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Chapter 3408: Competition results announced (3)

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Out of those that seem to be relatively complete, there were three that stood out most.

The first piece, of course, was the wrist guard that Huang Yueli refined, and the quality was of course at the top .

The remaining two pieces were borderline and if compared with the one she refined, they were still inferior.

Huang Yueli’s eyes were very sharp, and after a little glance, she knew the general situation.

However, she did not express her position immediately, but turned to look at the five Sky Gem Glass Chamber Grandmasters.


“Grandmasters, you must have looked at these Spiritual Armament carefully before I came back? I wonder what you think about these works? Although I am a person who draws illustrations, after all, I am still young and have little knowledge. I still have to listen to the opinions of few esteemed Grandmasters.”

The Spiritual Armament Masters valued their reputation the most, so when Huang Yueli said these words, it placated their hearts.

Immediately, several Grandmasters felt at ease, forgetting the trouble caused by Huang Yueli’s sudden disappearance earlier.

Grandmaster Xiao was the first to open his mouth and offered his opinion very sincerely: “Young Master Li, we have indeed discussed it just now. As you can see, only three of these finished products can be regarded as top quality products that can be used. In such a short span of five days, it is very rare to learn this brand-new refining method just by looking at the illustration, and to be able to successfully complete the refining. It can be said that the level of the three Spiritual Armament Masters is quite high.”

When Huang Yueli heard the words, she nodded, “What Grandmaster Xiao said is very true!”

Grandmaster Han also came over and said, “However, if you look closely at these three pairs of wrist guards, you can tell the difference. The wrist guard of contestant No. 31 is obviously better than the other two. In addition, there is not much difference between the works of contestants No. 16 and No. 18. As this is a competition, in order to ascertain the quality, we also specially tested them. ”

The two Sky Gem Glass Chamber Grandmasters have roughly explained the situation.

The remaining three Grandmasters talked a lot, and added details.

Huang Yueli nodded in her heart, these five Sky Gem Glass Chamber Grandmasters’ reputation were indeed well-deserved, and their views were exactly the same as hers.

She pretended to think for a moment before slowly saying: “Then… According to the opinion of the five seniors, the first place in this competition is the No. 31 contestant? However, I remember that only thirty Spiritual Armament Masters signed up today, how did a No. 31 suddenly appear?”

Hearing this question, the five Grandmasters looked at each other and were silent for a while.

After a while, Grandmaster Xiao sighed and said, “Young Master Li, you were away just now, so you don’t know what happened before the test.”

Grandmaster Xiao quickly recounted the dispute between Huang Yueli and Li Leyun before he said, “Because of this, another Spiritual Armament Master from the Cloudy Qilin Clan gave up the qualification, and this Lass Li will make up for it. Hence, only this No. 31 was added. However, the final product received was still thirty pieces.”

Naturally, Huang Yueli knew the situation at that time better than anyone else, so there was no need for Grandmaster Xiao to say more, anyway it was all just her own farce.

However, after listening to Grandmaster Xiao’s words, she still nodded in an exaggerated.

In fact, she almost couldn’t hold back her laughter and was trying her hardest to stifle it.