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Chapter 3403: Throwing Herself At Him (6)

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Moreover, throughout the entire competition, there were judges who were high ranked Spiritual Armament Masters invigilating and making their rounds outside.

Originally, this array only allowed those from the outside to look in and the people inside could not see when someone was passing by outside.

However, such an array was not difficult for Huang Yueli.

She made a little change to make it two-ways. From the inside, she could also see the patrolling of the Spiritual Armament Master outside.

However, doing this didn’t help her much, because the crux of the problem was that in order to make herself look like a normal contestant, she could not be caught sleeping, right?


Moreover, although there were some books in her space, it was impossible to take one out to read to pass the time, otherwise, wouldn’t it be the same as cheating? This could very well possibly get herself into another round of trouble.

After contemplating for a while, she could only take out a stack of plain paper and scribble on it. While pondering on the illustrations of several intermediate-level Spiritual Armament she had recently refined, she secretly prayed that today’s competition would end soon!

However, there was still such a long time to go, how could time fly by so quickly?

Moreover, the more one wished for time to pass quickly, the more it would make one feel that the time passed was extremely long…

In the end, Huang Yueli still couldn’t hold back and very soon, she drifted off to sleep and ended up leaning her head against the wall.

It wasn’t until Grandmaster Xiao’s apprentice knocked on the door, telling her that the time for the competition was up and asked her to come out to hand in the Spirit Armament when she jolted awake.

“Oh, it’s all because of that darn Moying, hmph, I actually fell asleep while seated!” Huang Yueli rubbed her slightly red eyes, pouted her lips, and scolded him in her heart.

She often feels sleepy during the day now, mainly because… Li Moying pestered her every night, doing some indescribable double cultivation.

She also knew that the two had been separated for nearly two years after they got married, and now that they have finally reunited, Li Moying must be making up for lost time.

But, then there was still no need for him to do it…to…to such an extent!

The god-level double cultivation manual they brought from Soaring Heavens Continent was almost at the last page! The manual clearly stated that it will take at least five years to have a small success…

Only Heavens know what they have done in the past two months…

After scolding her husband in her heart, Huang Yueli jumped up, picked up the pair of wrist guards that she had thrown in the corner, and walked out of the refining room.

In the courtyard by the entrance, a lot of people have gathered and there were many Spiritual Armament Masters walking out from their refining room one after another.

Obviously, almost everyone stayed until the last moment of the competition.

Li Leyun came out a little earlier. The Spirit Armament in her hand had already been handed over to Grandmaster Xiao. She was standing in the middle of the courtyard, with her arms crossed, looking leisurely around at the crowd that started to gather. Looking at the expression on her face, she seemed very relaxed and comfortable, it was as though she had already won.

Seeing Huang Yueli walking out, Li Leyun’s eyes immediately fell on her.

“Hey, Young Miss Li, why did it take so long for you to come out? Look at you, did you spend too much spirit consciousness just now? This lady kindly advises you, refining a Spirit Armament isn’t like any ordinary competition. If you failed a few times, it just means that you can’t do it at all! No matter how long you delay for, it’s meaningless!”

Hearing Li Leyun’s taunt, the other Spiritual Armament Masters also turned to look at Huang Yueli.