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Chapter 3404: Throwing Herself At Him (7)

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Li Leyun and Huang Yueli…these two were now the main focus of the competition!

Before the competition started, the two of them were fighting each other. They fought so hard until the moment each of them finally entered the refining room and yet straight after each of them left the refining room, they started arguing again?

Moreover, Huang Yueli’s complexion looked really bad!

However, they did not know that it was all because she had dozed off and fell asleep accidentally but was rudely awoken up by someone in the middle of her sweet dreams.

So, her expression was still a little sullen, her gaze had a hint of confusion in there and she couldn’t fully open her eyes while her fair cheeks even had a faint pink blush on.


It was true that a stunning beauty, even if she was not in good spirits, still has her own charm.

However, it was undeniable that she does not look like she had successfully refined a Spirit Armament.

The Spiritual Armament Masters present exchanged glances with each other, and felt pity for Huang Yueli.

When Huang Yueli heard Li Leyun’s provocative words, she just raised her eyes and glanced at her, and said indifferently, “Thank you Young Miss Li for your advice, but this is all common sense. ”

“Hmph! It’s good that you know!”

Li Leyun was blocked by her and felt unhappy in her heart. However, when she thought that if she waited a moment more, she could witness Huang Yueli’s loss and win the bet to let this little tart leave her Brother Moying… with such naive thoughts…she quickly became happy again.

“Where are the wrist guards that you made? Why don’t you take it out quickly?” Li Leyun urged.

Huang Yueli walked over to Grandmaster Xiao, and took out a small wooden box from her arms.

This box was a box that Grandmaster Xiao asked his apprentice to distribute to all the contestants before the competition. It was used to hold the finished product. The lid of the wooden box could be locked.

This was for the sake of fairness in the competition. It would ensure that after the contestants’ works were sealed, they would not be at risk of being switched out by others.

However, like Li Leyun, several Spiritual Armament Masters who have refined excellent products did not lock the box.

They were eager to show the Spiritual Armament Masters present how perfect the Spirit Armament they refined was!

After all, today’s test was so difficult, and being able to refine the finished product was a very remarkable thing itself. Showing off in front of so many peers, even if one failed to get the first place and get the big business, it was sure to make a name of oneself too.

As for cheating or something…

No one would think that under the eyes of the Allied Forces Generals and Grandmaster Xiao, there were still people who would dare to act so blatantly.

Therefore, before Huang Yueli left, only those Spiritual Armament Masters who failed in the final refining and tossed only a half-finished product would close the box tightly so that no one could see the contents inside.

Huang Yueli reached out and took out her wooden box and placed it on a table in front of Grandmaster Xiao.

The lid of the box was closed, and Huang Yueli’s number was written on it – Thirty-one.

Originally, there were thirty Spiritual Armament Masters participating in the competition today, and she was the extra one with the highest number.

Grandmaster Xiao nodded, “The Spirit Armament of contestant No. 31 has been received, you can go and rest. Next—”

However, before Huang Yueli could leave, Li Leyun suddenly rushed to the front of the long table.