made me look for you everywhere. If you weren’t going to appear, we have no idea what to do!”

Knowing that she was wrong, Huang Yueli laughed wryly and explained, “This… I suddenly remembered that there is something urgent at home…”

In a hurry, she made up a reason casually.

Seeing Grandmaster Xiao’s expression full of doubts and looked as though he wanted to probe further, she quickly changed the subject, “By the way, how is the competition? I heard your voices at the door just now. It seems you’re in a hurry?”

Sure enough, when it came to serious business, Grandmaster Xiao was distracted.

“The competition is over now, and the finished products of so many Spiritual Armament Masters have been placed here, come and see, which Spirit Armament are you going to choose? It’s getting late, you have to make a decision as soon as possible! ”

He pointed to the thirty wooden boxes neatly arranged on the table, and said to Huang Yueli, “Young Master Li, hurry up and pick one!”

This time, Huang Yueli took so much effort to remove her disguise and put it on again, it was precisely for this reason.

The quality of the Spiritual Armament she refined was definitely guaranteed. She had full confidence that under the fair evaluation of Grandmaster Xiao and the rest, they would also choose the Spiritual Armament she refined as the first place.

However, Huang Yueli also had something she was worried about.

Because, before the start of the competition, Grandmaster Xiao once said in front of all the contestants that the Spiritual Armament refined by everyone today will be personally inspected by the owner of the illustration, “Young Master Li”. Cough, so… she still had to select one.

Grandmaster Xiao was a righteous man, and it was impossible to go back on his words casually.

If she was with those contestants and hadn’t come to Grandmaster Xiao to review these Spirit Armaments, maybe Grandmaster Xiao would have been procrastinating, refusing to announce the results of the competition, so she didn’t know how long it would take!

She had no choice but to quickly put on her disguise and run to the courtyard again.

Under Grandmaster Xiao’s angry gaze, Huang Yueli daringly walked to the front of the table.

Now, the lids of all wooden boxes have been opened.

The works of each Spiritual Armament Master was presented before everyone, and they could all be seen at a glance.

The situation was not much different from what Huang Yueli had guessed before. There were only less than ten people who were able to refine the finished product. The rest of the wooden boxes were filled with incomplete and defective products.