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Chapter 3405: Throwing Herself At Him (8)

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“How is the Spirit Armament that you refined? Let everyone have a look!”

Before anyone could react, she reached out to the box and lifted the lid up—

However, despite using all her strength, she failed to lift the lid of the box.

Li Leyun was stunned for a moment, however, Grandmaster Xiao had already recovered his senses.

He held down Huang Yueli’s box, glared at Li Leyun, frowned and said in a curt voice, “Young Miss Li, even if you are a proud daughter of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, you can’t ignore the rules of the competition like this! After the wooden box is closed, unless the Spiritual Armament Master is willing, otherwise no one can open it to see it! Since it’s the first time you’ve made an offense, I’ll let you go this time, but if there is a next time, don’t blame this old man for disqualifying you!”


Being reprimanded by Grandmaster Xiao in front of so many people, Li Leyun felt disgruntled.

However, after hearing what Grandmaster Xiao finally said that she would be disqualified from the competition, no matter how unconvinced she was, she didn’t dare to say another word, and backed away in embarrassment.

Grandmaster Xiao glared angrily at Li Leyun. He was very dissatisfied with this young lady of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, and at the same time, he felt even more fortunate for Li Moying.

If this kind of woman really married a god-level genius, it would be a tragedy for the entire God Realm!

In the future, Li Moying will become one of the best in the God Realm. If there was such a brainless and arrogant woman who uses his prestige to cause trouble outside, how much trouble would it will cause!

But, unfortunately… Li Leyun really had a talent for refining.

Grandmaster Xiao glanced at the few finished products that came up just after opening the box lid.

Among them, the one refined by Li Leyun was obviously much better than the others!

If things continued this way, it should be the best Spirit Armament in today’s competition…

After Li Leyun withdrew, she felt depressed for a while, but she soon regained her aloof expression.

She had absolute confidence in the Spirit Armament that she had refined and was 99% confident in winning!

Just now, she was really wrong. What she originally wanted to do was to open the wooden box of Huang Yueli in front of so many Spiritual Armament Masters, and let everyone see what she made! It’s probably not even half-finished!

Losing in front of so many people, Huang Yueli’s reputation in Sky Gem Glass Chamber will plummet to rock bottom!

When the Spiritual Armament Masters of the major forces spoke about this in the grapevine, Huang Yueli would definitely be unable to lift her head in the future.

Unexpectedly, Huang Yueli locked her wooden box!

Li Leyun made her move unexpectedly but was unable to open the box!

This made Li Leyun feel that it was a pity, and she wondered how bad the things she refined was that had to be so carefully hidden.

And after these boxes were sent to the judges, the judges would no longer judge publicly, and would only give the final result.

Therefore, these contestants would no longer have the opportunity to see what other people’s finished products were like.

No matter how she wanted Huang Yueli to lose her reputation, she no longer had the chance..

“Tch… This damn girl is really lucky, hmph! However, it doesn’t matter, anyway, she’s bound to lose the bet today. After the results of the competition are announced, I can’t wait to see how she still has the cheek to rely on Brother Moying and stay by his side!”

Li Leyun glanced at Huang Yueli in admonishment, left the courtyard, walked to the front hall, and waited for the results of the competition.